• Expert Sleepers Little Spacey 1.1 AU VST MAC OSX-Xdb
    July 21st, 2013
    Categories: AU, Expert Sleepers VST, UB, VST

    Expert Sleepers Little Spacey 1.0.0 VST AU MAC OSX UB

    Expert Sleepers Little Spacey 1.1 MAC OSX

    TEAM Xdb | VST AU MAC OSX UB | 4,51 MB

    Little Spacey is delay effect, inspired by classic analogue ‘bucket brigade’ delays but with refinements only possible in the digital arena – not to mention a maximum delay time that would cost a small fortune to realise in hardware. Great care has been taken to give Little Spacey the smooth, creamy sound which makes analogue delays still popular today.

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    • De La Mancha Scylla VSTi 1.0-peace-out
      July 9th, 2013
      Categories: De La Mancha, VST, WiNDOWS

      De La Mancha Scylla VSTi 1.0

      De La Mancha Scylla VSTi 1.0-peace-out

      Team: peace-out | Date: 07.06.2009 | Size: 16,02 MB

      Scylla is a VST instrument capable of sample-playback combined with subtractive synthesis to produce a wide variety of sonic possibilities ranging from lush pads to far-out soundscapes and effects via scorching leads and chunky bass. Scylla can be used for most any application and is only limited by the user’s imagination. Scylla includes three different types of oscillators that can be modified to a wide variety of styles. Three built-in samplers can accommodate .wav audio samples, which can be played back in grain table, waveform, sample or single hit format. All the audio can be modified and modulated through LFO, volume and filter envelopes, Ring-Modulation, and Unison.

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      • Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack III VST VSTi
        July 9th, 2013
        Categories: VST, VSTi, WiNDOWS

        Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack III VST VSTi

        Benedict Roff-Marsh SynthStudio Pack III VST VSTi

        Team: ASSiGN | Date: 01 FEBRUARY 2010 | Size: 187,26 MB

        SynthStudio Pack III is the logical step for me in my evolution as an instrument designer. I have poured my greatest desires into these synths to try to build the best synths and effects that I have in me. I believe that in every way these instruments are my finest yet with both better sonic qualities and playability.

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        • Antares Evo Bundle VST RTAS WiN
          June 27th, 2013
          Categories: RTAS, VST, WiNDOWS


          Antares Evo Bundle VST RTAS WiN

          P2P | 20-11-2011 | 183 MB

          This Bundle contains: Auto-Tune Evo VST RTAS v6.0.9.2, AVOX Evo VST RTAS v3.0.3.
          All plugins are unpaced whit PACE.iLok.Generic.Patcher.Tool-SND. Tested only VST2.4 version and all are working fine. Cant test RTAS versions, but they must work aswell.

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          • u-he Zebra VST VSTi v2.6.0 WiN
            April 25th, 2013
            Categories: U-He, U-he, VST, VSTi


            u-he Zebra VST VSTi v2.6.0 WiN

            Team: S/N DOA | Date: April 2013 | Size: 17.5 MB

            Zebra is our wireless modular synthesizer. It combines many different types of synthesis with a powerful modulation engine. Imagine – you can create any additive, freehand or spline-based waveform you like, apply a vast selection of spectral effects, morph between those waves and send them through classic synth filters. Perhaps use that entire sound as modulator for an FM oscillator, or route it through a comb filter – the building block of physical modeling synthesis. All generator modules, all signal paths, all effects are stereo.

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            • Tubeohm Vox Populus VST Pro v1.02
              February 6th, 2013

              Tubeohm Vox Populus VST Pro v1.02

              Tubeohm Vox Populus VST Pro v1.02

              Team: peace-out | Date: 03.24.2009 | Size: 43.63 MB

              VoxPopulus Pro is a VST Vocoder insert effect and instrument.

              – Contains two Plugins: a VST insert effect plugin and a VST instrument.
              * With the insert effect external audio signals/tracks can route into the vocoder.
              ** With the instrument you can use samples and generate new synthesizer sounds using the frequency spectrum from the samples.

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              • Starplugs Vintage MS-Limiter VST 1.0-peace-out
                January 31st, 2013
                Categories: VST, WiNDOWS

                Starplugs Vintage MS-Limiter VST 1.0

                Starplugs Vintage MS-Limiter VST 1.0

                Team: peace-out | Date: 03.14.2009 | Size: 6.7 MB

                Vintage Limiter combines innovative algorithms with a classic design. The new “4Pole Cascade Limiter” concept gives you a perfect audio tool for mastering, FM/AM and internet live-stream limiting tasks, according to Starplugs.

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                • Magix Samplitude FX Suite VST v1.0-AiR
                  January 24th, 2013
                  Categories: MAGiX VST, VST, WiNDOWS

                  Magix Samplitude FX Suite VST v1.0-AiR

                  Magix Samplitude FX Suite VST v1.0

                  TEAM AiR | 02/2007 | 5,98 MB

                  MAGIX presents three VST effect plug-in collections for Windows: AM | Suite (Analogue Modelling Suite), VE | Suite (Vintage Effects Suite) and VariVerb Pro (VARIable reVERB). The release of these plug-ins enable you to use the effect plug-ins already integrated into MAGIX’ flagship products Sequoia and Samplitude in any other VST-enabled audio products for the first time.

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                  • Starplugs MegaMatriX VST VSTi 1.10-ASSiGN
                    January 20th, 2013

                    Starplugs MegaMatriX VST VSTi 1.10

                    Starplugs MegaMatriX VST VSTi 1.10

                    Team: ASSiGN | Date: 14 JANUARY 2010 | Size: 14 MB

                    MegaMatrix is a classic “old school” modular synthesizer offering a totally free routing concept combined with a large selection modules. Starplugs claims to have invented a new kind of routing matrix for MegaMatriX – it combines a 1060-routing-point matrix with a 256-mixing matrix. Almost every possible connection can be made

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                    • Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out
                      January 11th, 2013
                      Categories: EvoPax, VST

                      Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out

                      Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0

                      Team: peace-out | Date: 03.04.2009 | 3.26 MB

                      VTM4 es en realidad una versión reducida de Evopax característica de EQ VTM5 polifónicos, con un precio inferior al mismo tiempo, manteniendo prácticamente la misma funcionalidad, y exactamente el mismo los filtros, además de un paquete con una sección FX Chorus / Flanger LFO utilizando 3, con una velocidad de fase aleatoria mod.Evopax Vtm4 VST v1.0-peace-out

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