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  • FL Studio Hard Trap From Start To Finish Course
    28 October 2020
    Categories: Tutorials

    FL Studio Hard Trap From Start To Finish Course

    FL Studio Hard Trap

    P2P | 29.04.2020 | 2.14 GB

    Start To Finish. Starting from magesy download nothing we are explaining everything before creating drums, sounds, fx, chords, arrangements, until we have a finished, mixed & mastered track. Follow along the full production process. While going through all important stages of the production, everything will be explained in detail. Pick up tricks and skills, save valuable time. Use the techniques and apply them to your own productions. 100% Stock. In this course we teach you that to produce top chart ready tracks you don’t need to have any paid plugins

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    • Analog Techno Synth Shots WAV
      27 October 2020
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Analog Techno Synth Shots WAV

      Analog Techno Synth Shots

      P2P | 29.04.2020 | 420 MB

      Professional Analog Sample Pack with more than 550 state-of-the-art analog one shot samples. One Shot Samples and Loops will help you kick-start your production and get the best groove right from magesy download the start for Melodic Deep, Melodic Techno, Dark Techno Productions. The sample pack works with every DAW. No specific software needed.

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      • Synthesizer Solos ELASTiK
        27 October 2020
        Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

        Synthesizer Solos ELASTiK

        Synthesizer Solos ELASTiK

        P2P | 27.10.2020 | 1.48 GB

        Masterclass In Improvisation

        When it comes to virtuoso solo performances, virtual instruments can’t fake it. You need the real deal. That’s exactly what the ‘Solo’ series of libraries delivers: inspiring solo performances from magesy download top-class instrumentalists in a convenient loop and phrase format. In Synthesizer Solos, you get a masterclass in solo improvisation delivered using four different classic analog synthesizer sounds. If your latest track needs to shred a classic keyboard solo, Synthesizer Solos will provide all the fast finger action you need.

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        • Crate Cuts MASCHiNE EXPANSiON
          27 October 2020

          Crate Cuts MASCHiNE EXPANSiON

          Crate Cuts MASCHiNE

          P2P | 26 October 2020 | 1.64 GB

          CRATE CUTS captures the unmistakable sound of days spent diving through stacks of forgotten vinyl, sampling with classic gear, and the loose, anything-goes production ethic pioneered by iconic beatmakers like J Dilla, Madlib, and MF Doom. Influenced by the buried treasure found in soul, jazz, and funk bins in record stores all over the world, it’s packed with original, royalty-free recordings on reel-to-reel tape, sampled using iconic gear, and chopped into custom kits along with punchy percussion, synths, and bass from magesy download MASSIVE and MONARK.

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          • Punk Bass KONTAKT
            27 October 2020
            Categories: Audio Samples, KONTAKT

            Punk Bass KONTAKT

            Punk Bass KONTAKT

            P2P | 29.04.2020 | 2.92 GB

            PunkBass is a virtual bass instrument which recalls a simpler time, of summers spent at the skate park with friends, of knee-high cargo shorts and wallet chains, and above all: of catchy pop-punk music played on your dad’s guitars. PunkBass is an idyllic embodiment of this classic era in music history, putting the tones of your favourite artists directly at your finger tips.

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            • Rate Of Motion for ZEBRA 2.5
              27 October 2020
              Categories: H2P, Presets

              Rate Of Motion for ZEBRA 2.5

              Rate Of Motion for ZEBRA 2.5

              P2P | 27.11.2016 | 2.39 MB

              ‘Rate Of Motion’ is a preset collection for U-He Zebra 2.5 soft synthesizer with more melodic and rhythmically interesting arpeggiator programming, weird wonderful and useful modwheel settings, and all 4 X/Y pads mapped and ready to tweak to fit your tracks.

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              • Innovate And Or Inspire WAV
                27 October 2020
                Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

                Innovate And Or Inspire WAV

                Innovate &/Or Inspire WAV

                P2P | 27.11.2016 | 454 MB

                Bespoke music and sound design. TV & radio advertising, trailers & promos’, corporate production or wherever else tailored audio is required. Our expansive pool of composer and musician talent are all experts in specific genres and production methods and have provided music for literally hundreds of commercials, TV shows, promos & more. Our state-of-the-art Soho studios & suites not only mean production is always of unbeatable quality but that we’re on hand to turn around projects double fast, or faster if thats what you require. What this all adds up to is the provision of some seriously intuitive and nail-on-the-head audio… and some appreciated compliments and big-ups from magesy download happy creatives and producers. Get in touch and let us show you why they are smiling.

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