• Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx ABLETON LiVE
    December 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx ABLETON LiVE

    Push-ArrangeMode v2.xx M4L

    P2P | 12 December 2021 | 801 KB

    This device gives your Push its missing Arrangement Mode (plus a few extra bonuses). It doesn’t interfere with other Push’s modes, it just adds a new one. The device mainly works on a “selected track” basis. Ultimately, the main goal of this patch is to use your mouse less, because for a lot of tasks this thing actually is… quite slow. The main focus of this v2 was to add the most used keystrokes like copy/paste, but also new ones introduced in L10 (and 10.1) like switching Content/Automation modes (A) or reverse audio (R), the new Live 10.1 zooming shortcuts (H, W, Z…), better control over playback modes and many more. And of course it keeps all the good features from v1 that are natively missing in Live. It also now embeds my BiP (bounce in place) device.

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    • Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL
      September 19th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: TUTORiALS

      Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL

      Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL

      P2P | 05 August 2021 | 6.87 GB

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      • Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
        September 18th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: TUTORiALS

        Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

        Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart

        Team DECiBEL | 11 Aug 2021 | 4.58GB

        Become proficient in sequencing beats, building chords, and writing melodies on Push 2. Brian’s hands-on approach will have you making music fast with your Push! In Ableton Push 2 Jumpstart, you’ll learn & master all the features of Push 2. Push 2 is an instrument designed by Ableton, that gives you the tightest integration possible with Ableton Live. My favorite way to interact with Ableton Live is without a doubt Push 2. It has streamlined my workflow, helped me write better music in the studio, and brought my live performances to new levels. Best of all, I just love writing music with it. It’s such a fresh and exciting way of working that allows me to ditch the mouse and keyboard, roll up my sleeves and feel like I’m working with an instrument, not a computer. The high resolution display on Push 2 gives incredible visual feedback for your music and this course will teach you how to use it to create and manipulate samples, control instruments and effects, and mix and perform your music, and much more. In this course, we will explore every button, knob, and function that this amazing piece of hardware offers. 59 Lessons…

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        • Produce With Push2 TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
          June 11th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: TUTORiALS

          Produce With Push2 TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

          Produce With Push2 TUTORiAL

          Team DECiBEL | 11 March 2021 | 634.8MB

          Produce with Push2 – From Fundamentals To Finishing A Track

          Over 5 hours of expert tuition from an inspiring professional. A multi-angle HD video series from Ableton Certified Trainer mredrollo, taking you through making a track from start to finish using sounds, samples and devices from Ableton Live Intro only. Ableton Certified Trainer mredrollo AKA Ed Rollo is one of those rare individuals that transforms complex concepts into practical tools you can incorporate into your production workflow straight away. His easy teaching style makes even the most technical of processes more accessible, guiding you to improve your working knowledge of Ableton as well as your general understanding of production techniques.

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          • Arrangement Techniques with Push TUTORiAL
            June 6th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: TUTORiALS

            Arrangement Techniques with Push TUTORiAL

            Arrangement Techniques with Push

            P2P | 14 October 2020 | 401 MB

            Concluding his three part series, teaching the fundamentals of House production using Ableton Push, lowdown on arrangement and automation, completing the track he began in parts 1 and 2. As a solo artist and as part of the duo Spektre, Paul has had numerous releases on popular labels and support from headline DJ acts across the globe. His wealth of experience combined with his knowledge of Live and passion for teaching come together in this series of tutorials, as he imparts professional tips and tricks in a clear and concise manner. In this final instalment, Maddox takes you through preparing the parts created in the previous sections for arrangement, covering various button modes and the creation of scenes, before assigning new effects and device macros, with intuitive settings that add excitement and dynamic movement to the track. Scenes are then recorded into arrangement view, with drum fills triggered in real time, after which Maddox adds the sheen, recording parameter automation that keeps the soundscape fluid and builds up the excitement, whilst the solid beats pump underneath.

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            • Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL
              May 3rd, 2020 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: TUTORiALS

              Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL

              Ableton Push 2 TUTORiAL

              HiDERA | 03.05.2020 | 1.2 GB

              Recently got yourself a Push 2 or thinking of getting one? Well, we’ve got you covered with an all-new course as we welcome back Certified Ableton Instructor for a detailed look at how to get to grips with this awesome piece of hardware. From setting up your Push 2 for the first time to programming drums and melodies shows us the different layouts and options available when navigating around the Push 2. We check out how the note and scale system works along with the step sequencer, how to slice audio, automating parameters, creating scenes and arrangement. This easy-to-follow course will get you up and running in no time so you can unleash your Push 2’s creative potential, and whether you’re producing or playing out live this is one all Push 2 users should check out!

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              • Ableton Push Fast Start TUTORiAL
                July 23rd, 2019 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: TUTORiALS


                Ableton Push Fast Start TUTORiAL

                FANTASTiC | 23 July 2019 | 5.05 GB

                Ableton’s Push Controller is not just another MIDI controller, it’s basically its own instrument. Whether using it in a live DJ set or simply speeding up your creative workflow in the studio, Push can help you program drums and melodies faster. Learn how to take advantage of the step sequencer, note mode, and create custom maps of the entire 8×8 pad layout to maximize your production in Ableton Live in Ableton Push Fast Start.

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