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    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 26 October 2021



    SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 22 2014 | 5.80 GB

    SHORTNOISE 2 delivers an amazing 10 GB library with more than 800 instruments, geared towards musicians, film, TV and game composers. All instruments are roaylty-free and can be used within any production aspect. (Music production, Songwriting,Trailers and so on…) It features a ton of electronic and hybrid sounds, that can be tweaked using a lots of effects, sequencers, arpeggiators and more. It will be expanded with new sounds via so called “S2 Expansions” on a regular basis. (FREE as well as paid expansions) The unique core of S2 is the pattern-based Step-sequencer, that offers 288 steps per instrument with flexible effects modulation.


  • Kalimba v3.0 KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 24 October 2021

    Kalimba v3.0 KONTAKT

    Kalimba v3.0 KONTAKT

    P2P | 25 August 2021 | 1.95 GB

    The Kalimba is a modernized version of the ancient African Mbira, also often called a thumb piano. It has a humble, melodious percussive plucking sound with a marimba-like warmth and tonal body. It is often used in conjunction with pianos and other tuned percussion instruments to add a sharper attack and playfulness to the sound. Our instruments were made of wood and coconut shell, with hammered steel tines suspended over their sound holes. The notes span about an octave and a half for the smaller of our two instruments and over two octaves for the larger kalimba. We recorded kalimbas in 3 different environments: Close and Dry in our studio; at medium distance in a small bright chamber; and in a large, long linear hall, at both close (1 meter) and far (15 meters) microphone distances. We call our long hall “The Bunker”, because that’s exactly what it really is – a deep underground World War 1-era artillery bunker. It’s one of our favorite secret locations, used for some parts of the Rust 2 library and several other instruments in our collection. The dry recording was done with a stereo pair of large-diaphragm condensers at 2 inches away in a very dry space. You’ll hear a little bit of wood scuffing and creaking. We think those elements help to give the instruments a truer life-like sound and feel.

  • The Gentleman KONTAKT-HORiZON
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 24 October 2021

    The Gentleman KONTAKT-HORiZON

    The Gentleman KONTAKT

    HORiZON | December 31, 2014 | 3.31 GB

    HORiZON is here to class up your New Year and so we are proud to deliver The Gentleman bringing the Definitive Piano Collection to a close. Komplete is officially now…complete. We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and we hope the coming year will usher in a new era of abundance, happiness, creativity and inspiration for you all. We promise it’s going to be a year that will be remembered and spoken of for a long time to come.

  • The Nuclear Bass v1.0 KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 23 October 2021

    The Nuclear Bass v1.0 KONTAKT

    The Nuclear Bass v1.0 KONTAKT

    P2P | 23 October 2021 | 3.97 GB

    THE NUCLEAR BASS is the third in our trilogy of bass libraries, compatible with full versions of  Kontakt 5.5 and above (not Kontakt Player). This fiery monster uses almost double the samples of its predecessors, achieving stunning realism by triggering numerous samples per note across multiple velocity layers. Based on the sound of a highly sought after fanned-fret five-string, it combines fat subs with an explosive punch that’ll shake your very atoms. It’s a down-tuned, dirty bass tone that’ll sure as hell leave its mark on your production.


  • Brass Compact KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 23 October 2021

    Brass Compact KONTAKT

    Brass Compact KONTAKT

    P2P | 23 October 2021 | 6.53 GB

    For the compact edition, we assembled the most important and common articulations and functions of the complete edition. At the same time, this brass-library doubtlessly meets the highest expectations of sound quality, expression and applicability. The library’s instruments use meticulously, carefully prepared multisamples with detailed phase-alignment for phase-correct blends and crossfades of dynamic layers. Up to eight dynamic layers guarantee realistically sounding results.

  • Cinematic : Action Strings 2 KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 21 October 2021

    Cinematic Action Strings 2 KONTAKT

    Cinematic: Action Strings 2 KONTAKT

    Team DECiBEL | 13 May 2021 | 28.56GB


    With a huge library of orchestral samples and a cutting-edge approach to sampling, ACTION STRINGS 2 gives you the high-octane sound of a full string ensemble with an extraordinary level of creative control. This innovative instrument lets you quickly produce original scores with stunning string sounds, creating the perfect workflow for cinematic soundtracks that are rich in dramatic tension.

  • Bamboo Xaxophone KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 21 October 2021

    Bamboo Xaxophone KONTAKT

    Bamboo Xaxophone KONTAKT

    FREE | 14/05/2020 | 683 MB

    The Bamboo Xaxophone is a sort of odd saxophone obtained out of… bamboo! Originally built in Hawai, the bamboo sax is a chromatic single reed instruments that looks like a Duduk or a straight Chinese flute. Its mellow and warm tone could be mistaken as an intriguing mix of clarinet and saxophone, whereas in the upper range the bamboo saxophone emerges for its strong but balanced shrill timbre. For the occasion we thought that “Xaxophone” could be the right name to distinguish it from its metallic relative!


  • Strings of the Orient: Solo Pipa v1.0 KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 21 October 2021

    Strings of the Orient: Solo Pipa v1.0 KONTAKT

    Solo Pipa v1.0 KONTAKT

    JOSENACHA | 21.10.2021 | 358 MB

    Authentic, realistic, and versatile

    In our first Strings of the Orient virtual instrument library, we meticulously captured every note of the 2,000 year old Chinese lute, known as the Pipa. Solo Pipa offers today’s modern producers and composers the ability to produce chart-topping pop productions and cinematic epic-orchestral pieces, with unique sounds rarely heard before in the music industry.

  • Winds Compact EDiTiON KONTAKT
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 20 October 2021

    Winds Compact EDiTiON KONTAKT

    Winds Compact KONTAKT

    P2P | 20 October 2021 | 9.08 GB

    The instruments of Winds Compact offer true legato. The corresponding in-depth recordings and edits result in unexpectedly realistic sounds with perfect note-transitions. At the same time you can expand these realistic articulations by additional artificial inserted legatos.

  • Dominus Choir Pro KONTAKT-DECiBEL
    Posted by Magesy.Blog On: 20 October 2021


    Dominus Choir Pro KONTAKT

    Team DECiBEL | 15 May 2020 | 49.88 GB

    While releasing Dominus Choir two years ago, we were already looking forward to enrich it with new features. Among them, the possibility to sing in English and Marcato and Staccato articulations. By now we could say that we successfully accomplished the task. This time, Paolo had in mind the perfect picture of how the choir library would have sung, knowing exactly how to achieve the best result; Mario Lanaro, from its first sampling experience had by that time become a true sampling-machine, with his positive attitude and attention to detail, always striving to pull out the best from the singers; the choirs themselves, with the perfect blend of experience of the oddities of sampling and the excitement for the new challenge.


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