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  • Sibelius 2020 Update Explained®-SYNTHiC4TE
    13 November 2020
    Categories: Tutorials

    Sibelius 2020 Update Explained®-SYNTHiC4TE

    Sibelius 2020 Update Explained®

    SYNTHiC4TE | May 15 2020 | 77 MB

    Notation pro brings you a detailed AVID Sibelius video tutorial series! Learn all of the new features and functions in Sibelius 2020 and how to them when creating your scores. These videos are designed for those who already know how to use Sibelius, but just want to learn about the new features added to v2020. Doug welcomes you and starts of with the cool new features added to Sibelius 2020 such as MIDI File Import, Auto-Assign, new articulations and playing techniques for string parts, how to explode a 4 part MIDI brass track to 4 separate instruments, and when naming tracks based on the libraries used, how you can add group naming to make importing into Sibelius a breeze. Auto-Optimize is then covered and you’ll see how this behind-the-scenes feature automatically keeps staff spacing looking great, plus how to both override and remove overrides when scoring. The new dotted and dashed ties, tie into ties and laissez vibrer ties are shown and explained, as well as the new key commands and engraving choices that are available.

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    • Logic Pro X 10.5 Update Explained®
      9 November 2020
      Categories: Tutorials

      Logic Pro X 10.5 Update Explained®

      Logic Pro X 10.5 Update Explained®

      HiDERA | 12.05.2020 | 713 MB

      Logic Pro X expert brings you comprehensive Logic Pro X 10.5 video tutorials! With over 5 hours of runtime, you’ll learn all about the new features and functions added to Logic Pro X 10.5 such as Live Loops, the Step Sequencer, Sampler, Quick Sampler, Remix FX and much, much more, as well as how to use them effectively. These videos are for those who already know Logic Pro X and want to learn about just the new features added in 10.5. Eli greets you and explains how major of an update 10.5 is, and then jumps right in with one of the biggest new additions, the Step Sequencer. Learn everything you need to know about this powerhouse step sequencer including its conceptual approach, managing the relationship between pattern region length and pattern length, how to use and adjust step rate, playback direction, rotate steps, Gate, Tie, Note, and Loop Start/End step based attributes, using automation, pattern management and more. The new Quick Sampler and Sampler have replaced the old EXS24 sampler, and Eli goes deep into these awesome new virtual samplers. Learn things like navigating their interfaces, file management, zooming, autolooping, cropping, re-importing, display grids, loops & fades, filters & LFOs, using and assigning envelopes & modulation, Slice Mode, synth controls, mapping, zones, tips & tricks and much more.

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      • Evolution Dragon v1.3 KONTAKT
        21 October 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

        Evolution Dragon v1.3 KONTAKT

        Evolution Dragon v1.3 KONTAKT

        P2P | 21 October 2020 | 3.27 GB

        Evolution is a powerful and massive sample collection of sound design tools created for writing tracks in the styles of hybrid soundtrack and trailer. Handmade hybrid cinematic instrument for modern composers and sound designers. This sample library aimed primarily at Film, Tv, Video Game and media composers. 3,6 GB of content and over 120 instruments. The main product’s feature is easy customization, that saves your time. Its powerful rhythmic sequencer allows you to make own underscore patterns and simplify your work as never before. Evolution: Dragon – the first brand new instrument from magesy download our Signature series, born out of insomnia, built around composer and sound designer Arseni Khodzin and composer/programmer Evgeny Emelyanov. Additional editing and recording content: Arthur Basov. Custom 3D graphic user interface.

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          7 October 2020
          Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT


          GEOSONICS v1.1 KONTAKT

          SYNTHiC4TE | August 10 2016 | 5.99 GB

          Hundreds of hours of recording time, in some of the worlds most extreme and inhospitable environments, combine to form a library of rare sonic artefacts that cannot be found anywhere else. Using this unique collection as a starting point, we created a wealth of sound design material ; waves and sampled textures which, when layered and combined with Watson’s recordings create the most fluid, organic soundscapes ever. To play sounds gathered from magesy download places like the North Pole or the Kalahari desert on a simple MIDI keyboard is a magical experience – only possible with Geosonics.

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          • Retro Machines MK2 v1.3 KONTAKT WiN MAC
            29 September 2020

            Retro Machines MK2 v1.3 KONTAKT

            SONiTUS/SYNTHiC4TE | 12.2011/09.2014 | Full + Update: 3.74 GB

            RETRO MACHINES MK2 is a collection of 16 definitive analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled and refined for the world’s leading sample platform, KONTAKT 5RO MACHINES MK2 is a collection of 16 definitive analog synthesizers and keyboards, lovingly sampled and refined for the world’s leading sample platform, KONTAKT 5 The collection covers the classic, the idiosyncratic and the exotic instruments that defined electronic pop in the 70s and 80s. Today, the originals are hard-to-find, expensive, and often temperamental. So if you’d rather be making music than worrying about tuning, here’s your vintage ticket: RETRO MACHINES MK2 gives you thick, creamy, analog sound without the repairs, and with all the benefits of state-of-the-art software technology.

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            • Ozone 9.1 UPDATE Explained TUTORiAL
              25 September 2020
              Categories: Tutorials

              Ozone 9.1 UPDATE Explained®

              FANTASTiC | 27 March 2020 | 346 MB

              In-depth collection of Ozone 9 video tutorials! Follow along with Eli Krantzberg and learn all about the industry standard tools found in Ozone 9 for processing and mastering audio, including its advanced features and functions. This series is perfect for new and intermediate Ozone 9 users. Eli begins by welcoming you, then jumps right in showing you around the Ozone 9 interface and some general principles to be aware of when starting out. Next you’ll learn all about Ozone 9’s general settings and metering options, and then a solid look at the powerful Master Assistant which listens to your music and creates a set of starting parameters based on its analysis, combined with your specified settings. Next you’ll see how to work with reference tracks inside Ozone 9 when mastering your music, a deep look at the Tonal Balance 2 utility which is used to display spectrum metering information for the track it is monitoring. This feature alone is great magesy torrent to resolve issues when your mix or master is lacking the low end power or high end shine found in commercial mixes, See how to do it!

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              • Dorico 3.1 Update Explained TUTORiAL
                24 September 2020
                Categories: Tutorials

                Dorico 3.1 Update Explained®

                FANTASTiC | 27 March 2020 | 157 MB

                A detailed Dorico 3 video tutorial series! Learn all about the new features added in Dorico version 3.1 and how to use them when crafting your musical scores. This series is for users who already know how to use Dorico 3 and want to learn about the new features and options added to version 3.1. Doug welcomes you and gives an overview of all the numerous small, but useful improvements in the Dorico 3.1 update. He then jumps in with videos on the improvements made to the Condensing Change window as well those found in the Notation Options and Engraving Options window. Next take a look at how version 3.1 added powerful new options like the Dynamics Lane and how to utilize them when writing your scores. Dorico’s Write Mode is also examined and you’ll learn all about the new dynamic and articulation playback improvements, better percussion techniques auditioning, and much more.

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                • Digital Performer 10.1 Update Explained®
                  20 August 2020
                  Categories: Tutorials

                  DP 10.1 Update Explained®

                  FANTASTiC | 21 February 2020 | 96 MB

                  DAW expert shows you everything you need to know about the new features and functions added to Digital Performer 10.1! These videos are designed for those already familiar with Digital Performer 10, and want to get up to speed with the new additions to version 10.1. Gary welcomes you and starts with the powerful new “Clips in Tracks” feature which allows you to now easily convert any Region in Digital Performer to a Clip in the Tracks Window. This opens up a whole new workflow making arranging more creative and fun. Next, you’ll discover the new icons and Ruler View for Memory Cycle and the Auto Record functions. Moving on, Gary shows you more cool new stuff added in DP 10.1, like how to Record to Clips, using the Clip Looping Tool, and how to export Stems out from magesy download your project, which is helpful when working with other musicians, composers, and producers. Throughout the rest of the videos you’ll learn even more about new 10.1 features like using the MIDI Velocity Tool, the Duplicate Command, Zooming updates, Coloring Chunks and the 23 new drum kits added to the Model12 virtual instrument included with Digital Performer, and more.

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                  • Studio One 4.6 Update Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
                    26 June 2020
                    Categories: Tutorials


                    Studio One 4.6 Update Explained®

                    SYNTHiC4TE | Dec 29 2019 | 88 MB

                    DAW wiz gives you a detailed look at all the new features and functions added in Presonus Studio One version 4.6, as well as how to use them effectively. These videos are for those who already know how to use Studio One, but want more information about the new features added to version 4.6. Eli greets you and then starts with the meat of the 4.6 update, the revised Ampire guitar amp and speaker emulation. Learn all about what’s new with Ampire, as well as hear the different amp, cabinet, stomp box, and mic settings, including how to load 3rd party User Cabinet impulse responses for custom tones. Next, Eli dives deep into the updated Studio One Browser which features new Shop and Exchange tabs, a new Gallery view, and enhanced navigation options. Then it’s onto the improved copying and pasting of Arranger sections which now includes time signature and tempo changes.

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                    • CoreBass Pear KONTAKT FULL
                      27 May 2020

                      CoreBass Pear KONTAKT FULL

                      Acoustic Bass CoreBass Pear KONTAKT

                      SYNTHiC4TE/DYNAMiCS | May/June 2012 | FULL: 424.62 MB

                      CoreBass: Pear is an upright bass sample library for Kontakt, which provides a new standard for highly-realistic, playable upright bass samples. Using Kontakt’s powerful scripting engine,CoreBass Pear intelligently interprets the input from magesy download your MIDI controller(or sequenced MIDI data) in order to produce realistic upright bass tracks. CoreBass Pear has many features which set it apart from magesy download other upright bass sample libraries.For example, CoreBass Pear debuts a fretless slide technology which allows you to seamlessly slide from magesy download one note to any other at any speed. The library was sampled both using a mic and directly from magesy download the output of the bass pickup two separate signals which can be mixed to create a variety of different upright bass tones. You can select between the presets CoreBass Pear comes with, or create your own, all within the sample library’s interface.

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