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Magesy® R-Evolution™

  • Fingerpicking Guitar for Beginners TUTORiAL
    29 January 2020
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    Fingerpicking Guitar for Beginners

    P2P | 29 January 2020 | 886 MB

    In this course you will learn how to play guitar using your fingers only. The course start from magesy download Learning how to use each finger properly, then how to play some simple fingerpicking patterns through some common chord progressions. The course is for beginners, though a little basic guitar skill is required. All the exercises played during the course are written with tablature and standard notation.

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  • The Finger R2 v1.3.0.3 HYBRiD-R2R
    8 November 2019
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    The Finger R2 v1.3.0.3 HYBRiD

    Team R2R | 07 November 2019 | 7.5 MB

    Based on REAKTOR technology and derived from magesy download the live setup of Tim Exile, THE FINGER is a new type of live performance and remix effect which can be “played” like a musical instrument. THE FINGER is opening up new ways for intuitive sound mangling, live remixing, and advanced tempo-synced effects processing – in the studio or on stage. Powered by REAKTOR, THE FINGER is available for use with the free REAKTOR 5 PLAYER, or the full version ofREAKTOR 5.5.

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  • Finger Tap Arps Vol.1 WAV
    25 October 2017
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    Finger Tap Arps Vol.1 WAV

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 20 March 2014 | 44.8 MB

    ‘Finger Tap Arps Vol 1’ brings you 61 finger-tapping loops to liven up your tracks. Recorded using high-end guitars and an overdriven tube amp to give each loop superior tone and texture. All loops are included in “dry” format, giving you all the flexibility you need to twist and warp them to your heart’s desire.

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  • Finger Tap Arps Vol.2 WAV AiFF-MAGNETRiXX
    25 October 2017
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    Finger Tap Arps Vol.2 WAV AiFF

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 10 November 2014 | 121 MB

    ‘Finger Tap Arps Vol 2’ brings you 99 finger-tapping loops to liven up your tracks. Recorded using high end guitars and an overdriven tube amp to give each loop superior tone and texture, all loops are included “dry”, giving you all the flexibility you need to twist and warp them to your heart’s desire. This pack contains “dry” guitar loops only. Music loops used in the demo have reverb and echo added.

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  • Trigger Finger Pro Explained TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE
    26 May 2015
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    Trigger Finger Pro Explained TUTORiAL

    SYNTHiC4TE | May 25 2015 | 527.22 MB


    M-Audio’s Trigger Finger Pro is a feature packed hardware pad controller with an integrated step sequencer and M-Audio master Alex Solano shows you how to take control of this powerhouse hardware and software monster combination and make tracks! Alex starts by introducing you to the Trigger Finger Pro, walking you through Installation and giving you a Complete Overview of the Hardware. Next, Alex explores the Sequence mode, one of the most powerful sections of the Trigger Finger Pro. Two other critical modes, Control Mode and Pad Mode are then examined in detail, as well as hardware videos showing Advanced Sequence Techniques. The remaining tutorials focus on the software side of the Trigger Finger Pro. Alex begins with Arsenal, the software interface between the hardware and your VST instruments. Next, Alex dives into the AIR drums. Finally, Alex ends with videos on How to Set Up the Trigger Finger Pro with Ableton Live and Pro Tools.

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  • KORE Line The Finger WiN MAC-ArCADE
    21 April 2015


    KORE Line The Finger WiN MAC

    Team ArCADE | 23 September 2009 | 12.85 MB

    THE FINGER provides more than 40 effects including real-time samplers/transformers (e.g. loop, re-arrange, reverse, scratch, heavy granular effects etc.), as well as filters, gaters, delays, reverbs, distortion, wave shapers, ring modulation and many others. Each effect has two parameters controlled by velocity or mod wheel, and is tempo-synced to a master clock or the tempo of your audio host. The KORE PLAYER user interface allows for even further tweaking via the Macro Controls. The main advantage of THE FINGER is the ability to trigger effects via MIDI keyboard (or the “piano roll” in a sequencer). Four octaves of MIDI notes have a specific effect per sound with their own settings assigned to each. The order you trigger the notes is the order the effects get layered in, so chains can be arranged and re-arranged in no time. Make the last key a loop effect, and you can continue the chain from magesy download there, endlessly. This allows you to “play” and improvise with effects just like with a “real” instrument. When used within a host sequencer as an effects plug-in, you can record your playing as MIDI in the piano roll editor allowing to edit your effect chains in a much simpler way.

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