• BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute-V.R
    November 9th, 2017


    BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute

    Team V.R | Nov 08 2017 | 1.06 GB

    BFD Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute is an expansion for BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 containing a versatile Yamaha maple drumkit. Warm, refined and one of the most advanced kits ever made by Yamaha, the Maple Custom Absolute is perfect for all genres of music, especially pop, indie, rock, jazz, classic metal, fusion and many more. A bonus reduced-detail Yamaha fibreglass snare (taken from BFD Signature Snares Vol.1) is also included. BFD Maple Custom Absolute is recorded in similar studio conditions as BFD Percussion, other FXpansion Yamaha-based expansions such as BFD Oak Custom and the Mapleworks kits in BFD3.

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    • Yamaha S90ES Natural Grand KONTAKT
      November 6th, 2017
      Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT


      Yamaha S90ES Natural Grand KONTAKT

      P2P | KONTAKT | 38.25 MB

      The S90 ES combines a stunningly natural acoustic piano sound with all the sonic flexibility of the award winning Motif ES. A new multi-velocity, stereogrand piano sample, the new sound board simulation and the half-damper capability (when used with the Yamaha FC3) all ensure a rich and realistic acoustic piano sound. The 128-note polyphony tone generator, Studio Connections compatibility, mLAN expansion slot, and PLG expandability give it all the synthesis power and control capabilities of our Motif ES line.

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      • Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer v3.3.3 iOS
        February 3rd, 2017
        Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


        Yamaha Mobile Music Sequencer v3.3.3

        Widow | 03.02.2017 | JAiLBREAK | for iOS | 196.99 MB

        With built-in phrase patterns, this sequencer allows the user to intuitively create compositions in a manner that is in tune with the creative process by building up sections with phrases and using these sections to build songs. That means you can use chord progressions from songs you like and incorporate them into your original compositions. Since song information that has already been analyzed is saved in Audio Chord Assist, it can be called up almost instantly.

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        • Yamaha EX7 AKAi INTERNAL-PHOTONE
          September 22nd, 2016
          Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples


          Yamaha EX7 AKAi

          PHOTONE | 26th July 2016 | 600.95 MB

          The EX7 features a unique Extended Synthesis system which incorporates a number of the most advanced tone generator technologies currently available…plus a full-featured sampling system. It offers a Four-Element Voice structure which allows for up to four independent waves from any of the tone generators. The tone generators implemented here include AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) Synthesis, AN (Analog Physical Modeling) Synthesis and FDSP (Formulated Digital Sound Processing) Synthesis. According to Yamaha: “AWM is Yamaha’s original system for effectively using sampled waveforms in synthesizers and tone generators. The strength of AWM synthesis lies not only in its extraordinary ability to “shape” and control the sound of the samples with a comprehensive system of envelope generators, filters, key scaling parameters, modulation, and more. AWM voices can have from 1 to 4 AWM elements. Each AWM element can use a preset wave or a sampled waveform. The ability to combine AWM elements means that you can, for example, combine separate samples for the attack and sustain portions of an instrument’s sound, with independent control over each.

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          • YAMAHA VY2V3 for VOCALOID3AE
            July 11th, 2016


            YAMAHA VY2V3 for VOCALOID3AE

            TEAM R2R | 2.11.2012 | 705 MB

            VY2 (codename: YUMA) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Bplats, Inc., under the YAMAHA Corporation, and was released in April 2011 for the VOCALOID2 engine. There has since been a second installment developed for the VOCALOID3 engine and dubbed VY2v3, released in deluxe and standard edition. The voice provider for VY2 has never been revealed.

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            • PinkNoise Analog Night Yamaha AN1x REFiLL SCDS-AMPLiFYiSO
              May 24th, 2016
              Categories: NN-19, NN-XT, PinkNoise, ReFiLL


              Analog Night Yamaha AN1x REFiLL

              Team AMPLiFYiSO | 02.05.2008 | 605.56 MB

              NN-XT synthesizer refill based on a massive 1.2 GB stereo multisample collection. ANALOG NIGHT is a sound collection based on the best sounds of AN1x synthesizer from Yamaha. Yamaha AN1x is a powerful retro-analog synth, it uses DSP modeling of analog waveforms to recreate the coveted sounds of analog synths with modern digital specifications.

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              • Yamaha Motif XF Alchemy Soundbank
                December 7th, 2015
                Categories: ALCHEMY, Presets


                Yamaha Motif XF Alchemy Soundbank

                P2P | 06.12.2015 | 31.01 GB

                Soon after the original MOTIF music production synthesizer was released in 2001, it was recognized as the best sounding, top-selling and most requested music production synthesizer/workstation on the market. Over time, it has continued to evolve and improve its expressiveness and functionality. The MOTIF breathes new life into live performances with its expressive sounds and intuitive control. In music creation, the MOTIF not only offers its own music creation capabilities, it also offers a system for integrating those capabilities with a variety of software applications. And now, the next generation XF builds on the decade-long heritage of MOTIF, and provides Flash memory expansion capabilities that will set a new standard for keyboard workstations for years to come.

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                • Yamaha FS1R Collection KONTAKT
                  December 4th, 2015
                  Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT


                  Yamaha FS1R Collection KONTAKT

                  P2P | Nov 12, 2011 | 356.68 MB

                  The sound of FM synthesis pretty much dominated the first half of the 80s.

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                  • Ultimate Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Library 24BiT GiGA DVDR-DELiRiUM
                    September 29th, 2015
                    Categories: Audio Samples, GiGA


                    Ultimate Yamaha C7 Grand Piano Library 24BiT GiGA

                    DELIRIUM | 2011 | FORMAT: GiGA | 2.90 GB

                    This version of our library was not ported from GS2, this is a totally reprogrammed from the ground up library, the addition of almost unlimited dimensions in GS3 permits now 32 transition velocities instead of the 16 in GS2, what this translates into for the users is much smoother transitions from one velocity to another specially in the softer velocities where special attention was given to ensure better response when playing very softly. Obviously 24 bits does sound better and will cut through a mix easier when mixed in with other instruments. As in the other version of the library you get 3 recorded perspectives, Ambient, Close Miked and Player Perspective in 12 recorded velocities (32 transition velocities) with Release Samples and Pedal Noises Fx.

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                    • Complete Orchestra Voice Bank v2.0 For Yamaha Mostif ES Workstation
                      July 9th, 2015
                      Categories: Presets


                      Complete Orchestra Voice Bank v2.0 For Mostif ES

                      P2P | 09.07.2015 | X0A | 128.14 MB

                      The best, most expressive and comprehensive orchestral library for the Motif XS is now at version 2.0! “Complete Orchestra XS” consists of 256 user Voices, 128 Performances, and 6 ready-made song mix templates utilizing almost 211 megabytes of samples. Everything you need to do complete orchestrations is presented in Complete Orchestra – from expressive string sounds (large, medium, and small sections and solo instruments) to natural sounding brass (ensembles and solo instruments) to woodwinds to orchestral percussion and special orchestral FX (including an 1812 cannon!). “Complete Orchestra” also includes new grand piano, harpsichord, celesta, harp, bell and choir voices which utilize Motif XS’ existing waveROM.

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