• Palace Arcade For DeepMind 12 SYX
    October 22nd, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
    Categories: Presets, SYX

    Palace Arcade For DeepMind 12 SYX

    Palace Arcade DeepMind 12

    P2P | 22 October 2021 | 340 KB

    Palace Arcade is an 80s inspired soundbank for the DeepMind 12 hardware synth, containing 64 patches. This action packed soundbank covers a wide range of personal favourite retro styles like Synthwave, Chillwave and classic 80s tones, but with a modern twist. Cutting basses, cinematic pads, beautiful retro poly sounds and crispy leads all made using the DeepMind’s incredible effects engine to take classic analog sounds of old into something new and exciting. The mission with this collection was to make the kind of sounds Michael Oakley would use in his own music productions, while capturing the blissful-painful, nostalgic and positive energy of the 80s.

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    • Cinematica Vol.2 Behringer DeepMind 6/12 SYX
      October 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
      Categories: Presets, SYX

      Cinematica Vol.2 Behringer DeepMind 6-12 SYX

      Cinematica Vol.2

      P2P | 13 October 2021 | 7.20 KB

      ..::Presets for DeepMind SYX::..

      Imagine DeepMind by Behringer as a Hero of Action Film. How it can sound? Warm? Authentic? Add famous sounds & you are here. Introducing: “Cinematica” VOL.2 soundset with one of the deepest patches you heard on Deepmind. 60 professional handcrafted patches with mod wheel & aftertouch controllers. Including recreations of famous synths: JX & Juno Series, Moog, CS Series. No more strange factory presets with tones of effects & no more unuseful sounds, all sounds are ready to go in your track!

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      • Grains WAV-FANTASTiC
        September 15th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
        Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

        Grains WAV-FANTASTiC

        Grains WAV-FANTASTiC

        FANTASTiC | 21 June 2021 | 348 MB

        Imagine a sonic landscape that ranges from soft and fragile to granular chaos – This is „GRAINS“. The main idea behind „GRAINS“ was to create something unique, something new, something beyond analogue synthesis. After recording a whole bunch of Synth Leads, Chords and Sequences with tons of analogue gear such as Moog, Korg, Behringer and Modular Eurorack expansions we’ve put the loops inside different granular engines. The result was truly magic. Impressionistic Textures and rhythms seem to create a new dimension. The spatial audio impression is surrounded by the vastness of a cosmos. Download „GRAINS“ today and get your hands on 50 stunning Textures and Atmospheres called Clouds, 40 Sequences and 10 FX Loops. To guarantee the purest Signal chain we are working with high-end outboard gear like our Chandler Limited Rack Mixer, Vovox cables and Universal Audio Interfaces.

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        • Behringer Model D: Making a Track
          May 26th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: Tutorials

          Behringer Model D: Making a Track

          SYNTHiC4TE | Feb 21 2020 | 1.2 GB

          Synth wiz delivers a step by step Behringer Model D video tutorial series! See how to create a whole electronic music production using the Model D for all the parts, including a basic arrangement and mix. These videos offer a look at the workflows involved when using one monophonic hardware synthesizer to create an entire track and are designed for those who have some experience with the Behringer Model D. If you want to learn all about the Behringer Model D’s features and functions, check out “Behringer Model D Explained®” here. Larry begins with a welcome and then jumps right in, showing you how to design a proper kick drum patch from a blank preset. You’ll then see how to craft the snare sound by using 2 patches, the first a square wave, and then a white noise layer. Larry then puts the snare sound through some external hardware effects to add spatial width and excitement. Throughout the rest of the videos, Larry explains and explores how to design closed and open hi-hat presets, a cool arpeggiated bass patch, an undulating lead sound, and then various effects via a selection of Eventide hardware units.

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          • Behringer Odyssey Explained®
            May 26th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Tutorials

            Behringer Odyssey Explained®

            P2P | 21.02.2020 | 917 MB

            A comprehensive Behringer Odyssey video tutorial series! Learn all about the Behringer Odyssey, a super-affordable homage to the legendary 1970s ARP Odyssey synth. This series is structured like a video manual and is perfect for users just starting out with the Odyssey. Larry greats you and then jumps right in with an introduction to the Odyssey and its history, as well as an overview of its basic layout, including the options on the back panel. Then it’s on to the Odyssey’s VCO section and how they work, including the Sample & Hold parameter, followed by an in-depth look at the Odyssey’s LFOs, Filter and Amp sections, and powerful FX by designed by Klark-Teknik. Next, Larry reveals the arpeggiator and Sequencing features of the Odyssey where you can program your own arpeggiations and synth lines, which will make for groovy parts for your songs. Last but not least, Larry gives you 2 sound design videos where you’ll see how to craft cool Bass patches and FX from scratch, utilizing many of the Odysseys unique features and functions.

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            • Behringer 2600 In Depth TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
              May 25th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
              Categories: Tutorials

              Behringer 2600 In Depth TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

              Behringer 2600 In Depth

              Team DECiBEL | 20 Feb 2021 | 2.95GB

              The Behringer 2600 is a faithful replication of the legendary ARP 2600 synthesizer, in a smaller format and with modern features added in. Watch this in-depth course now, and learn everything you need to know about this semi-modular monster! Created in the early ’70s by Alan R. Pearlman (his initials is where the name ARP comes from) with David Friend and Lewis G. Pollock, the ARP 2600 is considered by many to be the holy grail of analog synthesizers. This legendary instrument can be heard on countless classic recordings by Edgar Winter, Stevie Wonder, Depeche Mode and many others. And now that Behringer brings an affordable hardware version of the 2600 to the market, you too can use the 2600 sound in your music productions. This course, by outstanding trainer will guide you through every module and feature of this synth so you can use it to its full potential.

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              • Pro-1 SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL
                May 19th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Pro-1 SAMPLES WAV-DECiBEL

                Pro-1 SAMPLES WAV

                Team DECiBEL | 18 Jan 2021 | 201MB

                ‘Pro-1’ is a pack from the ‘Analogue’ series featuring 112 analogue crafted Loops from the Behringer PRO-1. Including mesmerizing Arpeggio progressions, energetic Basslines, shimmering Synth Loops, analogue FX and a variety of one shot sounds in cutting edge quality, this pack has been produced using the finest equipment.

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