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  • Computer Music 290 January 2021 DVD CONTENT

    Computer Music 290 January 2021 DVD CONTENT

    Computer Music 290 DVD

    MaGeSY® EXCLUSiVE | 28 Nov 2020 | 8.96 GB

    English | 100 pages | True PDF | 29.63 MB

    We’re getting extra noisy to sign off 2020 with a bang in Computer Music issue 290 (January 2021)! Computer Music readers will get the chance to sample the delights offered by cool new subscription service Noiiz as well as access to WA’s Big EDM Violin for Electro sample pack for free! Your 3-month Noiiz subscription will allow you to download three free plugins as soon as you sign up: a filter, an instrument, Noiiz Player and Connect that allows you to audition samples in pitch and time within your DAW (of which you can download 100MB for free a month as part of your free sub).

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    • Complete v12 27.11.20 WiN MAC
      27 November 2020

      Complete v12 27.11.20 WiN MAC

      Complete v12 27.11.20 WiN MAC

      WiN (V.R Patch)/ MAC | 27 November 2020 | WiN: 6 GB | MAC: 5.3 GB

      WVS V12 plugins let you resize your plugins so you can view them more easily. V12 also introduces a new preset search engine that lets you find & audition the perfect presets for your tracks, plus more new features. Update now to V12 With the new resizing option in WVS V12, you can choose from magesy download 5 retina-ready GUI sizes – up to 200% – so you can stop squinting, and keep your attention on what matters. You can also customize your own default size per plugin, to make sure that your favorite plugins always open in the size you want. V12 also introduces a lightning-fast preset search engine, so you can find the prefect preset for your tracks more easily than ever. No need to browse manually through preset menus and sub menus – you can now search presets by text, filter them by name, and quickly audition your results.

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      • KOZ Plugins BUNDLE VST2 VST3 x86 x64 WiN
        22 November 2020
        Categories: VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64, x86, x86

        KOZ Plugins BUNDLE VST2 VST3 x86 x64 WiNDOWS

        KOZ Plugins BUNDLE WiNDOWS

        DECiBEL | 22 Nov 2020 | 49.6 MB

        .: VST2, VST3, x86-x64 :.

        Boardstation, Freq3, Omega Gate, Silverhawk, Compressor1, Compressor2, Phase Cancel. Boardstation is a great magesy torrent EQ for mastering without a lot of clunky controls. Simply 40 bands of automate-able, fast operating bands that will help you in the simplest most convenient way. Sometimes more control means less controls. Freq3 is the answer to the desire that there could be a fast, reliable and well designed equalizer that could work as well or beside the fruity parametric EQ2. The fruity parametric EQ2 has been a staple of the industry, providing speed and reliability. This eq intends to match that versatility: But, I tried to cater the sound design to those thrillseekers hoping for hollywood smoothness rather than grit. Though the Omega Gate has a de-noiser, you may instead wish to rely on the realtime de-noising, deharshing algorithm which allows a gate to work more effectively and noiselessly. the problem being, is that even the quietest environment is not quiet enough. While there are other products that get rid of vacuum noises, this product is made for the DJ, for the Radio announcer and for the person wanting to record their vocals. Silverhawk is hands down one of the fastest, most reliable EQ’s on the market.

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        • Steinberg Groove Agent 5 v5.0.30 WiN
          17 November 2020

          Steinberg Groove Agent 5 WiN

          Groove Agent 5 v5.0.30 WiN

          P2P | 17 November 2020 | 29.48 GB

          Build: 233 | STANDALONE, VSTi, VST3, AAX, x64

          Designed for both songwriters and beat producers, Groove Agent 5 includes the very best of electronic and acoustic drums. One of the most detailed acoustic drum kits ever featured in Groove Agent sits alongside a wide variety of percussion, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves, delivering an inspirational rhythmic composition tool for producers in every genre, from magesy download jazz, funk and rock to Trap and EDM. Support for VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats means Groove Agent 5 can be used with virtually any DAW. A new standard of dynamic acoustic drums; new kits for electronic music; new MIDI grooves; live sampling; Decompose feature for your own signature drum sound; 32 velocity layers; updated and resizable user interface… plus much more!

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          • Stage v1.1.0 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R
            13 November 2020
            Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

            Stage v1.1.0 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R

            Stage v1.1.0 WiN

            Team R2R | 13 Nov 2020 | 16.9 MB

            PLATFORM: WiN64 – VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

            Stage – a plugin that uses trailblazing stereo-spatial processing methods to take good mixes and masters, and make them great. And The Stage Is Set! Simply put, stage is here to give your mixes that final shine and depth you’ve heard on countless records, drawing out an inherent character you might not have even known your sounds possessed. By leveraging subtle delays, internal phase augmentation and modulation techniques, you can now effortlessly emphasize the natural depth and space of any natural recording or synthesized element. The result is an increase in overall definition and perceived size – all elusive qualities that in the end contribute to a type of sonic weight that will quickly become indispensable to your audio toolkit. And just how is this possible? Under stage’s hood are mighty psychoacoustic algorithms that power the innovative panning and stereo alteration controls, giving engineers, sound designers, and electronic musicians the ability to sculpt their stereo image with minimal effort and maximum precision. Arrange your tracks from magesy download left to right, front to back or even diagonally if you like; enhance the ambience of your masters or go for wildly modulated effects. stage can do it all!

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            • dearVR music v1.4.1 WiN-R2R
              13 November 2020
              Categories: AAX, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64, x86, x86

              dearVR music v1.4.1 WiN-R2R

              dearVR music v1.4.1 WiN

              Team R2R | Nov 13 2020 | 81 MB

              PLATFORM: WiN32/64 – VST/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

              Most people probably listen to your mixes on earbuds and headphones. It’s the perfect setup for blowing their minds with music in 3D—if only a plugin could do that. Well, prepare to enter the third dimension! dearVR music breaks the shackles of stereo and planar surround sound to turn your DAW into a 3D virtual reality powerhouse. No advanced engineering chops are needed. Load dearVR music onto a track in your mix and choose one of 18 pristine virtual acoustic presets. Then simply drag your mouse around in the plugin’s intuitive interface to position the track virtually behind or in front of the listener, above or below their head, to the left or right, closer or farther away—at any angle and distance in a 3D soundstage—for mind-blowing playback using conventional stereo headphones.

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              • dearVR MONITOR v1.0.0 WiN x64-R2R
                13 November 2020
                Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

                dearVR MONITOR v1.0.0 WiN x64-R2R

                dearVR MONITOR v1.0.0 WiN

                Team R2R | 13 Nov 2020 | 75.7 MB

                PLATFORM: WiN64 – VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

                Ready to improve every choice you make in your mixes and masters? The new dearVR MONITOR plugin from magesy download Dear Reality allows you to hear your music in an ideal reference-quality listening room, using your own favorite headphones. With dearVR MONITOR, you can now mix anywhere, anytime, without the need for an expensive acoustically-optimized control room. It allows you to virtually transport yourself to the perfect listening space, whether you are working in stereo, in a surround sound format like 5.1 or 7.1, or even in complex Dolby Atmos formats like 5.1.4 and 9.1.6. Whether you’re on the road, at home, in an unfamiliar studio, or a noisy environment, dearVR MONITOR gives you all the benefits of a real reference-quality listening room, so that you can quickly and reliably evaluate the quality of your mix choices—all from magesy download the comfort of your own favorite headphones.

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                • VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN x64 READ NFO-R2R
                  13 November 2020

                  VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN x64 READ NFO-R2R

                  VariSpeed v1.0.0 WiN

                  Team R2R | 13 Nov 2020 | 6.2MB

                  PLATFORM: WiN64 – STANDALONE/VST/VST3

                  ..:: WEM Copicat IC400 “Belt Drive” Tape Echo Delay Unit ::..

                  GSi VariSpeed is a new plugin that GSi offers free of charge to everybody. It’s a simulation of the WEM Copicat IC-400 Belt Drive VariSpeed model, the first tape echo machine made by WEM with a DC capstan motor capable of changing speed, thus varying the delay time. GSi VariSpeed replicates the hardware instrument “as is” with all its pros and cons, without any additional feature except the fact that it is digital and MIDI-controllable. This can be considered as the second chapter of a tribute to the genius of Mr. Charlie Watkins that GSi began back in 2008 with the release of the freeware “WatKat”, which was a simulation of the “Custom Copicat”.

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                  • BDE v1.0 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R
                    12 November 2020
                    Categories: AAX, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64

                    BDE v1.0 AAX VST3 x64 WiN-R2R

                    BDE v1.0 AAX VST3 x64 WiN

                    Team R2R | Nov 11 2020 | 44 MB

                    PLATFORM: WiN64 – VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

                    BDE is an earth shattering distortion plugin featuring several distortion styles, complimentary effects, M/S and Frequency control over the distortion effect, along with the worlds first user definable dynamic preservation control function, allowing you to maintain the dynamic range of any signal while still applying a distortion effect.

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                    • MetaPlugin 3 v3.6.2 WiN-R2R
                      6 November 2020
                      Categories: AAX, DDMF, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x64, x86, x86

                      MetaPlugin 3 v3.6.2 WiN-R2R

                      MetaPlugin 3 v3.6.2 WiN

                      Team R2R | 06 November 2020 | 10.7 MB

                      PLATFORM : WiN32/64 – VST/VST3/AAX(MODiFiED)

                      Metaplugin is a plugin that loads other plugins. As simple as that. Build your own effect networks with this plugin wrapper using any VST/VST3 (and AU, if you’re on Mac) effect you already have on your harddisk. To get you started, a Mid-Side matrix, a fourband crossover filter and a routing plugin are included in the package. This means instant cross-track routing, mid-side, multiband compression/distortion/reverb/… you name it. Of course that’s only the beginning… let your imagination run free, nothing is impossible, from magesy download creating your own layered synth sounds to building whole sound generators from magesy download scratch using simple modules.

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