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  • Trumpet Solos ELASTiK
    17 September 2020
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    Trumpet Solos ELASTiK

    TALULA | 20.03.2020 | 482 MB

    Virtuoso High-Notes Performances

    The expressive qualities of the trumpet are hard to fake. However, if your project requires the magic of a top-notch trumpet session player, recorded in an equally top-notch studio environment, then Trumpet Solos is for you. Trumpet Solos delivers the brilliant, expressive, sound of a lead trumpet in a collection of superbly played solos. All performances are provided by virtuoso player Gary Winters who played with Fred Wesley, George Clinton, Pee Wee Ellis, Bootsy Collins and Lenny Kravitz amongst many others. Trumpet Solos is perfect for funk and soul but, in the right musical context, can easily cross-over into genres such as pop, house, electronica or film scores.

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  • Pedal Steel ELASTiK
    15 September 2020
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    Pedal Steel ELASTiK

    TALULA | 18.03.2020 | 2.54 GB

    Authentic and Distinctive

    There are few sounds that are as instantly recognizable as the Pedal Steel guitar. This library, which forms part of our Elastik Instrument Series, offers a versatile collection of beautiful musical phrases. The complexities of the instrument mean that it is very difficult to recreate as a virtual instrument. However, with this extensive collection of performance-based loops, it is incredibly easy to add realistic Pedal Steel performances to your own music productions.

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  • Hydra KONTAKT
    14 September 2020
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    Hydra KONTAKT

    TALULA | 17.03.2020 | 13.37 GB

    The ultimate badass 8-string guitar for rock and metal music! Write crystal-clear clean tones, screaming leads, or brutal chugs with incredible realism. With two distinct pickups, 30,000+ samples, and over 50 included tone snapshots, Hydra is the most complete Shreddage guitar ever. This is our vision of what a no-compromises, maximum-quality 8-string guitar should be. Our internal bar of quality was so high that we recorded the entire sample set three times in our pursuit of the perfect performances and tone. Now it’s finally done, and you can enjoy the ultimate rock and metal virtual guitar in your music.

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  • 80s RnB ELASTiK
    14 September 2020
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    80s RnB ELASTiK

    TALULA | 17.03.2020 | 1.61 GB

    Club Classics

    R&B in the 1980s had a distinctive sound. It still derived from magesy download its 1970s funk, soul and disco influences but, with synths and drum machines taking an ever-increasing role, took on a new musical character. Our 80s R&B Elastik sample library captures that sound perfectly in the period before hip-hop was added to the R&B melting pot. With super-smooth grooves, punchy synth bass lines and memorable lead synth hooks, the library provides the genuine sound of the 80s R&B and 80s Pop in an easy-to-use format.

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  • Funky Acoustic Guitar ELASTiK
    12 September 2020
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    Funky Acoustic Guitar ELASTiK

    TALULA | 15.03.2020 | 874 MB

    Super-Cool Rhythmic Strumming

    If you think funk is just about strummed Fender Strats and slapped bass, then Funky Acoustic Guitar may make you think again. From the Elastik Instruments Series, this loop collection offers super-cool acoustic guitar performances that deliver funk from magesy download start to finish.

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  • Wild Chases ELASTiK
    12 September 2020
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    Wild Chases ELASTiK

    TALULA | 15.03.2020 | 1.67 GB

    Hard Hitting Electronic Sounds

    Wild Chases is all about momentum. With 10 hard-hitting electronica-based construction kits, the musical mood is driving and insistent. Forceful grooves provide a sense of constant motion. Sinister sound design elements add dark overtones. Electronic risers add tension. Whether it’s a chase scene, a sense of rising tension, or a dramatic basis for a dark song lyric, Wild Chases will take your listeners right to the very edge of their seats.

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  • Electric Guitar Moods ELASTiK
    12 September 2020
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    Electric Guitar Moods ELASTiK

    TALULA | 15.03.2020 | 1.87 GB

    Mellow Fingerpicked Phrases

    If you need to create music that captures a mellow, sophisticated and super-smooth vibe, then Electric Guitar Moods is the ideal choice to inspire your next composition. With top-class performances, matched by top-class recordings, Electric Guitar Moods delivers a huge collection of delicate and intricate electric guitar loops.

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