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    Comedy & Cartoon Sound Effects WAV

    P2P | 05.08.2019 | 60.99 MB

    Original Release Date: March 5, 2011

    01. Arrow: Cartoon Arrow Throw and Impact – Sound Effect (Dr. Sound FX)
    02. Ball Toss Up and Hit (Dr. Sound FX)
    03. Balloon Growing Bigger and Bigger (Dr. Sound FX)
    04. Bird: Duck Quack (Dr. Sound FX)
    05. Bird: Happy Tweeting Call – SFX (Dr. Sound FX)
    06. Bird: Irritated Chicken (Dr. Sound FX)
    07. Boat Start and Drive (Dr. Sound FX)
    08. Boing Head Whack and Birds Chirping (Dr. Sound FX)
    09. Boing Single Bounce – Sound Effect Library (Dr. Sound FX)
    10. Bonk Cartoon Crash (Dr. Sound FX)
    11. Bounce: Low Tympani Bounce Up (Dr. Sound FX)
    12. Bounce with Warble (Dr. Sound FX)
    13. Bubble Pop – Special FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    14. Car Horn: Single Bulb Honk (Dr. Sound FX)
    15. Car Horn: Single Buzzer Honk (Dr. Sound FX)
    16. Cartoon Fog Horn Blast (Dr. Sound FX)
    17. Cartoon Tire Skid – Sound FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    18. Comedy: Post In The Way (Dr. Sound FX)
    19. Comedy: Saw Floor Fast and Fall (Dr. Sound FX)
    20. Comedy: Saw Floor Slow and Fall (Dr. Sound FX)
    21. Cooking Chef: Messy Kitchen – Greatest Sound Effects (Dr. Sound FX)
    22. Cork Pop (Dr. Sound FX)
    23. Cowboy Vocal “Yee Haw” (Dr. Sound FX)
    24. Cry: Big Boy Bawling (Dr. Sound FX)
    25. Disappearing Electronic Whoosh (Dr. Sound FX)
    26. Door Open – Sound Effect (Dr. Sound FX)
    27. Door Close (Dr. Sound FX)
    28. Drums: Comic Riff and Whistle (Dr. Sound FX)
    29. Drums: Dancing Rhythm Accent (Dr. Sound FX)
    30. Drums: Parade Accent – SFX (Dr. Sound FX)
    31. Eat: Massive Chomp (Dr. Sound FX)
    32. Explosion: Cartoon Grenade (Dr. Sound FX)
    33. Fall: Stumble with Cartoon Body Crash (Dr. Sound FX)
    34. Fall: Cartoon Tumble Down Hill – Sound Effect Library (Dr. Sound FX)
    35. Fall: with Small Junk Crash (Dr. Sound FX)
    36. Fish: Wet Flapping (Dr. Sound FX)
    37. Gun: Cartoon Laser Shot or Ricochet (Dr. Sound FX)
    38. Gun: Cartoon Gun Ricochet – Special FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    39. Head Hit: Low Bonk (Dr. Sound FX)
    40. Head Hit: Metal Bonk with Dizzy Spell (Dr. Sound FX)
    41. Headshake: Vocal (Dr. Sound FX)
    42. Hiccup: Big – Sound FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    43. Jump: Quick Boink (Dr. Sound FX)
    44. Jump: Whoop and Fly (Dr. Sound FX)
    45. Karate: Cartoon Impact Call (Dr. Sound FX)
    46. Karate: Cartoon Warrior Call – Greatest Sound Effects (Dr. Sound FX)
    47. Kazoo Band: The Parade (Dr. Sound FX)
    48. Kiss: Long and Wet Cartoon Smooch (Dr. Sound FX)
    49. Laughter: Snorting Female (Dr. Sound FX)
    50. Laughter: Sinister (Dr. Sound FX)
    51. Laughter: Evil Male – Sound Effect (Dr. Sound FX)
    52. Laughter: Evil Witch Laughter (Dr. Sound FX)
    53. Laughter: Evil Witch Cackle (Dr. Sound FX)
    54. Lighter: Zippo Lighter Open Lid (Dr. Sound FX)
    55. Magic: Dream Accent – SFX (Dr. Sound FX)
    56. Magic: Heavy Poof (Dr. Sound FX)
    57. Magic: Spell Accent (Dr. Sound FX)
    58. Mousetrap: Big Cartoon Snap (Dr. Sound FX)
    59. Music Accent: Oh Nooooo – Sound Effect Library (Dr. Sound FX)
    60. Music Accent: Sum Yung Guy (Dr. Sound FX)
    61. Music Accent: Wrong Way (Dr. Sound FX)
    62. Music Bed: Fetch That Bone Chase (Dr. Sound FX)
    63. Music Bed: One Clown Band – Special FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    64. Music Bed: Round and Round Playtime (Dr. Sound FX)
    65. Punch: Cartoon Face Slap (Dr. Sound FX)
    66. Punch: Cartoon Fall In The Mud (Dr. Sound FX)
    67. Razzberry – Sound FX (Dr. Sound FX)
    68. Rip: Heavy Cartoon Tear (Dr. Sound FX)
    69. Scratch: Short Cartoon Burst (Dr. Sound FX)
    70. Slide Whistle Slides Down (Dr. Sound FX)
    71. Slide Whistle Slides Up with Funny Bell Rattle – Greatest Sound Effects (Dr. Sound FX)
    72. Snapping Rubber (Dr. Sound FX)
    73. Sneeze Comedy Build Up (Dr. Sound FX)
    74. Spinning Twirly Burly
    75. Spit Ball Whoosh and Impact
    76. Spittoon: Cartoon Spit and Clank – Sound Effect
    77. Splat: Big and Gooey
    78. Sproing: Bouncy
    79. Sproing: Twangy
    80. Squeaking Rubber – SFX
    81. Squirt: Messy
    82. Stairs: Climbing Fast
    83. Stairs: Sneaky Climb
    84. Stretch: Long High Tension Rubber – Sound Effect Library
    85. Stretch: Up or Bounce
    86. Suction: Comic Sucking Breath Intake
    87. Take Off: Cartoon Spin and Whizz
    88. Take Off: Cartoon Wind Up and Whoosh – Special FX
    89. Throat: Unlodge Large Object
    90. Train: Short Cartoon Train Whistle Blast
    91. Trampoline: Jump and Fly
    92. Trill: Running on Air – Sound FX
    93. Twang: Rubber Woop
    94. Vocal Cartoon “Hey”
    95. Vocal Cartoon Old Man Grumble
    96. Water: Cartoon Drip – Greatest Sound Effects
    97. Wheezing: Out of Breath
    98. Whistle: Cuckoo
    99. Whoosh: Super Speed Pass By3+

    Comedy and Cartoon Sound Effects WAV


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