• The Metal Factory Drums Bundle KONTAKT

    The Metal Factory Drums Bundle KONTAKT

    0TH3Rside | Nov 28 2016 | 2.13 GB

    Includes: (FULL Bundle)

    * KONTAKT INSTRUMENT BUNDLE 2.0. It consists of 17 Snares, 15 kicks, 12 sets of toms and a Zildjian K Cymbal Bundle gathered from our All Drum Samples pack plus numerous additions in just one Kontakt bundle, separated in Multis and Kits so you can build your own custom combination, using different parts or maybe by blending different kicks & snares You will find direct, room and reverb knobs on almost every instrument and also an output file that will setup the mixer in Kontakt to make the routing easier.

    You can see the video to take a look at the overall plugin or listen to the music files to see how it sounds, within a mix and also the drums soloed.

    You would need NI Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher to be able to run it, inside the file you´ll find a mapping text so you will know exactly what shell, articulation or cymbal is placed in every note.

    * 12 Full Kits
    – Paranoid Kit
    – Insubordinate Full Kit
    – Fearless Full Kit
    – Pearl MasterWorks Full Kit
    – Pearl Presstige Mahogany Full Kit
    – Tama SuperStar Kit
    – Tama Birch
    – Pearl Chad Smith Signature Full Kit
    – Yamaha Maple Custom Full Kit
    – Sonor Force Full Kit
    – Gretsch Full Kit
    – Hybrid Kit

    * 6 Signature Snare Drums including:
    – Ludwig Black Beauty
    – Pearl Joey Jordison Signature
    – Black Panther Cherry Bomb
    – Pearl Vinnie Paul Signature
    – Black Panther Special Ed Maple
    – Pearl EXR Poplar

    * 3 Extra Kick Drums including:
    – Kick DW Midnight
    – Kick DW Bamboo Series
    – Kick Roger

    This is a Ludwig Epic X-Over kit. Anybody who is worth their salt knows the legacy of Ludwig. The X-Over shells consist of a poplar inner core, sandwiched between two walnut outer plies, firmly held by two 3-ply birch reinforcement rings.

    – Ludwig Epic X-Over Shells:
    – Kick 22 in
    – Snare 14in x 5´5in
    – Toms: 10,12,14 & 16 in
    – Sabian AA metal & APX cymbals:
    – Bells 6 & 10 in
    – China AA 16in
    – China APX 18in
    – Crash AA Rock 16 in
    – Crash APX 20in
    – High Hat Metal 14in
    – Ride AA Metal 20in
    – Splash HH 6 & 7 in

    Inspired by the new Thirteen Bled Promises masterpiece ‘The Black Legend’, this kit is everything you need for your technical production. This bad boy was built and tuned specifically to shine and pump during fast tempos. That’s right – blast beat lovers don’t have to shy away, crank up the BPM and start windmill headbanging.

    Ever trying to top our latest releases, we’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink by creating an all new interface for a better user experience and eye candy. It’s improved so much that we’re updating older products of ours to meet the new standard this product sets. Why believe us? Just watch the video and listen to the sounds of your skull being crushed.

    – KICK: Pearl EXR Kick 22x18in (Felt & Plastic beater)
    – SNARE: Mapex Black Panther Blaster Snare 13x07in (Regular shot & Rim Shot)
    – RACK TOM: Pearl EXR RackTom 10x08in
    – RACK TOM: Pearl EXR RackTom 12x09in
    – FLOOR TOM: Pearl EXR FloorTom 14x14in
    – FLOOR TOM: Pearl EXR FloorTom 16x16in

    This kit has been built with the songwriter and the engineer in mind. We wanted to create something versatile for advanced users and, at the same time, “mix-ready” for songwriters and musicians who need to focus on music creation. While preserving flexibility, this five piece kit has been meticulously processed to give you control over the critical frequencies and easily get the best of every drum. It features a new complete multichannel interface built from scratch and also includes two versions of the samples that will fit in most modern metal productions.

    You don’t have to sound like every other guy using the same drum software. Take advantage of professionally recorded and sampled drums to give you a unique sound.

    Learning from previous bundles, this drum package has been improved in every way. Get your hands on it and give your music the drum sound it deserves.

    – BASS DRUM (Mapex Horizon Custom · Birch) Size: 22” x 18”
    Heads: Remo Powersonic Bass Clear (Batter) / Drumport White (Resonant)

    – SNARE (Pearl VX Limited Edition · Birch) Size: 14” x 6,5”
    Heads: Remo Powerstroke 3 Coated (Batter) / Remo Powerstroke
    3 Clear (Resonant)

    – TOMS (Mapex Horizon Custom · Birch ) Size: 12” x 9” / 13” x 10”
    16” x 16” Heads: Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Batter)
    Remo Powerstroke 3 Clear (Resonant)

    – KICK
    Channel: Direct Mic: Audix D6 / Shure SM7b (Blend)
    Position: Close / Front / Mid & Outside

    Channel: Bite Mic: Audio Technica MB6K
    Position: Close / Front / Inside

    Channel: Subkick Mic: Little Bastard Subkick (Custom)
    Position: Close / Front / Outside

    Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair) Position: Near

    – SNARE
    Channel: Direct Mic: Audix i5
    Position: Close Top

    Channel: Bite Mic: Shure SM7b & Rode NT5 (Blend)
    Position: Close & Mid / Bottom

    Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair)
    Position: Near

    – TOMS
    Channel: Direct Mic: Sennheiser e604 & Audio Technika MB5K (Blend)
    Position: Close / Top & Bottom

    Channel: Room Mic: Oktava 012 (Spaced Pair)
    Position: Near

    More than 30 cymbals from the top brands bundled together. It includes our acclaimed Meinl, Sabian & Zildjian cymbal bundles. You will find chokes and crescendo effects as long as other articulations.

    INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/r24b
    The Metal Factory Drums Bundle KONTAKT


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