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26 November 2015
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    Modular Patterns ALP

    P2P | 26.11.2015 | 257.02 MB

    Modular Patterns includes a huge collection of thick basses, resonant leads and “analog data” phrases generated entirely within the analog realm. Employing over 20 unique modules for sound generation and expression, each pattern has been meticulously assembled using 3 analog sequencers for the ultimate in nuanced phrasing and voice morphing.

    Modular Patterns features

    • Livewire Audio Frequency Generator – An advanced sound generating device capable of producing 27 distinct waveforms including harmonic animation of various outputs.
    • Livewire Dalek Modulator – contains 2 linear VCOs and ring modulator capable of cross modulation and horizontal symmetry control.
    • Doepfer A-155 & 154 – A mighty duo of pure analog sequencing control, advanced step phrasing and dynamic control voltage modulation.
    • Roland System 100 – A beautiful semi-modular monophonic synth consisting of 5 module components: the Synthesizer 101, Expander 102, Mixer 103, Sequencer 104, and Monitor Speakers 109.

    Modular Patterns ALP



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