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  • Steampunk Weapons WAV

    DiSCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 747 MB

    Where weapons past meets the future. Our newest sound library is here: Steampunk Weapons! We mixed the old with the new to make this uniquely diversified collection of weapons. Combining modern recording techniques with metal, rusted objects, and synthesis, if you need some more weapons that break the mold of traditional weapons, this is the collection for you!

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    25 February 2020


    P2P | 25.02.2020 | 747.93 MB

    ..:: WAV, MiDi, FLP, FXP, FST ::..

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  • Slap Bass v1.1 WiN MAC

    TALULA | 25 February 2020 | MAC: 9.57 GB | WiN: 6.36 GB

    Slap Bass was sampled from a Fender Jazz electric bass guitar with Carvin J99 pickups and DR Hi-Beam bass strings directly into a Radial Pro48 DI Box. An extended range was obtained by tuning the E-string all the way down to a C. The low B (B0) of a standard 5-string bass was omitted do to “floppiness” from down-tuning. “Slap” and “pop” articulations were carefully and meticulously recorded for each note, although in the extreme upper range of the bass, do to tension of the string, normal notes starts to become indistinguishable from a pop articulations. Regular notes were recorded with a guitar pick, in order to maintain a semi-percussive and metallic sound.

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  • Mixbus32C v6.0.0 WiN-R2R
    25 February 2020

    Mixbus32C v6.0.0 WiN

    Team R2R | Feb 25 2020 | 99 MB

    Dynamic Maturity / Contemporary Mixing

    Respect of the Aged Day

    Mixbus32C is as relevant today as the first 32 series consoles were 40 years ago. H Consoles are dynamically mature products – products that retain the benefits of long, successful experience while incorporating the best of all the new technology. Mixbus32C is designed in the most operationally ergonomic manner possible. Mixbus was hailed by the industry as a breakthrough for “in the box” mixing by incorporating decades of console building experience into a cost effective mixing platform for today. Mixbus32C takes that concept to the natural next step by using the full resources of today’s technological advancements to precisely emulate not only the operational advantages, but to faithfully emulate the analog performance of the traditional analog console.

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  • Culture Loop Kit WAV
    25 February 2020

    Culture Loop Kit WAV

    FANTASTiC | 25 February 2020 | 155 MB

    40 Custom made loops With styles varying from dark to poppy, guitar loops and synthy plucks.

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