• Starplugs MegaMatriX VST VSTi 1.10

    Starplugs MegaMatriX VST VSTi 1.10

    Team: ASSiGN | Date: 14 JANUARY 2010 | Size: 14 MB

    MegaMatrix is a classic “old school” modular synthesizer offering a totally free routing concept combined with a large selection modules. Starplugs claims to have invented a new kind of routing matrix for MegaMatriX – it combines a 1060-routing-point matrix with a 256-mixing matrix. Almost every possible connection can be made

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  • Starplugs THS Synthesizer MK 1 VSTi 1.00 (50TH RELEASE ASSiGN)

    Starplugs THS Synthesizer MK 1 VSTi 1.00

    Team: ASSiGN | Date: 14 JANUARY 2010 | Size: 10.79 MB

    Starplugs THS Synthesizer MK 1 VSTi 1.00  | 10.79 MB

    The THS Synthesizer features a new synthesis algorithm, the “TransHarmonic Synthesis”, with a newly developed THS Oscillator. With its “ultra fast” real-time calculation up to 8,000,000 waveforms are morphed into each other. The THS Synthesizer offers an intuitive and easy handling concept featuring the newly developed 3D wave-pad. It combines a powerful sound with tons of modulation possibilities to create a “Sequencing-Monster” as MK 1 of the THS synthesizer series. THS Theory The carrier wave of the THS-Oscillator is a clean sine wave. Any move in the wavepad will add subharmonic waves; harmonic upper waves and the new discovered transharmonic waveline. This new synthesis can be used to easily rebuild classic waveforms from sine to saw, with octave scaled subharmonics to hard and dry single oscillation sounds. The Subharmonics can be detuned to get the classic phasing sound. The new transharmonic waveline interacts with the subharmonic and harmonic upperwaves. At least 8,000,000 possible wavepad settings stand for 8,000,000 mixing-levels between subharmonic waves, harmonic upperwaves and transharmonic waves.

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  • Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out
    January 11th, 2013

    Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out

    Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0

    Team: peace-out | Date: 03.04.2009 | 3.26 MB

    VTM4 es en realidad una versión reducida de Evopax característica de EQ VTM5 polifónicos, con un precio inferior al mismo tiempo, manteniendo prácticamente la misma funcionalidad, y exactamente el mismo los filtros, además de un paquete con una sección FX Chorus / Flanger LFO utilizando 3, con una velocidad de fase aleatoria mod.Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out

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  • De La Mancha Thr33some VST v1.0-peace-out

    De La Mancha Thr33some VST

    Team peace out | 09.05.2009 | 9.58 MB

    De La Mancha Thr33some VST v1.0-peace-out is a multi-band stereo tool, to allow you to widen or narrow specific frequencies in your mix. Typical use would be to make bass sounds mono whilst progressively spreading higher frequencies, but abuse and experimentation will yield some interesting effects too. Thr33some has 2 methods of stereo spread and with gain and pan per band you have total control over all 3 bands. You can also make each band full spectrum to get 3 full layers and control in and out gain with metering to keep levels under control. There is also a multi-out version for individual processing of each band in your DAW.

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  • ISM BazzISM 2 v2.4.8 Mac OSX-Xdb

    ISM BazzISM 2 v2.4.8 Mac OSX-Xdb

    ISM BazzISM 2 v2.4.8 Mac OSX-Xdb | 5 MB

    BazzISM produces the perfect KickBass for your dance tracks.

    ISM BazzISM 2 v2.4.8 Mac OSX-Xdb, KickBass synthesizer produces the perfect KickBass for your dance tracks. If you built your basskicks up to now following the “infected kickdrum tutorial”, you can get the same results with BazzIsm in seconds that took hours before. With many new features like midi tuned playout, Mac OS X 10.5 and above.

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  • Drive Genius v3.2.2 DVD MAC OSX Happy New Year-HOTiSO

    Drive Genius v3.2.2 Mac OSX-HOTiSO

    DVD MAC OSX Happy New Year-HOTiSO | 674 MB

    Description: Drive Genius is an OS X utility designed to provide unsurpassed storage management. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, Drive Genius is packed with powerful tools such as a drive optimizer, a comprehensive repair facility for analyzing, repairing and rebuilding volumes, plus excellent testing capabilities with media surface scanning, performance benchmarking and data integrity checking. It can be used to initialize drives, create and delete partitions, and erases them securely as per Department of Defense’s standard. Drive Genius can also hide partitions and duplicate volumes or drives swiftly.

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  • image

    AAS Plug-ins Collection WiN MAC

    AiR | Dec 31, 2012 | 145 MB

    Applied Acoustics Systems specializing in innovative audio products for Mac and PC computers. Applied Acoustics Systems flagship product, the Tassman, a software-synthesizer program for amateur and professional musicians, as well as audio post-producers. Check the list to find which one you missed.

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  • Tech Tips Volume 1 TUTORiAL
    December 29th, 2005


    Tech Tips Vol.1 TUTORiAL

    P2P | Dec 29, 2012 | 140 MB

    This Sonic Academy Tech Tip will expand Ableton Live for you. We show you how to add and use a third-party VST Vocoder (TAL Vocoder), vocode audio tracks and use a MIDI track to change the pitch of the notes.

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  • u-he Filterscape VST VSTi v1.3 INTERNAL WiN-R2R

    u-he Filterscape VST VSTi v1.3 INTERNAL WiN-R2R

    R2R | WiN | 27-12-2012 | 7.9 MB

    Filterscape is our filter-based sound mangling tool, the ultimate in versatility and control. It can be a parameteric EQ with morphable snapshots, a dual virtual analog filter, a sophisticated delay unit… you can use Filterscape to spice up your music in a myriad of ways. Best of all, Filterscape is a fun environment to work in – the GUI invites you to discover new and radical ways to sculpture your tracks. And it’s highly addictive!

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