January 20th, 2014
    Categories: Audio Samples



    TEAM DYNAMiCS | Jan 2014 | 1.9 GB

    The instantly recognizable sounds from the balearic islands are brought to enhance those moments of relaxation. Having an after party ambience of Kumharas, it’s relieving atmosphere is nothing but sophisticated. Something is afoot in the hinterlands of this effortless collection… Its hedonistic essence gives the relaxing compilation refreshing vibes along with harmonious serenity and smooth holistic elements. Think, Sa Trinxa’s intriguing and decadent fashions to Cafe del Mars epic sunsets. It feels like the freedom day has finally arrived

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    • Rene Breitbarth Drum & Loops 7 Vols WAV DVDR-DYNAMiCS
      January 20th, 2014
      Categories: Audio Samples


      Rene Breitbarth Drum & Loops Vols WAV

      TEAM DYNAMiCS | Jan 2014 | 2.9 GB

      Vols: 1,3,4,5,6,7 & Drums Only Vol.1

      The first Collection let’s you easily get into his very own style of Deep House with 236 loops (528 MB)in total. But not only laidback grooves with beautiful harmonies can be built, also pumping Tech House stuff is ready to get assembled or worked out to the beyond. The loops are partly 16 bars long for wider variations…

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      • 1980s Style Loops Vol.1 MiDi WAV DVDR-DYNAMiCS
        January 20th, 2014


        1980s Style Loops Vol.1 MiDi WAV

        TEAM DYNAMiCS | Jan 2014 | 729 MB

        New loops pack for the use in genres like NuDisco, Electro, House, Funk and Disco (672 Files). Wether you ́re into the oldschool 1980s sound or into the up-to-date genres like NuDisco ect. which are influenced by this decade – here you ́ll find plenty of usefull stuff to go for (1,15 GB in total). 511 beat and music loops to inspire your own ideas with access to every single component in WAV format. All beat elements are available together in a mixdown and each drum element as a single loop.

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        • Lyrical Distortion Vol.1 KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
          January 16th, 2014
          Categories: Audio Samples


          Lyrical Distortion Vol.1 KONTAKT DVDR

          Team DYNAMiCS | Date: Feb 2009 | 2.05 GB

          Lyrical Distortion, a Custom 22 PRS electric guitar, recorded through a Mesa Boogie« amplifier and programmed to be easily played from any MIDI controller or sequencer. Lyrical Distortion represents a powerful and unique sounding instrument, sampled with incredible depth and playability. We sampled four variations of every note for every articulation, utilizing random cycling for authentic swift repetitive lines. In addition, every patch features multiple release triggers (again utilizing random cycling) for an air of realism. The patches include single note picking, single note hammer-ons, performed power-chords (I and V) and more. Also, all patches are available as performed palm-mutes as well as non-muted. The range of possibilities is like that of no other sampled guitar library currently available. One key feature is that we have recorded two identical, but yet independent sets of samples (Guitar 1 and Guitar 2). The user can track right and left guitars, double track a guitar lead and so on. The possibilities are great!

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          • Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar for Electric and Acoustic Guitar 2004 DVDR
            January 13th, 2014
            Categories: Tutorials


            Beginning Rock Rhythm Guitar for Electric

            and Acoustic Guitar 2004 DVDR

            Team Wizeguys | Date: November 1, 2004 | 2.30 GB

            NTSC DVDR | English | 1hour | 720×480 (4:3) 29fps

            Audio: PCM s16be, 48000Hz Stereo 1536 kb/s

            Guitar educator Dave Celentano will take you through this comprehensive “hands-on” course and show you all the basic essentials for playing rhythm guitar.
            The DVD includes: anatomy of the guitar, holding the guitar, choosing picks, strings, tuning, finger exercises, open position chords, barre chords, power chords, strumming, keeping the beat, rhythms, palm muting, how to read tablature and chord diagrams, and many tips. Throughout the DVD are examples designed to assimilate the chords and strums, and get you playing rhythm guitar immediately.

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            • Learning to Flatpick DVDR TUTORiAL
              January 9th, 2014
              Categories: Tutorials


              Learning to Flatpick DVDR TUTORiAL

              3DVD | Learning | DVDR | 10.1 GB

              Comprehensive three-DVD course in bluegrass flatpicking takes you from “Picking 101” through advanced techniques that will enable you to hold your own in any band or jam session. On DVD #1, From the Beginning, you’ll learn a variety of essential flatpicking skills: proper pick grip, down-up strokes, rhythmic strumming and song accompaniment. Only a few minutes into the first lesson you’ll be starting to pick easy versions of well-known fiddle tunes. By DVD #2, Building Bluegrass Technique, you’ll have built a “runs vocabulary” and learned to cross pick, move up the neck, play bass runs and construct hot bluegrass solos. DVD #3, Developing Speed and Style, covers the finer points of style, using slides, arpeggios, bends, accents, intros and endings, and that most challenging of subjects, building up speed.

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              • SonicCouture Abstrakt Bass KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
                January 8th, 2014

                SonicCouture Abstrakt Bass KONTAKT

                06.10.2008 | DYNAMiCS | RAR SIZE 775 MB

                FORMAT….: KONTAKT

                A One-Stop Bass shop – Electrics, Upright, Drones, Dub basses, dry snappy synths, massive snarling filter sweeps, evil distorted groans and moans – all in one package. Every type of Bass sound is covered in the Library, making it incredibly simple to load up the exact bass you need in seconds – or scroll through instruments to try out lots of different basses in your track. Each of the 140 Kontakt instruments offers a huge range of control over the sound. Each instrument is a mini-synthesiser in itself! 8 control knobs are instantly accessible in the rack view of Kontakt, allowing you to simply tweak the attack time or filter cutoff, or to completely re-shape the entire sound – it’s up to you.

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                • Loops Derty South Complete MULTiFORMAT DVDR
                  November 11th, 2013
                  Categories: Audio Samples, Bandmates


                  Loops Derty South Complete MULTiFORMAT

                  Team DYNAMiCS | Date: Dec 2008  | 1 GB

                  Watch out- Bandmates Hip-Hop – Derty South is invading your music system with lusciously gritty southern style. Derty South – Complete includes 15 complete Style Kits produced in modern Derty South style. Build your own super Hip-Hop beats and grooves from a complete instrument breakdown in every kit. Then, take it to the next level by mixing and combining kits for an entirely new sound.

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                  • Accelerate Your Bass Playing TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS
                    November 10th, 2013
                    Categories: Tutorials


                    Accelerate Your Bass Playing TUTORiAL

                    TUTORiAL | DVDR | SONiTUS | 3.07 GB

                    The DVD will help take your playing to the next level. Professor Anthony Vitti shares his proven method for improving the fundamental skills required to freely express yourself on the bass in many musical styles. The easy-to-understand exercises and demonstrations in this DVD can be applied to all levels and styles.Clear and detailed instruction is given both onscreen and in the accompanying 80-page booklet. 55 minutes.

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                    • Flamenco Guitar TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS
                      November 10th, 2013
                      Categories: Tutorials


                      Flamenco Guitar TUTORiAL DVDR-SONiTUS

                      Team SONiTUS | Vol. 1: 2.29 GB | Vol. 2: 2.15 GB

                      This guitar method is for everyone who is interested in the Flamenco guitar and its techniques. The logically structured method may serve as a guideline for everyone who has not found the right teacher or teaching materials yet, for everyone who plays Flamenco guitar, but still has questions about right hand techniques, and for everyone who teaches Flamenco guitar. At the same time, it is a reference book on questions about Flamenco in general. The two volumes contain all aspects I consider important to Flamenco guitar playing: instrumentology, the history of Flamenco, a description of the different styles and their complicated rhythms, and a comprehensive glossary. Notation and tablature are not explained in this book because I assume that everyone knows these facts, as well as the basic techniques of the classical guitar. The tablature includes note values because I think that even tablature readers use them to orient themselves, even if it´s not done consciously.

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