• Live Disco Drums and Percussion ACiD WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE
    May 9th, 2021

    Live Disco Drums and Percussion ACiD WAV-AUDiOSTRiKE

    Live Disco Drums & Percussion

    AUDIOSTRiKE | 11/06/2015 | 1.64 GB

    The Disco revival is in full swing and we’re excited to bring you this glitter dusted pack of gorgeously recorded, expertly played live sparkling disco drum and percussion loops! Recorded with vintage gear through a silky smooth SSL console, this huge collection of disco drum samples stays true to the original 70’s sound, with tight snares, drum dampening techniques and close room miking. Great attention to details was paid to capture that authentic Disco sound and the final result is guaranteed to make you go all warm and fuzzy. Inside the sample pack you will find funk-laden breaks loops, 4 to the floor drums, steady rhythmic patterns, grooving conga patterns, shakers, finger snaps & claps, ready to be dropped into any House, Soul or Funk production or Disco re-edit. This disco drums and percussion sample library is available to download, 100% royalty free in 24 Bit Wav, and Acidized Wav formats.

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    • Producing House With Ableton Live Arragement And FX TUTORiAL
      April 27th, 2021
      Categories: Tutorials

      Producing House With Ableton Live Arragement And FX TUTORiAL

      Producing House With Ableton Live

      Team AudioP2P | 01-07-2010  | 506.98 MB

      Genre: eLearning

      Remixer extraordinaire Timothy Allan does it again with Volume 3 of his smash hit house music production tutorials. In this series Timothy wraps it up with an in-depth look at the art of arranging a house track as well as applying effects. Timothy Allan’s remixes have reached #1 on the UK dance charts and placed high on US Billboard, DMC and Australia ARIA charts. His remix skills have even landed him a featured spot on an upcoming Madonna production, so he knows his business. This is the final collection in the series, showing you how to finish your house music track by creating a smashing dance floor arrangement, as well as adding the all important house music effects to create impact and dynamics. If you’ve seen the first 2 chapters, this is a no-brainer.

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      • Basics in Ableton Live TUTORiAL
        April 26th, 2021
        Categories: Tutorials

        Basics in Ableton Live TUTORiAL

        Basics in Ableton Live TUTORiAL

        MrAnonymous | Sept 09 2014 | 671 MB

        This is a beginner level course focusing on synthesis and sound design techniques in Ableton Live, using NI Massive (a wavetable synth) In the three modules, you will learn techniques for bass, lead synths, pads and audio effects.

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        • Remixing In Live TUTORiAL
          April 20th, 2021
          Categories: Tutorials

          Remixing In Live TUTORiAL

          Remixing In Live TUTORiAL

          Team DYNAMiCS | Dec 2012 | 1.61 GB

          Imagine being right next to a master remixer while he shows you how he creates his killer tracks! No need to imagine. You’ll be right there in the producer’s seat beside Olav Basoski as you watch this tutorial! Having remixed just about everyone, from Armin van Buuren to Moby, Olav Basoski is the virtual wikipedia of remixing: This guy knows it all! Preparing a song for the dance floor is not an easy task. Trying to remix one of your own tunes is even harder. Luckily with Ableton Live in the able hands of Olav Basoski, DAW meets the master remixer creating the perfect remixing storm! Experiencing the way that Olav Basoski guides you thru the process of remixing is a truly amazing trip. You’re sitting by his side, absorbing every word as he explains how he approaches a remix… how he selects the perfect elements from the original song and builds brand new beats! You are right there as he constructs that perfect groove, and creates the new arrangement one step at a time.

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          • Puremagnetik Effect Racks for Ableton Live 9 ALP
            April 20th, 2021

            Puremagnetik Effect Racks for Ableton Live 9 ALP

            Effect Racks for Ableton Live 9 ALP

            P2P | 01.10.2014 | 2.1 MB

            204 Presets

            Effect Racks is a collection of over 200 sophisticated audio effects engineered for instant sound sculpting. It comes packed with an endless variety of Channel Strips, DJ and Live PA effects, Glitch Racks, Amp Racks, Modulators, Filters, Beat Processors and Noise Boxes.

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            • Vintage Organs Vol.1 for KONTAKT LiVE LOGiC-DYNAMiCS
              April 14th, 2021

              Vintage Organs Vol.1 for KONTAKT LiVE LOGiC-DYNAMiCS

              Vintage Organs Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT

              DYNAMiCS | 05.03.2009 | 508 MB

              .: KONTAKT,  LOGiC,  LiVE :.

              Funk, Rock and Jazz Organs

              Vintage Organs Volume 1 is the first in a series of organ Micropaks. This collection includes 2 classic Ace Tone models – the GT7 and the Phenix Top 4 portable organ. Puremagnetik’s team of sound designers have meticulously assembled these two instruments with all of the bells and whistles of the originals. Complete with drawbar controls (Kontakt and Live versions only), bass pedals, and simulated speaker effects, Vintage Organs Volume 1 is designed to get that time-honored vintage organ sound into anyone’s DAW.

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              • Vintage 80s Classics for LOGiC LiVE-DYNAMiCS
                April 14th, 2021

                Vintage 80s Classics for LOGiC LiVE-DYNAMiCS

                Vintage 80s Classics for LOGiC & LiVE

                Team DYNAMiCS | 01.30.2009 | 584.05 MB

                A stunning collection of lush 1980s synth sounds captured directly from an Oberheim Matrix 6. It includes a rich assortment of strings, leads, brass and horns.Vintage 80’s classics It includes over 40 high quality multisampled programs for Ableton Live, Logic. The Matrix 6 was one of the last few synthesizers from Oberheim to come out during the mid-eighties following the classic OB-series. The Matrix 6 utilized high-tech but less expensive digital and midi features and still retained a totally analog sound. It did this by using DCOs (digitally controlled oscillators) to provide stability, programmability and more. All the Matrix synthesizers featured Matrix Modulation which allows for extremely wild virtual patching for almost unlimited range of sounds and modulation capabilities!

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                • Bender KONTAKT LiVE LOGiC-DYNAMiCS
                  April 14th, 2021

                  Bender KONTAKT LiVE LOGiC-DYNAMiCS

                  Bender KONTAKT LiVE LOGiC

                  Team DYNAMiCS | 03.05.2009 | 141 MB

                  Glitchy bucles, circuito dobladas juguetes y ajustar todos los instrumentos están incluidos en esta divertida e inspiradora Micropak. Bender circuito incluye más de 100 bucles doblados, 5 glitchy percusión y 2 kits de instrumentos multisampled modificados capturados en dispositivos electrónicos.

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                  • Ableton Beat Tools v1.1 For Ableton Live 11 ALP
                    April 10th, 2021
                    Categories: Ableton LiVE, ALP, Presets

                    Ableton Beat Tools v1.1 For Ableton Live 11 ALP

                    Ableton Beat Tools v1.1 ALP

                    P2P | 10 April 2021 | 692 MB

                    With more than 120 Drum and Instrument Racks, over 180 loops for slicing, tweakable effects chains and more, Beat Tools has all the sounds you need for hands-on beatmaking – especially with Push. Developed by a team of producers and sound designers including Sound Oracle, Mic Checkmate and Michele Darling, this collection of sounds puts everything you need for making beats in one place. Drum Racks are packed with percussive hits, bass and melodic samples so you can work on tight-knit ideas for groove and melody together. And more than 100 Instrument Racks offer a huge sound palette to create a range of moods – from weighty bass and smooth electric pianos, to icy pads and sharp leads. Plus there are 182 audio loops for chopping up and creating new grooves and melodies, as well as almost 100 MIDI clips for reworking into your own beats, and showing you what the kits can do.

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                    • Ableton Live Beginners: Guide to Beat Making TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
                      March 27th, 2021
                      Categories: Tutorials


                      Guide to Beat Making Ableton Live

                      SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 29 2019 | 362 MB

                      See how to produce your first beat from scratch, using nothing but Ableton Live, including software installation and understanding Live’s layout, all the way to exporting your finished beat and more. This series is designed for the absolute newcomer to Ableton Live. Thomas first starts with the steps to install Ableton Live on your computer, followed by a detailed overview of Ableton Live’s layout. Next, you’ll see how to set your song’s tempo and how to configure your MIDI controller and audio interface with Live, including basic routing practices. Now on to the fun stuff! Thomas shows you step by step how to add and program your drum sounds to make the backbone of your beat, followed by how to write melodic parts using chords, bass and lead sounds. Then it’s on to arranging your song structure, adding transition effects, mixing your tracks, using automation to fine tune your effects, and exporting your first beat to share with the world, and more!

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