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  • Feed Your Soul Japan WAV
    23 May 2020
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    Feed Your Soul Japan WAV

    FANTASTiC | 20 September 2019 | 129 MB

    This Pack features Samples of various Japanese Instruments performed by award winning Japanese Film Composer Takashi Watanabe. Instruments include Shakuhachi Flute, Dragon Flute, Shamisen, Percussion Bells and Hyousigi Wood Percussion.

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  • Factory 001 Wood WAV
    5 September 2019
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    Factory 001 Wood WAV

    FANTASTiC | 05 September 2019 | 5.8 MB

    Factory 001 – Wood is the first in a series of packs that explores sounds recorded in a factory. The one-shots and loops in this Factory 001 pack have to do with anything organic and wooden, such as hammering into wood, wood drops and wood hits. These sounds and loops make for some great percussive elements to add to your drum kit or to any track that needs that extra organic punch.

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  • Worn Out Wood Door WAV
    21 August 2019
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    Worn Out Wood Door WAV

    FANTASTiC | 21 August 2019 | 81 MB

    This is a dying wood door from magesy download my sister’s garage. It works great for old cabins, cottages and barns. Besides all the opens and closes, there are lots of creaky swinging moves to add detail or subtleties. Hard bangs and slams for drama. Plus grabs and handling to glue it all together.

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  • Submersion WAV
    14 December 2018
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    Submersion WAV

    P2P | 14.12.2018 | 6.48 GB

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    Submersion is a sound effect library delivering over 1800 high quality sounds in 377 files (more than 10Gb), from magesy download bubbles and impacts over whooshes to ambiences, propellers sounds and many more, this collection has all you need to create an exciting underwater audio experience. From raw recordings to ready-to-use sound effects, all the content has been recorded and designed at 24bit, 96 KHz, all fully tagged with metadatas, by sound designers Arnaud Noble and Benoît Marsalone.

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  • Organics Wood WAV
    25 February 2018
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    Organics Wood WAV

    P2P | 25.02.2018 | 117.50 MB

    Create a truly unique song with over 250 Foley Recordings made entirely by dropping, hitting, scraping, smacking, and spinning WOOD! This giant assortment of organic wood sounds was recorded in Atlanta’s gorgeous 800 East Studio Professional Foley Studio where we were able to truly unleash all our creative energy. And now with this pack, you’ll be able to do the same. Explore unchartered territory in your own production with trying out some of the most bizarre sounds you’ve ever come across. Whether you get inspired by crackling rotted out wood or hollowed plank clanks, you’re guaranteed to switch up production with this pack. These wood samples really shine when you create your own Snares & Percussion drums out of them.

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  • Wood and Iron Production Hits WAV-FANTASTiC
    26 March 2017
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    Wood & Iron Production Hits WAV

    FANTASTiC | 04 December 2015 | 346 MB

    “Wood and Iron: production hits” provides you with a unique array of over 1000 wood and metal based one shots and audio textures. Over time while sourcing field recordings, An absolutely HUGE range of unique surface, instrument and object hits… scrapes, whacks, thuds, taps, reverberations, bells, tones, textures, knocks, pounds, strokes, slides, bangs, rattles to name but a few. Wood and metal strikes, tones and textures from magesy download every kind of field setting and object. This is a must have for the producer looking to put something original in the rhythm programming Excellent for hip hop, chill trap, organic ambient, future beats and for all original beat makers!

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  • Wood KONTAKT
    2 March 2017
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    Wood KONTAKT

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 16 December 2013 | 12.9 MB

    Wood is an organic material, found in plants, and used for many purposes such as making musical instruments. Many wooden instruments are idiophones, instruments where the vibration of the material itself is the main source of the sound. Following this concept, Wood is a sample library made by sampling hits, collision or effects with wooden tools (sticks, claves, boards, drums, castanets, bowls and so on). The samples are then processed into different instruments ranging from magesy download tuned/untuned percussions, drum kits, hits/noises to sound textures and sound effects.

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  • Øon3 Vintage Wood Drums KONTAKT
    24 October 2016
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    Vintage Wood Drums KONTAKT

    Øon3 | 2011 | 32,30 MB

    An attempt at creating the samples for my own personal drum set. All vintage equipment used , And recorded as seperate pieces, not as a kit setup together. Each drum, and or cymbal(s) were recorded in different rooms of my recording studio, to give the ‘ambience’ I wanted for each piece. This kit , this setup , is Multi-layered and Velocity Sensitive!! Alteast each drum and cymbal have 4 to 6 and some with 8 Layers on each key/mapping of each drum.

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