• Hip Hop Rebirth Vol.1 WAV MiDi SAMPLES
    April 8th, 2021

    Hip Hop Rebirth Vol.1 WAV MiDi SAMPLES

    Hip Hop Rebirth Vol.1

    DECiBEL | 08 Dec 2020 | 756.9MB

    ‘Hip Hop Rebirth’ is the first in a cutting-edge East Coast Hip Hop series. This sample pack includes five Construction Kits featuring an assemblage of Hip Hop elements and samples both in wet and dry versions ready to be chopped, sliced, stretched, resampled and pitched. The MIDI files are also included for full control over your musical production. If you are looking for high-quality, warm, textured, and sumptuous samples to lit your Hip Hop beats, then ‘Hip Hop Rebirth’ is definitely a must-have to add to your sample library.

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    • Rebirth RB-338 Official REFiLL
      October 28th, 2020
      Categories: ReFiLL

      Rebirth RB-338 Official REFiLL

      Rebirth RB-338 Official REFiLL

      P2P | 15 September 2015 | 97.39 MB

      ReBirth RB-338 was Propellerhead Software’s second product, released in 1997. ReBirth recreated the classic sounds of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines together with a couple of TB-303 Bass Line synths in a neatly designed package. ReBirth RB-338 was one of the first software products on the market that successfully emulated real hardware and quickly became very popular. Somewhere along the line, some technically driven ReBirth user(s) discovered that it was possible to customize the graphic “skin” of the application, and also replace the samples in the two drum sections. This information quickly spread amongst users and in turn spawned a ReBirth community dedicated to creating and trading “ReBirth Mods”, with customized sample sets and panel graphics. Propellerheads wholeheartedly sanctioned this activity and even developed the ModPacker utility to help users develop their own Mods. Certain selected Mods were also included with the program, and still more Mods were available for download.

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      • ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 WiN x64 MAC
        October 28th, 2020

        ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 WiN x64 MAC

        ReBirth RB-338 v.2.0 WiN MAC

        P2P | 01.04.2018 | 1.02 GB

        The ReBirth RB-338 could not have been released nor invented at any better time! The original aimed to emulate and recreate the sound, look and feel of two TB-303’s and one TR-808. Released just when those very machines were both in demand, hard to find and very expensive; for little under $200 ReBirth gave any Mac or PC user access to those famous dance sounds. Soon after came the RB-338 which added the TR-909 to the mix making the ReBirth package one of the best and most affordable means of acquiring vintage Roland 303, 808 and 909 sounds! First, there are two identical TB-303s, a TR-808 and a TR-909 which all sound incredibly like the originals (without the noise, static and crackles that the analog circuitry generated). Each 303, 808 or 909 can store 32 patterns and each pattern length is variable from 1 to 16 steps. All the same edit knobs from the originals are here and can be recorded into your songs in real-time! There are also distortion, compression, panning, delay effects and a PCF filter.

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