• 1959 v1.0.0 Electro-Acoustic Piano WiN MAC
    May 15th, 2021

    1959 v1.0.0 Electro-Acoustic Piano WiN MAC

    1959 v1.0.0 WiN MAC

    FLARE | 14 January 2021 | WiN: 34.0 MB | OSX: 30.1 MB

    .: AU, VSTi, x86, x64 & STANDALONE :.

    1959 is based on the Electro-Acoustic Piano patent (lifetime expired) registered in 1959. We brought it to life using spectral modeling. Sound can be described as a CP80-like but a bit more tuned due to the fewer number of strings. THE EXPERIENCE OF RECREATING A FORGOTTEN ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC PIANO PATENT. Does it sound like the original one? We don’t know, because it has never been built. And we won’t build it (by the moment:) But the experience of bringing to life an instrument that never existed, was super-exciting. The resulting sound of this virtual instrument is warm, clean and bright. The expressiveness of the piano action we emulated gives it a nice and wide range of timbres. From warm lows to metallic shines on higher velocities.

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    • Trance Vocal Adlibs And Piano TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
      May 14th, 2021
      Categories: Tutorials

      Trance Vocal Adlibs And Piano TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

      Trance Vocal Adlibs & Piano

      Team DECiBEL | 14 May 2021 | 1.08GB

      Trance Vocal Adlibs & Piano Video Tutorial [1 hr 41 mins] will show you exactly how to make those “Oooohhh & Ahhhhhs” you hear in Trance. This video will also show you how to make a big piano to go along with your track and understanding how to make the piano and adlib vocals work together.

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        May 13th, 2021
        Categories: Tutorials



        P2P | 15 May 2020 | 1.78 GB

        Complete and Progressive Course

        Welcome to the PIANO CHORDS !!, In this course you will learn how to play the main types of chords of 3 and 4 notes, but without leaving chords without practicing! It is very common that when we begin to study chords, especially if we are self-taught, we focus on learning only the chords of our favorite song or those which root is from a white key on the piano, thus developing non-integral learning, with gaps, since we get used to play in our comfort zone which are the “Easy Chords”, but -… Are the others really that complicated? The secret is ….. PROGRESSIVE LEARNING !! At the end of this course you will be able to play 3- and 4-note chords, with an understanding of the structures and being able to play them from any note. Through 100% practical tutorial videos you will learn how to build chords, understand how to play them in a technically appropriate way and what are the tips to find and play them faster.

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          May 12th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV



          Quakeaudio | 18-04-2014 | 802 MB

          Godfather Of Breaks, a superior collection of breaks.

          The Basslines and Synths range from funkadelic and jazzy to sub sonic and screaming wobbles while the Pads & Chords have a retro rave vibe and an analog flavor. All this together with truly varied Piano, Strings, Guitar, FX , far out Vocals and even Percussion loops make this sample pack a true gem and an essential addition to your Breaks sample arsenal , all 100% royalty-free ! To add bang for your buck you’ll find a folder with over 125 one-shots including Bass , Kick , Percussion , Snare and Vox .

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          • Learn ALL The Scales and Chords on the Piano TUTORiAL
            May 12th, 2021
            Categories: Tutorials


            Learn ALL The Scales & Chords Piano

            P2P | 14 November 2019 | 1.23 GB

            …::: +2 piano pieces :::…

            In this course you will learn every major and minor scale and chord. You will also learn how to play dominant and minor 7th chords. This will enable you to go on websites that provide the chords of hit songs and play and sing along. You don’t need any previous knowledge to download this course- you don’t have to read a note of music to make your way through the course. You will learn two songs in this course: Ellie Goulding “How Long Will I Love you” and ” Hallelujah”

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            • Mellow Tone Piano KONTAKT
              May 12th, 2021

              Mellow Tone Piano KONTAKT

              Mellow Tone Piano KONTAKT

              P2P | 12 May 2021 | 303 MB

              For the first time, you will get a complete Mellotron Piano that covers all octaves of the piano We have sampled the MK1 & MK2 pianos from the mellotron and mapped the keys to the full 88 keys of the Piano It was not possible with the 3-octave keyboard of the mellotron We have also added pedal noise and release samples plus round robin and velocity behavior that made this piano one of its kind! And yes it sounds awesome!

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