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  • Dusty Fingers Drumkit WAV
    22 September 2013
    Categories: Audio Samples


    Dusty Fingers Drumkit WAV

    DISCOVER | 22 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 12 MB

    A dope vinyl inspired and boom bap styled drumkit. This drumkit including over +100 sounds straight from magesy download the vinyl crates. Unique material for the use of oldschool, boom bap and hip hop beats. Get your fingers dusty!

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  • Grit Kit KONTAKT
    22 September 2013
    Categories: Audio Samples


    Grit Kit KONTAKT

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 22 September 2013 | 70.7 MB

    Imagine having a hugely powerful, flexible and inspiring analogue drum synth in your studio: one that allows you to create classic tones from magesy download the past or sculpt entirely new contemporary sounds easily and seamlessly. Then imagine that it’s been wired in to a choice of classic, old-skool hardware samplers, so that you can record its output through their signature electronics, pushing their A-to-D converters just as far as you want, to get that meaty thud and crunch to the low end, and crackly sizzle to the high end that only vintage samplers can impart to a beat. Imagine doing away with their cryptic interfaces in favour of a single knob that allows you to dial in precisely how much of their character you want stamped on your sound.

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  • Trixer KONTAKT
    22 September 2013
    Categories: Audio Samples


    Trixer KONTAKT

    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 22 September 2013 | 9.88 MB

    Trixer takes all 20 sounds from magesy download the original frankenmixer and slots them into your DAW ready to program. All four kits are covered: two Rock kits, a Jazz kit and an Electronic kit (our inevitable favourite here in the lab). Each kit piece was sampled multiple times because the Trixer varies its sound quite widely, and you have control over level, pan and tuning on a per-kit-piece basis. We also discovered one of those useful glitches that tend to crop up in old electronic boxes, which generates a “snare roll” – and which we captured and looped. All in all, there are some really punchy, 80s-style sounds here, which instantly bring to mind countless classic hits of the past. Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Prince, Talk Talk, Van Halen, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Ultravox, Pink Floyd… the list of notable Simmons users reads like a who’s who of 80s rock and pop legends. This is your chance to put on a headband, rip your jeans up real good, and rock out with the best of the best. More power to your pads!

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  • Leawo Music Converter v1.2.0 MAC OSX
    22 September 2013
    Categories: Audio Software, macOS


    Leawo Music Converter v1.2.0 MAC OSX

    Team CORE | 2013/09/21 | 31.72 MB

    Music Converter is the most effective audio converting utility for you to convert all media files to audio formats of sorts. It takes all file sources into use, for instance, video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, RMVB, VOB, 3GP, etc. and audio formats containing FLAC, AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, etc. can be loaded to the audio conversion software via various flexible ways. For users’ preference, this music converter endows you with as many as 13 audio formats as output: MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, AC3, AIFF, AMR, M4A, MP2, OGG, AU, MKA and iPhone Ringtone (M4R), etc.

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  • MP3TagEditor v2.08 READ NFO-HY2ROG3N
    21 September 2013
    Categories: Audio Software, WiNDOWS


    MP3TagEditor v2.08 WiN

    HY2ROG3N | READ NFO | 5 MB

    MP3TagEditor is a multilogic ID3 tags and filenames editor. The program supports editing both versions of ID3 tags: ID3v1 and ID3v2, it’s also possible to save the lyrics into an MP3 file. One can edit the data in a single file as well as in numerous files (e.g. in an album). Each ID3 tag fields can be edited in the File List and in the separate “File Info” dialog. One of the peculiarities is flexibility of renaming filenames and directory paths, and creating playlists (M3u, M3u Extended, PLS) with the help of editable masks using the ID3 tags info (the track and album titles, the artist name, genre, year, etc.).

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  • Website Management for Musicians and Bands TUTORiAL
    21 September 2013
    Categories: Tutorials


    Website Management for

    Musicians and Bands TUTORiAL

    Website Management for Musicians and Bands | 114.6 MB

    Many musicians want to expose their music to the world, but don’t give their website—the keystone in a music marketing strategy—the attention it deserves. In this course, Bobby Owsinski draws on his years of experience running a blockbuster music blog and shows you how to design a website that will better promote and sell your music. Learn to balance the look of the site with its usability, avoid common design mistakes (like Flash and frames), and generate more traffic for your site with SEO. Plus, Bobby shows how to concentrate on the all-important press and booking sections, and introduces some tools for measuring your site’s success, such as StatCounter and Google Analytics.

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  • KORG iPolysix v1.1.3 iPad
    21 September 2013
    Categories: iOS-ANDROiD


    KORG iPolysix v1.1.3 iPad

    KORG iPolysix v1.1.3-iPAD | 25.9 MB

    iPolysix is an analog polyphonic synthesizer that’s been carefully designed to take full advantage of the 7.9-inch display of the new iPad mini as well as the iPad. Bringing together a sequencer, drum machine, and even a mixer, it transforms your iPad or iPad mini into the ultimate analog synth studio. Pack an amazing set of early-’80s analog equipment into your iPad, and time-travel back to the dawn of polyphonic synthesizers!

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