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    DrumLoop v2.1 VST STANDALONE WiN

    Deactivated | 2014.17.11 | 275 MB

    DrumLoop produce Music and Drumloops using Your ‘one shot’ .wav samples! It is especially suited for Minimal Techno House, Deep Tech, Techno and House. Edit your beats or grooves manually by the digital sequencers, or let the instrument create them! save them to .wav files or play them live via your preferred DAW or VST host. Create beats and grooves on the fly and play them Live. Edit your beat or groove manually by the digital sequencers, or let the instrument create them automatically for you to modify or to use as them are. This is the first intelligent/manual Beat Box & Groove Box machine on the market. It load thousands of user one shot wave samples into memory and then create beats and grooves on the fly by premium AI randomizators or by following user defined styles or sequences. Best of all it can save the loops to .wav files for future use in Your favourite DAW.

    Software PC/Executable and VST plugin version to use within any VST host (Ableton, Cubase, Logic, …).
    Intelligent Groove box + Intelligent Drum Box (The instrument is capable to automatic generate stunning loops and full fill the sequencers).
    Groove Sequencer and Drum Sequencer (The producer can modify the generated sequences by hand using the relative sequencers, on the other side the producer can edit his own sequences from magesy download scratch by hand like in any other groove box or drum box).
    Possibility to define Styles to follow (The producer can decide when sounds need to be played and where not, then ‘keep’ this style.
    and let the instrument to substitute the samples only, generating hundreds of ideas around a single rhythm/style).
    Loop Player with file browser (We added a synchronized loop player very useful whenever a producer need to use a particular Bass Loop or Vocals Loop on his project. The loops can be loaded from magesy download the internal file browser in realtime also while playing Live).
    Live control by the producer preferred MIDI device with full MIDI In/Out controls and full MIDI controller map (LEMUR IPAD DRV2 CONTROLLER INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE.).
    Save the full project easy with the internal projects browser (Is possible to save the project in Live situations also, in realtime while playing).
    Save the full project with song when used within Ableton, Cubase or any other DAW.
    Produce Beat Loops (32 Steps/8 Beats).
    Produce Top Loops (32 Steps/8 Beats).
    Produce NoKick Loops.
    Produce HatsClaps Loops.
    Produce Groove Loops.
    Produce Bottom Loops.
    Produce Bass Loops.
    Produce Percussions Loops.
    Produce Melodic Riffs (using multi sampled instruments).
    Produce Vocals Loops and any kind of loop based on the user loaded samples.
    Produce Remixes On The Fly just loading all the samples You received with the remix pack from magesy download the original version on each groove channel.
    Direct EXPORT to .wav file for ALL loops or SINGLE loop with unique mouse click (from magesy download 4 to 32 beats).
    One mouse click to instantly generate hundreds of loops in realtime also while playing the instrument Live.
    Create and Dispose loops in progressive musical order.
    Kick Cleaned/Sidechained output for the best groove ever.
    MIDI recognition/control for use with external MIDI controllers.
    Complete MIDI CC automation to Automatize the instrument within Your preferred host or DAW.
    BPM or Host Synchronization (perfect synchronization with Ableton Live, Cubase and Fruity Loops).
    Load hundreds of user .wav samples into all the groove channels (hundred of sounds can be loaded into each channel and stored in the memory).
    Load user .wav samples into all the drum channels.
    Point to user folders to automatically pick Kickdrums, Claps & Snares, Hats or Percussions. A lot of factory sounds included.
    Over 300 one shot samples can be loaded for each channel.
    Integrated Multi-effect with Robotize,Echo Delay,Ping Pong Delay,Driver and Reverb FXs.
    11 Filters.

    DrumLoop v2.1 VST STANDALONE WiN



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