• VSDS-X v2.0.2 WiN CE-V.R
    April 30th, 2021
    Categories: VST3, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x64

    VSDS-X v2.0.2 WiN CE-V.R

    VSDS-X v2.0.2 WiN

    TEAM V.R | 30.04.2021 | 7 MB

    ..:: Win64; VST3, VSTi ::..

    VSDSX (Virtual Simmons Drums System Extended) plugin adding native 64-bit support. This is a completely new version of the drum synth. An analog drum synth legend now in V2 You probably already heard a Simmons drum synth without even knowing it… wondering what was used to produce that huge drum sound? The Simmons hexagonal shaped Electronic drums were all over the place on countless records and live shows during the 80s , used by artists and bands like Genesis, King Crimson, Jean Michel Jarre, Prince, Herbie Hancock, Pink Floyd etc… The sound was not especially realistic but it got a sound of is own, huge and versatile. Invented by Dave Simmons, the most famous drum brain was called SDSV or SDS5 , a drum synthesizer, bringing synthesis into the drummer’s hands at the same time as defining the sound of a generation.

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    • Analog Lab V v5.2.0 WiN CSE-V.R
      April 30th, 2021

      Analog Lab V v5.2.0 WiN CSE-V.R

      Analog Lab V v5.2.0 WiN CSE

      Team V.R | 30 April 2021 | 1.74 GB


      Analog Lab gives you streamlined access to 6500+ of the hottest presets. Featuring sounds from all 21 faithfully modeled vintage keyboards, combining awe-inspiring sound with exceptional ease of use and awesome features. In addition to studying the feedback from the music community, our developers worked hand-in-hand with professional ergonomists to optimize each aspect of this music production & performance dream instrument. It resulted in an intuitive interface, a beautifully organized category based browsing experience, and natural mapping of the sonic parameters, creating a self-contained sonic encyclopedia of legendary sounds.

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      • AGSC v3.3.0 AAX AU VSTi VST3 x64 WiN MAC
        April 30th, 2021

        AGSC v3.3.0 AAX AU VSTi VST3 x64 WiN MAC

        AGSC v3.3.0 WiN MAC

        P2P | 30 April 2021 | 8.14 GB

        ..:: STANDALONE, AAX, AU, VSTi, VST3, x64 ::..

        Ample Guitar SC aim to bring a Fender Stratocaster 50th Anniversary Guitar sound to your studio.

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        • Serato DJ Pro Suite v2.5.1 WiN x64-V.R
          April 30th, 2021
          Categories: DJ Soft, WiNDOWS

          Serato DJ Pro Suite v2.5.1 WiN x64-V.R

          Serato DJ Pro v2.5.1 WiN

          Team V.R | 30 April 2021 | 97 MB

          Serato DJ has a brand new look and a greatly improved software layout, optimized for simplicity and a great experience. The new interface also offers two and four deck view modes for four deck controllers, alongside improvements to the cue point and looping controls, which now allow you to display either 8 cues, 8 loops or a combination of both depending on how you perform.

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          • Steinberg VST Connect Pro v5.5.0 VST3 x64 WiN-V.R
            April 30th, 2021
            Categories: Steinberg, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

            Steinberg VST Connect Pro v5.5.0 WiN-V.R

            VST Connect Pro v5.5.0 WiN

            Team V.R | 30 April 2021 | 99 MB

            VST Connect Pro is a fully featured, remote recording solution that lets anybody record a voice talent, musician or other performer in professional quality, regardless of where each sof them is on the planet.

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            • beaTunes v5.2.21 WiN MAC-DVT
              April 30th, 2021

              beaTunes v5.2.21 WiN MAC-DVT

              beaTunes v5.2.21 WiN MAC

              Team DVT | 30 April 2021 | x86: 304 MB | x64: 305 MB | MAC: 297 MB

              What started out as a BPM detection tool for DJs, runners and dancers, has become one of the finest iTunes™ library management tools around. BeaTunes’ powerful inspection feature lets you clean up your iTunes track data in a way unrivaled by any other software on the market today. Easily find typos or different spellings of artists’ names, automatically fill in the album artist names, and much more. No more R.E.M. and REM in your iPod’s artist list! No more albums hidden in the compilations section.

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              • Ample Bass Upright III v3.4.0 WiN MAC
                April 30th, 2021

                Ample Bass Upright III WiN MAC

                Ample Bass U v3.4.0 WiN MAC

                P2P | 30 April 2021 | 3.48 GB

                …::: AU, STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3, AAX, x64 :::…

                ABU has a 4.26 GB sample library which is naturally recorded on every single fret. No destructive editing and dynamic processing are applied. Features 8 articulations: Sustain, Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out.  The Legato articulations can be used to achieve legato notes of any duration, speed, pitch and polyphony.
                Alternate Tuning: Ample Upright Bass supports alternate tunings to the lowest note D1.

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                • Pioneer DJ RMX-500 Plug-in AU VST RTAS AU UNLOCKED WiN MAC
                  April 30th, 2021

                  Pioneer DJ RMX-500 Plug-in WiN MAC

                  RET/P2P | 2016/02.03.2020 | WiN-v1.0.1: 3.1 MB | MAC-v1.0.2: 8.5 MB

                  Unlocked for installation without hardware

                  RMX-500 Plug-in is a plug-in software application. To use this software, the plug-in must be running within a host application supporting the plug-in (VST or Audio Units). By using RMX-500 Plug-in, the same effects as during DJ performances can be used on a music creation application. In this way, the RMX-500 can be connected to a computer and used as a controller, so the various functions can be used to create music intuitively, in the same way as when holding DJ performances.

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                  • Transgressor v2.0.3 VST2 VST3 x86 x64 WiN
                    April 29th, 2021
                    Categories: VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64, x86, x86

                    Transgressor v2.0.3 VST2 VST3 x86 x64 WiN

                    Transgressor v2.0.3 WiN

                    JustFun598 | 29 April 2021 | 5.71 MB

                    PLATFORMS: VST2, VST3, x86, x64

                    Not Just Another Transient Designer

                    A true one of a kind, Transgressor goes beyond the limits of standard transient designers. It gives you the ability to craft the sound of drums and other instruments not just in terms of attack and sustain, but timbrally as well. The Transgressor combines a transient designer with two equalizers. No big deal you say? Any EQ plug-ins will do? Au contraire mon frère. Transgressor not only lets you equalize the attack and sustain portions of the instrument’s envelope individually (yes, you read that right; attack can be equalized differently from sustain), but it also lets you dial in the specific low, mid, and high frequencies independently on each. What if you need a brighter attack but want to keep the dark resonance of toms or kick drum? Perhaps you need more midrange attack but wish to brighten the resonance of a hi-hat? Perhaps you’re happy with the overall sound of snare but the attack is just a little too bright. The answer is the Transgressor (you must have seen that coming). Only Transgressor gives you the ability to control transients and sustain without compromising one for the other.

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