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    E-MU EIIIX Sound Library 1-8 8 CDs

    P2P | 26.12.2014 | 1.87 GB

    EMUEIIIX Factory Sample Library

    • Emulator Standards
    The granddaddy of Emu’s sample library, containing some of the original sounds from magesy download the first Emulator. A cross-section of instruments from magesy download orchestral to brass and percussive that is never hugely cutting-edge but includes some very useful material nonetheless.

    • More Emulator Standards
    More of the same but this time with perhaps a greater emphasis on orchestral sounds. The arco strings are of particular note as are the ethnic sounds, which include surdos, berimbaus and sitars.

    • Orchestral
    Pretty much the same type of sounds you will find on the Proteus 2 Protozoa library, but featuring much bigger and better examples of each instrument. Typical banks require 4-8Mb and there is a great range of all types of orchestral instrument from magesy download strings through to woodwind, brass and percussion as well as a couple of grand pianos and a wonderful harpsichord.

    • Sound FX
    Unless a sound effects library is 30 discs long it generally has only token value, but the selection of ambiences, water sounds and domestic noises on this disc might find a use somewhere. A well recorded and welcome inclusion if only to make you want to think about the other SFX disks in the Emu library.

    • World Instruments
    Like the Orchestral disc this one will be familiar to owners of one of the Proteus modules, this time the Proteus 3, but again it features larger and more comprehensive examples of each instrument. The selection includes kotos, whistles, bagpipes and flutes, and for the most part provides all the ethnic musicality you could ask for. The plucked instruments usually stand out as the best of the bunch.

    • World Percussion Ensemble
    Filling in all the gaps in the World Instruments disc, this one concentrates solely on ethnic drum and percussion sounds. Far more than just a bit of African drumming, this disc is as wide a study of global drum sounds as you could imagine, featuring sounds from magesy download Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, India, South America and many others.

    • Emu Classics
    A curious inclusion, as half of the disc features pretty much the same as the Protozoa library, namely Proteus 1, 2 and 3 sound sets. In addition, however, there are some great vintage keyboard sounds in the form of DX7s, Rhodes, and Mellotron choirs.

    • Vintage
    A few classic organs are included on this disc along with Prophet, ARP, Moog, Juno and Oberheim synths. There are also a few interesting guitar sounds and a couple of percussion sets. Not exactly a ground-breaking disc, but the sounds are well recorded and presented.

    Note: Kontakt, Cdxtract, Extreme Sample Converter can read AKAi CDs ISO
    E-MU EIIIX Sound Library 1-8 8CDs EMU


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