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  • Drum Groove Creation Concepts TUTORiAL
    18 February 2020
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    Drum Groove Creation Concepts TUTORiAL

    ilfsn | 01.09.2017 | 3 Hours | 1.7 GB

    In this Drumstroke™ video tutorial series, drum guru Luke Oswald shows you how to develop and create grooves that will improve your independence and dynamics, making you an overall groovier player! Luke starts with Hi-Hat and Bass Drum independence lessons, followed by Static and Dynamic Groove lessons. Luke then gets into applying the mighty “Ghost Note” to your playing, and then how to mix all the different elements you’ve learned together to create “super grooves”. See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you’re serious about your drum playing, you know that if you can’t play a solid groove, you ain’t playing! Let Luke help you develop your grooves, watch “Drum Groove Creation Concepts” today!

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  • Cleaning Up Voice Overs TUTORiAL
    24 September 2018
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    Cleaning Up Voice Overs TUTORiAL

    ilfsn | 20.10.2017 | 1.53 GB

    1.5 Hour + Project Files

    Using these simple tweaks, any vocal track can sound amazing!

    There are many, many applications to this course. Whether you’re a Voice Over Artist, Video Editor, YouTuber or any one that comes in contact with an audio clip of someone speaking, chances are that voice clip you hear could be vastly improved with some painless tweaks. While learning about audio editing for voice over, I’ll be giving you small projects to test out what you’ve learned and a big messy clip to fix up as your final project.

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  • Creating Epic Heroic Themes TUTORiAL
    23 July 2018
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    Creating Epic Heroic Themes TUTORiAL

    ilfsn | 21.07.2018 | 573 MB

    3 Hours + Project Files

    In this video tutorial series, production pro reveals how to produce epic heroic musical themes, perfect for film and video productions, as well as gaming titles! Gary starts by welcoming you and then covers what will be shown in the videos. He then goes into the instruments used, different chord progressions that invoke this kind of musical genre, and coming up with the beginning musical theme. Next you’ll explore how to build up the rhythm parts, move your melody line across to other instruments, develop horn ensembles, orchestrate string parts, modulate the entire piece for dramatic effect and much more. Gary then gets ready to rock, and shows you how to use electric guitar and drums to add power to the production and arrangement. Sound design and FX are then added, including synth pads, drones, and pulses, as well as orchestral swells and impacts, all making for a huge sounding composition!

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  • Music Business Fundamentals Part 1: Monetizing Your Music
    15 July 2018
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    Monetizing Your Music TUTORiAL

    iLFSN | 26.03.2018 | 3.5 Hours | 1.18 GB

    Music Business Fundamentals Part 1

    This class isn’t for hedge fund managers, capital investors, or bankers. This is a class designed for the average person who is ready to take their music career (or music interest) and turn it into a business. Are you ready to get started? Do you have a business idea? In this course, we will focus on the first steps any business venture: Startup. We will use the real-world experiences of the award-winning instructor and university professor Dr. Jason Allen. But don’t be worried – Dr. Allen is best known around campus for keeping things simple, accessible, and useful.

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  • Film and Game Music Theory Conveying Emotion
    27 June 2018
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    Film & Game Music Theory

    ilfsn | 27.06.2018 | 1.3 GB

    MP4 + Exercise Files

    Learn an intuitive approach to music composition for film, TV and game music. This workshop will not require reading or writing music notation (although examples will be available). This workshop-style course will introduce you to the elements of music that are necessary for creating emotional moods in your compositions. You will compose 3 different musical cues (short, 30-second compositions) representing 3 specific moods (urgent, calm and creepy). This course will introduce you to valuable music theory concepts and walk you through the process of composing these 3 cues. You will learn when and how to use musical elements such as rhythm, harmony, melody and scales to convey emotion effectively and quickly.

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