• Freyja Female Choir LiTE
    June 20th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Freyja Female Choir v1.2 KONTAKT

    Freyja Female Choir LiTE®

    RollerBall | 20 June 2021 | 2.70 GB

    After the apocalyptic StormChoir, the mighty WOTAN Male Choir and the unique Rhodope Ethnic Bulgarian Choir, FREYJA Female Choir marks a new milestone in the renowned choral series focusing on the soft and emotional sounds of the female choir. Comprised of ten altos and ten sopranos, all part of many choir recording sessions for artists like Two Steps from Hell, and recorded in the Sofia Session Studio FREYJA sets a new standard in choral sampling introducing the brandnew agile legato sampling technique allowing the user to seamlessly play polyphonic legato with every syllable in the library.

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    • ARVA Children Choir v1.3 KONTAKT
      June 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      ARVA Children Choir v1.3 KONTAKT

      ARVA v1.3 KONTAKT

      P2P | 4 October 2020 | Update Only: 32 MB | FULL: 7.2 GB

      ..:: Children Choir ::..

      The new children choir reference library featuring two separately recorded children sections (girls & boys) with full divisi options, our revolutionary polyphonic true legato as well as the critically acclaimed Syllabuilder Engine in its most advanced state. About ÁRVA: Being in developement for more than 3 years the final chapter Next Generation Choir Series is at hand. Starting with WOTAN, the lowest and probably most powerful men choir ever sampled and FREYJA the first sampled choir to focus on the beauty of the female voice, ÁRVA marks the first ever sampled children choir, which is more than just a bonus to the female and male sections.

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      • Ensemble Orthodox Choir KONTAKT
        June 11th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        Ensemble Orthodox Choir KONTAKT

        Orthodox Choir KONTAKT

        P2P | 10.03.2021 | 3.83 GB

        An extensive phrase based collection of breathtaking and mystical Orthodox Chants put together with special focus on maximum flexibility and usability for composers and producers. Recorded at various tempi and on wholetone scale within one octave. Comes with open .wav files for import into the DAW or Sampler of your choice. The Performers – Virtuosic performances at your fingertips “Anonym Orthodox Choir” delivers an extensive collection of famous Orthodox Chants recorded with worldclass equipement at Sofia Session Studio and mixed down to three mic positions (Close, Decca and Hall). All performances are wrapped together in a brandnew NI Kontakt based engine allowing the user to freely map all phrases and musical parts of phrases to their liking, thus creating new combinations beyond the well known layouts. In order to ensure maximum usability and flexibility all performances were recorded with click at various tempi and on wholetone scale within one octave. You are not limited to certain tempi or keys with this collection. In addition to that the Performers Anonym Orthodox Choir also comes with open .wav files to import all performances into the DAW or sampler of your choice.

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        • Epic Choir WAV
          June 8th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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          Epic Choir WAV

          P2P | 01.12.2016 | 989 MB

          Bespoke music and sound design. TV & radio advertising, trailers & promos’, corporate production or wherever else tailored audio is required. Our expansive pool of composer and musician talent are all experts in specific genres and production methods and have provided music for literally hundreds of commercials, TV shows, promos & more. Our state-of-the-art Soho studios & suites not only mean production is always of unbeatable quality but that we’re on hand to turn around projects double fast, or faster if thats what you require. What this all adds up to is the provision of some seriously intuitive and nail-on-the-head audio… and some appreciated compliments and big-ups from happy creatives and producers. Get in touch and let us show you why they are smiling.

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          • Brysons Soul ACiD WAV MiDi REX FLP AiFF-FANTASTiC
            June 8th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

            Brysons Soul MULTiFORMAT

            FANTASTiC | May 24 2016 | 1.82 GB

            ACiD, WAV, MiDi, REX, FLP, AiFF

            Bryson’s Soul’ is a ground breaking collection of 10 Trap and R&B Construction Kits, including elements influenced by Bryson Tiller. Inspired by Bryson Tiller songs such as ‘Don’t’, ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, ‘Exchange’ and more.  Tempos range from 52 to 78 BPM and include all the separate drum tracks for perfect drum loop mixing, individual drum hits and must-have elements to build a solid Trap/R&B track. With pianos, synths, strings, FX, choirs, vox and more.

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            • Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO
              May 30th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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              Q-Up Arts Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi-TZ7iSO

              Sonic Images Library Vol.1-2 AKAi

              TZ7iSO | 04.26.2003 | Vol.1+Vol.2: 265.17 MB

              Musical Effects, Drums & Percussion, Synth, Orchestral, Choir blends. A standard in anyone´s rack. This acclaimed library was created by film & television composer Christopher Franke (former Tangerine Dream). Christophers credits include Babylon 5, Universal Soldier, Risky Business and many others. The library encompasses everything from lush string and choir pads, to compelling musical effect and percussion.

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              • Microtron Tape 1 v1.1 (ABLETON KONTAKT)-DECiBEL
                May 25th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

                Microtron Tape 1 v1.1 (ABLETON KONTAKT)-DECiBEL

                Microtron Tape 1 v1.1

                DECiBEL | 21 Feb 2021 | ABLETON: 176.6MB | KONTAKT: 234.1MB

                Microtron Tape 1 | Mellotron Brass, 8 Voice Choir and Strings

                A sound library featuring the Brass, 8-Voice Choir and String Section sounds of the Mellotron M400.

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                • King Hndrxx WAV
                  May 25th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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                  King Hndrxx WAV

                  FANTASTiC | 17 September 2019 | 172 MB

                  ‘King Hndrxx’ is a hard hitting collection of 5 Construction Kits including elements influenced by Future himself!Tempos range from 59 to 76 Bpm and include all the separate drum tracks for perfect drum loop mixing, individual drum hits and must-have elements to build a solid dirty south track: Pianos, Synths, Strings, FX, Choirs, Vox and more!

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                  • AFFLATUS Chapter I: Strings v1.3 KONTAKT
                    May 24th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                    Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

                    AFFLATUS Chapter I: Strings v1.3 KONTAKT

                    Strings v1.3 KONTAKT

                    P2P | 23 November 2020 | FULL: 105 GB

                    .: UPDATE v1.3 ONLY: 28.65 GB :.

                    Inspired by film and classical music icons this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional sampling methods by introducing revolutionary features like Auto Divisi combined with Polyphonic True Legato from the Next Generation Choir Series and a Thematic Approach towards playing techniques. Capturing conducted musical samples as opposed to static generic samples Afflatus Chapter I features several custom-made articulation groups able to portray one specific style per group with ease. This approach grants the user highly specialized and inspiring virtual instruments able to perform music with virtuosity: Gone are the days of soulless samples. The styles/moods featured in Afflatus Chapter I range from classical to modern contemporary film scores. Some of the masters which inspired the developement of this collection are Henry Mancini, Sergei Prokofiev, Bernard Herrmann, John Williams and Arvo Pärt. Here is an out of the box demonstration of the Scene d’ Amour Section depicting the thematic approach combined with Polyphonic True Legato.

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