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  • Punch Live Hip Hop Drums WAV-DiSCOVER
    16 March 2020
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    Punch Live Hip Hop Drums WAV

    DiSCOVER | December/17/2016 | 344 MB

    Step into the ring and absorb the rock solid smack of stick and beater on drum skin as we introduce you to our first ever set of professional acoustic drum recordings, Punch – Live Hip Hop Drums! 303 royalty-free drum loops included in this collection will inject your beats with the driving rhythm and resonant punch that only a real drum kit can deliver! To provide as rich a palette of drum flavours and patterns as possible, we’ve split the loops into 4 categories: main drum grooves, featuring all the unadulterated power of snare, kick and hi hat, snare rim grooves featuring the smooth ‘pop’ of side-stick on snare rim, cymbal grooves incorporating the bright splash of crash and ride cymbals, and finally no hat grooves, providing you with the rhythmic backbone of snare and kick upon which to build your beats.

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  • Beat Bakery Vol.2 WAV
    13 February 2020
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    Beat Bakery Vol.2 WAV

    SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 13 2020 | 93 MB

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    “Beat Bakery – Volume 2” This second sample pack from Grammy Winning Producer includes upbeat pop samples and loops. Most excitingly featured in this pack are a variety of vocal loops and one shots that will be great for sampling and chopping up. Also highlighted in this pack are acoustic and electric guitar loops as well as hip hop drum one shots and loops.

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  • Beat Bakery Vol.3 WAV
    13 February 2020
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    Beat Bakery Vol.3 WAV

    SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 13 2020 | 70 MB

    “Beat Bakery – Volume 3″. One-shots and classic hip hop drum loops.

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  • Digital Genres Drum Vault KONTAKT-DECiBEL
    24 January 2020
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    Digital Genres Drum Vault KONTAKT

    Team DECiBEL | 24 Jan 2020 | 126.6 MB

    Needing new drum sounds for different genres? Over 250 drum sounds with genres ranging from EDM to trap, we have old school and new school hip hop drums and even analog drums! We are confident just about any type of music maker will benefit from this kit not to mention the GUI with various FX and parameters, we highly recommend you pick up your copy today.

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    5 January 2020
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    LA Drum Tools WAV

    STRiKE | 04.01.2020 | 322 MB


    LA Drum Tools delves deep into the world of incredible hip-hop drum samples. Inspired by West Coast cruising, Soulection tinged sunset selections and Tyler’s masterpieces IGOR, you just know this pack is going to become your new go-to. As well as all the drum one shots, we’ve also included a collection of amazing chromatic 808 bass samples, each with its own saturation flavour meaning you’ll be able to build those incredible earth shaking tones in the correct key and pitch. Also, because we love all things analogue we’ve bounced out the full drum loops plus top loops using our favourite analogue outboard for yet more character.  So, if you’re in the market for something will lift and set your beats apart then this one is for you – outstanding character and endless flexibility we just know you’ll love!

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  • Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drums WAV-MaGeSY
    11 September 2019
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    Lo-Fi Hip Hop Drums WAV

    MaGeSY® | 11.09.2019 | 39.87 MB

    Lo-fi hip-hop has taken over the internet airways. Its off-kilter percussion, intimate sound world, brooding harmonies, and layers of dusty crackle envelope listeners and transport them to a moody, relaxing place. This pack provides everything you need to create the rhythmic backbone of your own lo-fi beats, with crunchy sampled drum machines, dusty recordings, and intimate, ASMR-inducing foley, all meticulously processed to provide the perfect sonic complement to your productions.

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