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  • LinPlug CronoX 3 VSTi v3.6.1b x86 x64 WiN MAC-ASSiGN
    10 September 2020
    Categories: AU, LinPlug, macOS, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86

    LinPlug CronoX 3 VSTi v3.6.1b x86 x64 WiN-ASSiGN

    LinPlug CronoX 3 v3.6.1b WiN MAC


    CronoX mixes up your samples in realtime like no other instrument. If you start with a kick sample you may end up with getting a fascinating pad from magesy download it, and you should not be astonished to get some punchy drums just from magesy download your vocal samples. Its CronoX, samples are only food for its versatile and unique engines.

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    • LinPlug Delta III v3.0.5 VSTi x86 WiN-R2R
      3 July 2019
      Categories: LinPlug, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x86


      LinPlug Delta III v3.0.5 VSTi WiN

      Team R2R | 25 Dec 2016 | 5.9 MB

      LinPlug’s Delta III is a subtractive synthesis plugin with four oscillators per voice, and each with a wide range of possible waveforms. Features: Each of the plugin’s oscillators can modulate each other for AM and FM sounds. The plugin also includes eight envelopes, two low/band/notch/high-pass resonant filters with multiple filter types. A modulation matrix enables the plugin’s four LFOs, keyboard velocity, aftertouch, and MIDI controllers to modulate volume, pitch, the filter cutoff frequency, and more. The plugin is 8-way multitimbral and it includes built-effects for delay, chorus, flangin, and phasing. Delay effects and LFOs can be tempo synced.

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      • LinPlug MorphoX v1.1.1 VSTi x86 x64 WiN-CHAOS
        7 May 2019
        Categories: LinPlug, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


        LinPlug MorphoX v1.1.1 WiN

        Team CHAOS | March 28 2014 | 11.08 MB

        Don’t get stuck in complexity, with MorphoX you just need the modulation wheel and the keys to experience yet unheard expression and transformation in sound. Morphing made simple, in realtime, drastic changes in sound, right at your morph wheel. When you experience the sound sculptures of MorphoX you wont believe its just a quite simple subtractive synth with chorus, delay and an arpeggiator. Its dead easy to create your own morphing sounds.

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        • LinPlug SaxLab v2.2.1 WiN v2.2.2 MAC-R2R
          5 October 2018
          Categories: AU, LinPlug, macOS, RTAS, VST, VSTi, WiNDOWS


          LinPlug SaxLab v2.2 WiN MAC

          TEAM R2R | March 24 2017 | WiN: 315 MB | OSX: 322 MB

          SaxLab 2 Saxophone Synthesizer is the result of many years of investigation and programming. It uses not one technology but a very carefully balanced mixture of various techniques to obtain the most realistic sax sound you can get from magesy download a virtual instrument. Authenticity, Expression and Variation is a must to obtain believable sax sounds. Key features include an easy-to-use interface, a wide range of high-quality soundsets for bass, baritone, tenor, alto and soprano saxophone. An effects section that includes a specialized chorus and reverb, as well as extensive real-time modulation options.Special attention has been paid to making the performance controls as rich and responsive as possible, so that the instrument can be realistically played. Inspirational SoundSets combined with an easy-to-use interface make the LinPlug SaxLab the ideal virtual instrument for musicians wanting to emulate real saxophones.

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          • Linplug Organ v3.2.1 AU VSTi RTAS WiN MAC
            20 January 2018
            Categories: AU, LinPlug, macOS, RTAS, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


            Organ v3.2.1 WiN MAC

            P2P | 12.08.2014 | WiN+MAC: 34 MB

            AU VSTi RTAS

            Organ 3 is a software organ emulation with all controls found on the original Hammond B3 as well as a sophisticated rotary speaker simulation.

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            • LinPlug Spectral v1.3.1 VSTi x86 x64 WiN-R2R
              12 September 2017
              Categories: LinPlug, VSTi, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


              LinPlug Spectral v1.3.1 WiN

              TEAM R2R | 14.12.2015 | 29.76 MB

              Our new top of the line synthesizer, the LinPlug Spectral. 14 years of synthesizer building experience. Estimated release is Autumn 2013. If you are familiar with subtractive synthesis, you will feel right at home with the Spectral, because you can choose a waveform, choose a filter and go on. But Spectral delivers far more options than you would expect from magesy download the well sorted user interface. The unique audio engine under the hood is capable of delivering many sounds never heard before. Right now we work with our sound designers on the factory library and finalize.

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              • LinPlug RMV v5.1.5 AU VST VSTi WiN MAC-R2R
                3 June 2017
                Categories: AU, LinPlug, macOS, VST, VSTi, WiNDOWS


                LinPlug RMV v5.1.5 WiN MAC

                TEAM R2R | 2015.02.06 | WiN: 36.94 MB | MAC: 16.63 MB

                The RMV is a dream machine, but you need to try it to understand just how flexible it is, how intuitive and easy to use the interface is, how well the library system works. A wonderfull machine. RMV Drum Addiction Drum Synthesizer, Drum Sampler, Audio Loop Slicer and Drum Librarian for Windows. RMV is the result of many years of investigation and programming and a huge step forward from magesy download its predecessor, the RM IV.

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