• Reason 11: The New Features Explained
    June 19th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Reason 11: The New Features Explained®

    FANTASTiC | 21 February 2020 | 221 MB

    Reason guru presents an insightful collection of Reason 11 video tutorials! See all the new features and functions added in Reason 11, as well as how to use them to create new sounds and effects. This series is great for anyone who wants a detailed look at the new features of Reason 11 and how to apply them to their projects. Paul welcomes you and then goes right into the new performance options available in Reason 11, specifically the new audio interface buffer size settings and what they all mean. Next, Paul gives you a detailed look at one of the top requested features for Reason; Curved Automation, including examples of how it can be used and how it’s an improvement over the old system. Reason 11’s crossfading is now simple to use, and saves a lot of time and redundant tasks when producing in R11, by quickly and easily crossfading multiple files together and editing the length of their fades. The next video is all about Sequencer Improvements in R11. See how you can now mute individual notes, as well as use the new Pencil Mode to draw multiple notes in at a time. And, when used in conjunction with the Dynamic Grid Resolution feature, you can easily program trap style hats and synthwave basslines.

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    • How to USE Reason Rack 11 TUTORiAL
      June 14th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      How to USE Reason Rack 11 TUTORiAL

      How to USE Reason Rack 11

      HiDERA | 12 September 2020 | 3.91 GB

      This week joins us once again as he takes an in-depth look at how to use Reason Rack 11. Reason has been around for a long time now and has always boasted different features that other DAW’s don’t have, however, Reason has often seemed to trail behind its competitors. This is now a thing of the past though as its rack plugin can be used in other DAWs and everyone can now get their hands on Reason’s awesome stock plugins building layer upon layer of sound creation to give endless possibilities in sound design. In this tutorial, Nate takes us through Reason Rack’s highlights showcasing what these plugins are capable of from super-powerful synths and samplers and intuitive and inspiring sequencers that create awesome melodies and beats, to multi-effects plugins and modular options that literally have no bounds.

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      • Producing Music With Reason S1-S2
        June 10th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        Producing Music With Reason S1-S2

        Producing Music With Reason

        Team iLLiTERATE | 21 September 2020 | S1: 1 GB | S2: 1.7 GB

        Level: Beginner and intermediate level user

        This series of videos is an introduction class to the music production software: Reason.

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        • Animal Instinct MiDi WAV REASON-DECiBEL
          June 8th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

          Animal Instinct MiDi WAV REASON-DECiBEL

          Animal Instinct MULTiFORMAT

          DECiBEL | 07 Dec 2020 | 282.2MB

          ‘Animal Instinct’ contains three Hip Hop Construction Kits that include WAV, MIDI and stand alone Reason 5.0 files to make your production process even easier. Inspired by the music of 50 Cent, this pack includes all of the elements you need to create real East and West Coast tracks. You’ll find brass and strings melodies accompanied by ethnic instruments, keyboards, horns, and many other sounds and instruments. WAV and MIDI loops are included and you’ll find 84 individual loops spread across five Construction Kits. Tempos are included and all loops are 100% Royalty-Free.

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          • Reason Limited v1.5.3 WiN MAC
            June 4th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

            Reason Limited v1.5.3 WiN MAC

            Reason Limited v1.5.3 WiN MAC

            P2P | 01.04.2018 | WiN: 1.04 GB | MAC: 965.44 MB

            If you’re getting into making music you may be checking out Reason Limited for the first time as well. Just what is Reason Limited about? Included with products from third party manufacturers, Reason Limited is an all in one music production program that gives you many of the features found in our flagship software Reason—while keeping some of the complexity in check. At the heart of our entire Reason line of software is its legendary creative flow. The studio rack, the sequencer, and the interactive way sound is controlled in Reason Limited means you can stay focused on the one thing that’s most important to you: making music. And when you need more, upgrade to Reason to finalize your songs, using all the instruments, effects, mixing and editing tools the full version has to offer.

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            • Reason v5.0.1 HYBRiD DVDR WiN MAC-AiRSO-ArCADE
              June 4th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

              Reason v5.0.1 HYBRiD DVDR WiN MAC-AiRSO-ArCADE

              Reason v5.0.1 WiN MAC

              TEAM AiR/ArCADE | 26.08.2010 | 7,05 GB

              Reason is a virtual studio rack with all the tools and instruments you need to turn your ideas into music. Synthesizers, samplers, drum machine, REX file loop player, mastering tools, mixer, vocoder, effects, pattern sequencer and more. As many of each as your computer can handle. Reason is an all-in-one music production environment, complete with its own realtime sequencer. Although easy to learn and use, Reason is a flexible music system – a system that can be just as complex and advanced as you make it, featuring numerous tools such as the MClass mastering suite, the Combinator device, and the powerful Thor synth. Choose a synth, a drum machine, a loop player or any device from the Create menu, and it will instantly appear in your rack, logically patched into the signal chain. If you need more machines than you have mixer channels, just create another mixer.

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              • Reason 5 and Record.1.5 Course TUTORiAL
                June 4th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: Tutorials

                Reason 5 and Record.1.5 Course TUTORiAL

                Reason 5 & Record.1.5 Course TUTORiAL

                P2P | 30 May 2017 | 1.06 GB

                Alongside Reason 5.0, has just released Record 1.5 which also includes some important additions. This course begins with a quick overview of the new features of both programs. Then a music producer and home recording expert, moves on to an in-depth exploration of Reason 5.0 that will give new users the solid foundation they need to utilize the software.

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                • Synthesis with Reason Europa TUTORiAL
                  June 3rd, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                  Categories: Tutorials

                  Synthesis with Reason Europa TUTORiAL

                  Synthesis with Reason Europa

                  P2P | 04 May 2020 | 775 MB

                  Have you ever heard someone say (it may even be you) I’m not a sound designer? Or, I don’t use a synth in that way, I just fiddle with presets? I’ve begun to really loathe the phrase “Sound designer”. Because it’s become a phrase that makes people think of synthesis in a way that is not accessible to them. Well, I’ve got news for you; if you push one slider or twist one knob on a synth in order to change the sound, YOU ARE a sound designer. It’s time that we stop being afraid of actually learning how to use our instruments.

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                  • Halloween Creepy Sounds REASON
                    June 2nd, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®


                    Halloween Creepy Sounds REASON

                    FREE | 26 October 2020 | 293 MB

                    REASON: COMBiNATOR / WAV

                    For next year! xDD (or for Carnival)

                    Get your Halloween treat bag with these FREE Sound Packs for Reason—filled to the brim with creepy sounds for your best Halloween tunes. First up is the Halloween Monsters Sound Pack by Navi Retlav. Navi says: “I recorded and cut 120 samples which include tomato smashing, breaking corn, and fridge noises as a drone. There is also a theremin there.” He continues: “Each combinator is inspired by a different monster/fear type, and together they can be used as sound effects or drone machines for live podcast / rpg session or blockbuster hollywood style horror trailer”. If that wasn’t enough to put the fear in you, then you need to check out the Halloween Sound Pack by Seán Murray. He says: “The demo song for this Sound Pack is ‘John Carpenter meets a creepy carnival/haunted house’ kinda vibe!”

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                    • Gospel Shout and Praise Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT SCD-SONiTUS
                      June 1st, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

                      Gospel Shout and Praise Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT SCD-SONiTUS

                      Gospel Shout & Praise Vol.1

                      Team SONiTUS | 01.2012 | 261.03 MB

                      WAV/MiDi/REASON NN19 & NN-XT

                      ‘Gospel Shout & Praise Vol 1’ brings you new Gospel Construction Kits that will inspire your productions. Influenced by the likes of Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond, Tye Tribbett and Mary Mary, this pack is filled with piano, organs, slap bass, and drums.These five Construction Kits will give you high quality music that will make you praise and shout! These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in commercial productions or even for DJ/remix purposes.You’ll find all the essential elements of the genre, from piano and rich organs to bass guitar, synths and tight gospel drums.

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