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  • EZ CD Audio Converter Ultimate v9.1.0.1 WiN
    24 February 2020
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    EZ CD Audio Converter v9.1.0.1 WiN

    P2P | 24 February 2020 | 36 MB

    EZ CD Audio Converter rips audio CDs, converts audio files, and burns discs. EZ CD Audio Converter is the most comprehensive multi format audio converter … Rips audio CDs, converts audio files, allows editing of metadata, and burns discs. It has efficient error-detective CD-ripping, very fast parallel audio conversion, and reliable disc burning. All combined to user friendly, beautiful interface.

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  • What Audio Software Should I Get?
    21 February 2020
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    What Audio Software Should I Get?

    FANTASTiC | 21 February 2020 | 1.79 GB

    Studio guru brings you a collection of insightful music studio video tutorials! Get helpful insight and information on how and why to choose certain DAWs, plug-ins, and virtual instruments, including studio workflows and solutions. This series is designed for new music studio producers and engineers who want the opinion of an experienced studio producer. NOTE: No manufacturers sponsored this video series, or were involved in its production. Adam is simply giving you his opinion based on years of studio production work, so it could seem biased and or one-sided at times.Adam begins with important audio software basic requirements, such as being able to measure loudness, get visual feedback, testing a plug-in for aliasing and its overall quality, the difference between gain and loudness, and how to choose a DAW that’s right for you.

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  • Sound Check Vol.2 The Ultimate Audio Test CD
    9 February 2020
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    Sound Check Vol.2 CDDA

    P2P | 1993 | 99 Tracks | 509 MB

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    SOUND CHECK 2 is the definitive audio test disc. Created in association with renowned record producer, engineer and musician Alan Parsons, it is available as a single CD or in a double CD case with built-in microphone and sound level meter, calibrated from -15dB to +12dB. When used in conjunction with its third octave tracks, SOUND CHECK 2 forms an instant system response analyser. It contains 99 tracks of practical material compiled as a result of careful research and investigation into the needs of studio engineers, audio technicians, serious audiophiles, record producers and musicians. The disc has been designed not only to help assess the technical performance of a wide range of sound recording and reproduction equipment, but also to offer the very best available musical, vocal and effects sources for experimentation and demonstration.

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  • Virtual Audio Cable v4.62 RETAiL WiN
    2 February 2020
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    Virtual Audio Cable v4.62 WiN

    P2P | 02 February 2020 | 747 KB

    Virtual Audio Cable software allows you to transfer audio (wave) streams between applications and/or devices. It creates a set of virtual audio devices named “Virtual Cables”, each of them consists of a pair of the waveform input/output devices. Any application can send audio stream to an output side of a cable, and any other application can receive this stream from an input side. All transfers are made digitally, providing NO sound quality loss (a bitperfect streaming).

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  • Context Menu Audio Converter v1.0.31.74 WiN
    29 December 2019
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    Context Menu Audio Converter v1.0.31.74 WiN

    P2P | 29 December 2019 | 20 MB

    Context Menu Audio Converter is a Windows shell extension utility for converting audio files quickly and simply from within the Windows file explorer. A new menu item ‘Convert Audio File(s)’ and ‘Convert All Audio Files From This Folder’ is added for the right mouse click on files and folders in Windows explorer (context menu).

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  • The Filmmakers Guide to Audio TUTORiAL
    16 December 2019
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    The Filmmakers Guide to Audio

    FANTASTiC | 15 December 2019 | 4.22 GB

    Quality audio and sound is a very important part of good filmmaking. Trying to achieve Hollywood-level audio quality when you’re a one-man team could be disastrous and really put a dent in the value of your production. That’s exactly why I created The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio. Because I wanted to create a solution to help YOU as a filmmaker finally understand audio. Sign up now and you’ll get instant access to The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio course where I’ll give you the tools and the information that you need to ensure top-notch audio in your productions.

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