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    21 February 2020
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    Dance Kicks AVENGER

    TALULA | 20.02.2020 | 174 MB

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    Creating a nice Kick is very tedious. If your Kick doesn’t sound well it will not sit properly with the Bass and as a result your track will sound thin or dull. We have done all the hard works for you. We have processed all the raw samples extensively before importing them to Avenger. Next our sound designing team created the additional programming to produce the dance grooves. From this expansion you will get over 130 EDM & Trance loops with One shots having different styles and genre.

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  • Kicks and Snares v1.0.0 EZX
    29 January 2020
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    Kicks & Snares v1.0.0 EZX

    P2P | 29.01.2020 | 3.01 GB

    Regardless of genre or style, arguably any engineer would agree: the kick and the snare are irrevocably the two biggest focal points of not only the rhythm section but also the entire mix. The Kicks & Snares EZX zooms in on delivering exactly that: kicks and snares. An overwhelming amount of them, we might add – in total 74 multi-sampled and never-before-released instruments recorded in eight different top studios in Australia and the UK. Factoring in the wide range of alternative tunings and recorded configurations, you’ll have around 130 unique kick and snare voices at your disposal. What differentiates this EZX even more from earlier ones is that each kick and snare position has four extra channels featuring individually processed versions: ‘Sub,’ ‘Skin Lo,’ ‘Skin Hi’ and ‘Club/Stick.’ This will enable you to infinitely tweak and find your personal blends for each instrument.

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  • Essential Vibe Kit WAV
    18 October 2019
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    Essential Vibe Kit WAV

    FANTASTiC | 17 October 2019 | 15.9 MB

    The Essential Vibe kit is packed with deep emotional kicks , hats, snares, special sounds and loops tailored for trap or rnbass, or dark pop.

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  • Berlin Theory Kicks WAV
    9 October 2019
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    Berlin Theory Kicks WAV

    FANTASTiC | 07 October 2019 | 3.83 MB

    Berlin Theory Kicks. An inspired, curated collection of uncompromising low-end dopeness – tightly tailored for thumping analogue house, techno and electronica composition. This pack contains 30+ premium analogue-style bowel-rupturing kick-drums; courtesy of original Berlin techno wunderkind, Deepchild (Berghain, Panoramabar, Tresor, Weekend Club, EXIT Festival and more)… Lock ‘n’ load. Eat the future.

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  • Nokturnal Drums Vol.2 WAV-SYNTHiC4TE
    26 September 2019
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    Nokturnal Drums Vol.2 WAV

    SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 25 2019 | 13 MB


    94 original samples including 808s, kicks, hi-hats, hi-hat loops, drum loops, claps, snares and various percussion. All samples recorded and synthesized , processed with analog gear, professionally mixed and mastered. NO digital clipping – everything is under 0db. Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, apps or programs that accept WAV format.

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