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  • VisLM v2.8.3.3 AU AAX VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC-R2R
    9 June 2020
    Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, RTAS, VST, WiNDOWS


    VisLM v2.8.3.3 WiN MAC

    Team R2R | Sept 10 2019 | WiN: 5 MB | OSX: 80 MB


    The most fundamental question in audio production, how loud is it? Simple and yet elusive, with loudness inconsistency and incompatibilities present every day in broadcasts across the world. With detailed, objective loudness measurement, history and logging facilities, VisLM provides a simple, ITU, ATSC and EBU standard compliant* way to measure, compare and contrast loudness during production, broadcast and post production, on the fly or for entire sections of audio.

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    • MasterCheck Pro v1.7.0.1 AAX VST VST3 AU WiN MAC-R2R
      9 June 2020
      Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64


      MasterCheck Pro v1.7.0.1 WiN MAC

      Team R2R | Sept 10 2019 | WiN: 7 MB | OSX: 70 MB


      Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications, MasterCheck will immediately reveal how your audio is going to sound to the listener, allowing you to produce with confidence and certainty. MasterCheck immediately reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on todays music platforms. Mix and master to target and the quality of your audio will be assured all the way to the consumer with no nasty surprises after release. Compare and contrast your productions with reference works and learn from magesy download the best. MasterCheck gives you the tools to evaluate your work and seize the competitive advantage by producing directly for the playout environment, allowing you to effectively utilise maximum dynamic range without compromising on loudness or risking distortion introduced by mp3 or AAC compression.

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      • Stereoplacer v3.2.0.1 AAX AU VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC-R2R
        3 July 2019
        Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, VST, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


        Stereoplacer v3.2.0.1 WiN MAC

        Team R2R | 03 Jul 2019 | WiN: 3.9 MB | OSX: 31.4 MB

        AAX, VST, VST3, AU, RTAS

        Pan control for the 21st century. Choose the frequencies you want to fix and move them anywhere, leaving the rest of the stereo image intact. Make improvements in any area of the sound stage without causing problems elsewhere. Stereoplacer gives you precise control you just can’t get within a traditional mix setup. Stereoplacer is an advanced fine-tune parametric balancing control. You can tune each band into specific frequencies and move the frequency content around in the stereo sound stage. Just choose the position you want, and let Stereoplacer take care of preserving the balance of the original sounds.

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        • Stereoizer v3.4.0.1 AAX AU VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC-R2R
          3 July 2019
          Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, RTAS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS


          Stereoizer v3.4.0.1 WiN MAC

          Team R2R | 03 Jul 2019 | WiN: 5.4 MB | OSX: 45.7 MB

          Rapid, intuitive access to the big sound all professionals strive for. Stereoizer hits the bullseye, with the assurance of superb mono compatibility and no unwanted artifacts. Stereoizer offers you the full range of stereo image enhancement, from magesy download gentle width adjustments to huge dynamic ambiences that transform the soundstage. With visual audio analysis feedback and a clear, logical control layout, Stereoizer is satisfying to use and gives great results with the minimum of effort.

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          • Monofilter AAX AU VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC-R2R
            3 July 2019
            Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, RTAS, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


            Monofilter WiN MAC

            Team R2R | 03 Jul 2019 | WiN: 4.0 MB | OSX: 32.9 MB


            Transparent Bass Enhancer Plugin

            MONOFILTER brings back the centre of your bass, so easily lost through stereo effects processing, synth sound generation, unwanted phase inconsistencies and live recording mic. bleed. Our market leading features now give you clear control over stereo spread, transition and phase alignment, and the unique interface gives you clear and exacting visual feedback.

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            • SigMod v1.1.3.2 WiN MAC-R2R
              18 March 2019
              Categories: AAX, AU, macOS, NuGen Audio, VST, VST3, WiNDOWS, x64, x86


              SigMod v1.1.3.2 WiN MAC

              TEAM R2R | 16.03.2019 | WiN: 5.5 MB | MAC: 40.2 MB

              PLATFORMS: WiN32/64 – VST/VST3/AAX | MacOSX – AU/VST/VST3/AAX

              Instantly enhance the functionality of your plug-ins and DAW with twelve different signal modification units. Explore new creative possibilities and quickly add missing features. Each module can easily be inserted, swapped and moved around making new options to correct, convert or tweak your audio. SigMod contains many useful, creative functions which are otherwise difficult to engage. Combine these single-process modules in any order to design the precise routing you require. Auto-resizing keeps the signal flow and functionality clear at all times.

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              • Visualizer2 v2.1.0.2 WiN MAC-R2R
                8 March 2019


                Visualizer 2 v2.1.0.2 WiN MAC

                TEAM R2R | 08.03.2019 | WiN: 4.55 MB | MAC: 75.13 MB

                WiN32/64 – EXE/VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX | MacOSX – APP/AU/VST/VST3/RTAS/AAX

                Powerful, flexible Audio Analysis, giving you immediate access to precisely the information you need, when you need it, through a unique, intelligent window system. Measure, understand, correct. Visualizer gives you indispensable audio analysis for quality audio production, with a standardised reference set of professional tools that let you work faster, avoid mistakes, repeat past success and leverage the success of others. Visualizer’s unique intelligent window facility lets you select multiple view combinations, automatically resizing and aligning windows to maximise legibility and cross referencing information across screens. No need to switch between plugins to get the combination of views you want. User configurable presets let you switch instantly between setups and interface sizes to build the workflow that suits you.

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