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  • QLab Pro 4.6.11 Pro macOS-TNT
    December 6th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

    QLab Pro 4.6.11 Pro macOS-TNT

    QLab Pro 4.6.11 macOS

    Team TNT | 06 December 2021 | 15 MB

    QLab makes it simple to create rich multimedia designs for live performances and installations. From Broadway to the West End, in churches, museums, store fronts, concert halls, and theaters around the world, people use QLab to bring their audio and video to life.

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    • Apple Logic Pro X v10.7.1 macOS-TNT
      November 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS

      Apple Logic Pro X v10.7.1 macOS-TNT

      Apple Logic Pro X v10.7.1 macOS

      Team TNT | 13 November 2021 | 1.2 GB

      Logic Pro X is the most advanced version of Logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing are built around a modern interface that’s designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it’s needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music. Logic Pro X for Mac has been updated to version 10.3, introducing new features, a refreshed interface, and Touch Bar support, allowing the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro to be used for music editing. The Touch Bar features quick access to navigation tools and Smart Controls, plus it can be used for playing and recording instruments using a piano keyboard or drum pads.

      Viewed 296660 By Music Producers.

      • Perfect Room v1.2.2 WiN MAC-FLARE
        November 5th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: AU, macOS, VST, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

        Perfect Room v1.2.2 WiN MAC-FLARE

        Perfect Room v1.2.2 WiN MAC

        FLARE | 08 September 2021 | WiN: 5.22 MB | MAC: 7.98 MB

        Classic algorithmic reverb plugins use a combination of short feedbacking delays to create the illusion of reverberation. These delays cause unwanted metallic resonances and sharp spikes in the reverb’s frequency response. The denise team challenged themselves to create something better – a perfect room – and invented their TXVerb technology. Using this technology, the denise Perfect Room doesn’t use delays for the tail and will enhance the character and colouration of any audio you run through it in an extremely natural way, sounding defined and tight from the lowest kick all the way up to the highest vocal.

        Viewed 59720 By Music Producers.

        • Amadeus PRO v2.8.7 macOS-TNT
          October 16th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

          Amadeus PRO v2.8.7 macOS-TNT

          Amadeus Pro v2.8.7 macOS

          Team TNT | 16 October 2021 | 18 MB

          Amadeus Pro is a powerful multitrack audio editor supporting a variety of formats including MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, AIFF, Wave and many others. Each track can have its volume adjusted independently from the others. Amadeus Pro fully supports multitrack WAVE files and allows you to render sound on up to 5 different loudspeakers simultaneously.

          Viewed 58307 By Music Producers.

          • Loopback v2.2.5 macOS
            October 16th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS

            Loopback v2.2.5 macOS

            Loopback v2.2.5 macOS

            HCiSO | 15 October 2021 | 18 MB

            Suddenly, it’s easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac. Create virtual audio devices to take the sound from applications and audio input devices, then send it to audio processing applications. Loopback gives you the power of a high-end studio mixing board, right inside your computer!

            Viewed 63965 By Music Producers.

            • Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite v1.7 AU VST WiN MAC-R2R
              October 5th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: AU, Focusrite, macOS, VST, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

              Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite v1.7 AU VST WiN MAC-R2R

              Scarlett Plug-in Suite v1.7 WiN MAC

              TEAM R2R | 2015.01.30 | WiN: 8.78 MB | MAC: 8.58 MB

              Put Focusrite Quality, Sound, and Performance into Your DAW!. The Focusrite Scarlett signal-processing plug-in bundle gives you the amazing performance you expect from Focusrite gear — right inside your DAW!. Inspired by the Red and ISA processors, the Scarlett suite includes classic compression, gating, reverb, and EQ plug-ins that don’t just sound and perform like their hardware counterparts; these plug-ins are incredibly easy to use, too! Focusrite puts rack and console gear inside your computer and adds a ton of functionality to these units, so you can get the most out of our mixes. Frankly, Scarlett is an astounding value!.

              Viewed 115210 By Music Producers.

              • Fission v2.7.1 macOS-HCiSO
                October 5th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: APPS, Audio Software, macOS

                Fission v2.7.1 macOS-HCiSO

                Fission v2.7.1 MAC

                HCiSO | 03 September 2021 | 15 MB

                Fast & Lossless Audio Editing

                With Fission’s streamlined audio editing, you can quickly copy, paste and trim audio, as well as split files. Fission also works with compressed MP3 and AAC formats to edit without the quality loss caused by other editors. Get perfect quality audio when editing natively in the MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV formats.

                Viewed 58034 By Music Producers.