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  • How to Become a DJ Online TUTORiAL
    21 May 2020
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    How to Become a DJ Online!

    P2P | 20 February 2020 | 7.16 GB

    Learn How to Start DJing Online Today

    Learn how to become a DJ online: This best-selling, top-rated Udemy DJ course is a complete masterclass with 11 hours of original, high quality instruction.

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  • Creating Electronic Music for Online Video
    21 February 2020
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    Creating Electronic Music for Online Video

    FANTASTiC | 21 February 2020 | 1.12 GB

    A series of producing Electronic Music for Online Video tutorials! Learn how to design and produce Electronic music for the endless amount of video content found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and more. These production videos are perfect for those who know how to use their DAW, but want to go deeper into the specifics of Electronic music creation for online video. Adam first begins with a very important topic, Lossy Compression, and how to minimize how much it destroys of your music’s sound quality. This is the most important thing to understand when creating music for online video. Next, you’ll learn all about Clipping and Headroom, Loudness and Compression techniques for the different video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, stereo imaging tips, how Sample Rate differs for video, which Bit Rate to use, and how to test your working knowledge of things related to this topic.

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  • DIY Online Music Distribution TUTORiAL
    10 October 2018
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    DIY Online Music Distribution TUTORiAL

    FANTASTiC | 09 Oct 2018 | 918 MB

    Spotify, Apple Music + More

    Did you know that you can get your music on all of the major streaming platforms without signing a record deal? In this Beginners Guide, we show you step-by-step the process of publishing your music to all of the online streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, TIDAL, and much more! We also show you how to pitch your music to online music blogs, playlists, and radio stations. This course also takes you through many of the best practices that you need to consider before you release your music to the world.

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  • Build Your Own Website For Selling Beats Online TUTORiAL
    25 June 2018
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    Build Your Own Website For Selling Beats Online

    ilfsn | 23.06.2018 | 2 Hours | 1.9 GB

    Are a music producer or beat maker looking to sell your beats online? Would you like to save money and learn how to build your own professional beat site? Are you having trouble creating a “fully custom” website using an online web builder called wix? Well you are in luck!!! Join our large community of students learning how to create their own beat site from magesy download scratch using wix TODAY!

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  • Audio and Video Production for Solo Online Course Creators TUTORiAL
    24 March 2017
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    Audio & Video Production for Solo Online Course Creators TUTORiAL

    TEAM COMPRiSED | March 21 2017 | 1.2 GB

    Learn to Record Professional Audio and Videos as a one-person team that you can publish on YouTube or other video sites. In this course you will gain a deep understanding of audio and video recording and also editing audio and video. You’ll learn the beauty and the power of video and audio techniques that’s used by professional one-person team YouTubers and online course creators today. We’ll take a deep dive into recording and editing audio such as looking at microphone techniques, processing and mixing audio to a professional standard. We will also take a deep look into video editing software such as Final Cut Pro X and ScreenFlow screen-capture software. Finally, you’ll learn the foundations of how put all the audio and video together to create your own high quality videos! What you’ll learn in this course will make you a better audio mixer, video editor, lighting technician and online course and video creator!

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  • Online Jamming and Concert Technology TUTORiAL
    28 January 2017
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    Online Jamming & Concert Technology TUTORiAL

    P2P | English | 28.01.2017 | 4.7 GB

    Video: mp4 1280×720, 29 fps | Audio: 192 kbps, 44 kHz (stereo)

    Today’s vast amount of streaming and video conferencing on the Internet lacks one aspect of musical fun and that’s what this course is about: high-quality, near-synchronous musical collaboration. Under the right conditions, the Internet can be used for ultra-low-latency, uncompressed sound transmission. The course teaches open-source (free) techniques for setting up city-to-city studio-to-studio audio links. Distributed rehearsing, production and split ensemble concerts are the goal. Setting up such links and debugging them requires knowledge of network protocols, network audio issues and some ear training.

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  • Learn How To Sell Music Online on AudioJungle TUTORiAL
    12 October 2016
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    Learn How To Sell Music Online TUTORiAL

    P2P | 12 October 2016 | 367 MB

    Learn How To License And Sell Music Online On AudioJungle: Promote And Sell Music On Envato Market Audiojungle. AudioJungle Course, How To Make Money From Licensing And Selling Music Online is a course about promoting and selling music online from magesy download scratch on the biggest Envato music stock – AudioJungle Discover how to upload your music, do a great SEO to rank higher, manage your account and settings and increase your income form selling music and tracks. This course is a step-by-step guide to your successful and profitable AudioJungle account which will help you to make big sells of your music everyday It is very easy for novice to master and can be completed within 1 hour. After that you can start uploading music on AudioJungle.

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  • How to Promote Your Music Online and Offline TUTORiAL-COMPRiSED
    10 September 2015
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    Complete Guide: How to Promote

    Your Music Online & Offline TUTORiAL

    TEAM COMPRiSED | 2015.09.10 | 1.18 GB

    Need help in getting your music ‘out there’? Have an upcoming album or music video release and want to make the most of it? Do you want to grow your fan base and attract more opportunities for your music career? You could pay an agency hundreds or thousands of dollars to help you with these things (lets be honest – IF you find one that doesn’t try to snake you…) Or you could do it yourself for way way less. This course is designed to be an all inclusive guide on how to promote your music online AND offline. We’ll continuously be adding more lecture videos on different music marketing topics, so the value in this course is ever expanding. Think of it as your go-to hub for music promotion. If you want to build your Facebook presence, you can watch the videos on that and take action. If you need tips for music marketing at your upcoming show, you can watch the videos on that and prepare what you need. All from magesy download 3 different instructors who bring their expertise in music promotion, branding, social media marketing and sales.

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