1. #1 Magesy User BLADE
    21 January 2020 / 10:44

    Seriously? I can not believe it. But there are no download links!

  2. #2 Magesy User Magesy
    21 January 2020 / 11:58

    Yes, check Again

  3. #3 Magesy User VIVEK
    23 January 2020 / 14:40

    Hey majesy, this is in russian language. When will you guys release english edition?

  4. #4 Magesy User Magesy
    23 January 2020 / 15:21

    Russian license installer only… Cubase 10 is Multilang

  5. #5 Magesy User Reinx
    24 January 2020 / 22:09

    Is delay compensation working?

  6. #6 Magesy User jimmito823
    25 January 2020 / 19:13

    Waaooo..Sombody Has tested, work good? Alguien lo ha probado? Funciona bien? Vari plugin and align included, Steinberg plugins?

  7. #7 Magesy User Magesy
    27 January 2020 / 0:02

    yo lo he probado pero no a fondo… pero he cargado varios plugins y parece que va bien!

  8. #8 Magesy User jimmito823
    21 February 2020 / 12:03

    Entiendo que debo apagar el antivirus ya que me dió mucho aviso de virus,, Pero te pregunto, esta version es Cubase PRO o Cubase Artist?

  9. #9 Magesy User Magesy®
    21 February 2020 / 14:25

    yo lo probado y no tiene virus, es Cubase 10 Pro

  10. #10 Magesy User Padawan
    21 February 2020 / 18:57

    Can i do the new Update ?

  11. #11 Magesy User Magesy®
    21 February 2020 / 19:01

    NO, no more updates and you cannot install any official update .. but there is no more:

  12. #12 Magesy User Padawan
    21 February 2020 / 19:03

    Manny thanky for your Work

  13. #13 Magesy User Magesy®
    21 February 2020 / 19:13

    Thanks for your support!

  14. #14 Magesy User jimmito823
    21 February 2020 / 21:45

    Gracias por todo

  15. #15 Magesy User jack
    27 February 2020 / 17:45

    it does not work with Win 7 64 bit

  16. #16 Magesy User Magesy®
    27 February 2020 / 22:25

    Right click on the shortcut Cubase 10 Desktop > Run as Administrator

  17. #17 Magesy User Playloud
    13 April 2020 / 23:42

    Why am I having such a big problem with the licenser? It worked for a while and then again it shows no licenses.
    Win 7 x64
    Shall I get off internet? Disable antivirus? (Panda)

    Pls help

  18. #18 Magesy User Magesy®
    13 April 2020 / 23:47

    Disable panda and install last version licenser:
    Soft-eLicenser bundle b16

  19. #19 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 12:31

    ..and what then? SHould I reactivate Panda? Should I exclude some folders in preferences? SHould I block some program to access internet?

    Tahnk you for help

  20. #20 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 13:59

    In this Release there is no need to block anything from the internet, I have it installed for months and I do not use antivirus and V.R has not filtered any Trojan.

  21. #21 Magesy User derb
    14 April 2020 / 14:52

    thank you so much for this gem!. we love you. :)

  22. #22 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 20:39

    Still nothing
    I keep getting and empty list on “My licenses”
    Deactivated Panda antivirus and installed form the beginning
    Nothing !!!
    Please anybody give some help?
    Windows 7 x64 (yes, I installed and started everything as an admin)

    Thank you

  23. #23 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 22:12

    Did you first install the latest version of the Original eLicenser?
    Windows 7 · Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) · Windows 10

    To be honest … I think your panda antivirus has screwed up your entire system … it always wants to counter everything … and even if you deactivate it … keep holding on to your entire system

  24. #24 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 22:19

    Can you please recommend some other protection system? wouldn’t be wise to go without antivirus

    Thank you again for your effort

  25. #25 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 22:26

    The best you can have in Windows 7, 8, 10, even if it seems like a joke … is Windows Defender. Because Your Updated Definitions have improved a lot and you don’t load the system

  26. #26 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 22:38

    Will it not mess up with “no legal” programs?

  27. #27 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 22:53

    I have never used Antivirus in my life for more than 10 minutes, I do not believe in them .. you have asked the wrong person Sorry. xD

  28. #28 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 23:31

    Took away Panda. Did the installing again. Still, No licenses on the list and Cubase (off course) not opening

  29. #29 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 23:32

    Go to Windows 10 x64 if you can … the antivirus even after uninstalling the damage it does to the system is permanent .. I tell you from experience

  30. #30 Magesy User Playloud
    14 April 2020 / 23:35

    Any other previous version of Cubase I could try in case it responds this time?
    I’m having Cubase 5.1 now but it’s 32bit

  31. #31 Magesy User Magesy®
    14 April 2020 / 23:55

    Cubase Elements v10.5.12 eXTender x64 WiN-V.R

    But use the same method as above, try it out

    I have Cubase 5.1 x86 and Cubase 10.5 Pro .. working perfect on the same Windows 10 x64 system

  32. #32 Magesy User Mat
    18 April 2020 / 1:35

    Instalando en windows 10, ¿sería necesario instalar también el soft elicenser bundle b16 actualizado? o con la instalacion primera alcanza?
    Por otro lado, tengo Nuendo 4 funcionando correctamente, ¿podría generar algún conflico tener ambos programas? sobre todo me refiero a licencias. Muchas gracias!

  33. #33 Magesy User Magesy®
    18 April 2020 / 1:38

    Instalando en windows 10, ¿sería necesario instalar también el soft elicenser bundle b16 actualizado? o con la instalacion primera alcanza?

    No hace falta, con el b15 que viene en este post con Cubase ya funciona

    tengo Nuendo 4 funcionando correctamente, ¿podría generar algún conflico tener ambos programas?

    Yo tenia instalado y tengo Cubase 5.1 x86 y no ha generado ningun problema

  34. #34 Magesy User Mat
    2 May 2020 / 17:36

    Muchas gracias! aparentemente todo funciona bien.
    Mi unica duda es si la carpeta Additional Content 2 es necesario copiar. Gracias

  35. #35 Magesy User Magesy®
    2 May 2020 / 17:43

    es contenido extra que si quieres puedes meterlo todo por separado aqui mira:
    El contenido de la carpeta VSTPlugins va aqui:

    C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins

    El contenido de la carpeta VST3 va aqui:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

    y la carpeta de Click Samples me tiene loco porque no tengo ni idea de donde va xD

  36. #36 Magesy User TNO
    5 May 2020 / 14:34

    Hola Magesy® Estoy descargando el programa desde Uploaded, todos los demás links tienen la restricción de 500Mb por si te es útil el dato. Por otro lado, tengo instalado el C Elements (es lo que pude comprar) original, podría instalar este Cubase y mantener los dos hasta que compruebe que este funciona correctamente? Muchas gracias por el gran trabajo que haces!!

  37. #37 Magesy User Chungaveitz
    16 May 2020 / 6:03

    Es necesario tener un usb-elicenser para instalarlo?

  38. #38 Magesy User Magesy®
    16 May 2020 / 6:41

    el usb no, solo el software elicenser y luego instalas el fake licenser y ya

  39. #39 Magesy User chungaveitz
    16 May 2020 / 8:27

    Gracias, una consulta adicional. Cada vez que inicio cubase tengo que abrirlo como administrador o solo es por la primera vez? Saludos

  40. #40 Magesy User Magesy®
    17 May 2020 / 15:42

    tienes que abrirlo siempre como adminstrador.. puedes hacer click derecho del raton encima del icono del acceso directo y “ejecutar siempre como administrador”

  41. #41 Magesy User jimmito823
    22 May 2020 / 11:42

    Saludos, Estoy probando esta version y no me funciona bien la funcion en la consola de “Link Tracks”.. Selecciono lo que quiero “linkear” por ejemplo paneo y volumen, cuando clikeo editar grupo, las selecciones las borra…. Alguien ha experimentado esto?

  42. #42 Magesy User Jed
    9 July 2020 / 16:42

    Me parece un tanto curioso que tenga todas las funciones ya que yo tengo el original y el instalador son 22 Gigas no 650 Megas como poneis aquí por lo cual no creo que esté completo.

  43. #43 Magesy User Magesy®
    9 July 2020 / 16:59

    esas 22 Gigas son Librerias, esto solo es el Programa, tampoco nadie obliga a nadie a descargar nada, si lo vas a usar de verdad mejor comprarlo.. yo lo tengo

  44. #44 Magesy User rana
    11 August 2020 / 18:35

    Hi Magesy , Great Work. Thanks
    One question, from where and how can i find and install the sound contents of cubase?

  45. #45 Magesy User Magesy®
    11 August 2020 / 18:57
  46. #46 Magesy User rana
    11 August 2020 / 19:31

    Hi magesy … Many thanks for your reply..
    But I’m sorry I might not explain what I want to say.
    actually Where can I find the cubase 10.5 pro full installer that contain the vstsounds and others and approximate 20gb in size, and which is compatible with your crack.
    I tried the SDA – but it contains the updated 10.5.2 (20.8GB) version. will it work with your crack?
    hope you understand.
    Many Many Thanks

  47. #47 Magesy User Magesy®
    12 August 2020 / 0:52

    It’s not my CRCK, it’s from TEAM V.R and I don’t know, I haven’t tried it … try it yourself and tell us!

  48. #48 Magesy User rana
    12 August 2020 / 10:37

    10.5.0 Full version works with the crack. confirmed.

  49. #49 Magesy User Andre
    27 January 2021 / 2:24

    I tried the crack with the official Cubase 10.5 Installer but it is not working for me.
    It will tell me that there is no license.

    I did try to install the cracked version from this page and after that run the official Cubase 10.5 Installer to install the VST’s and soundbanks. And i can confirm that it wil work.

    But my question is, how to get the official Cubase 10.5 to work with this ?

    So what i mean is:

    1. eLicenser Control Center
    2. Soft-eLicenser bundle b15
    3. Run the official Cubase 10.5 Installer(Instead of the included crack)

  50. #50 Magesy User TaDa
    27 May 2021 / 21:41

    Is there a way to uninstall the Fake Licenser if you bought the original Software. There is no Way to install the Original Cubase cause eLicenser say there are Problems and the Licenser must repaired. Very confused :(

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