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  • Renaissance Flutes MULTIFORMAT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
    18 July 2018


    Renaissance Flutes MULTiFORMAT

    Team DYNAMiCS | 01/17/2008 | 722.36 MB


    A complete set of recorders, Bass, Alto, Tenor, Soprano and Sopranino,beautifully played by one of Sweden’s top flutists and recorded at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden. This set of recorders gives you the possibility to perform classic recorder music, to explore the wonderful tone of the recorders or use as a great mood setter in your music, (remember “Stairway to heaven”?) The recorders have been recorded(!) chromatically, that is, all notes within the instruments natural range has been recorded. There are no loops! Each tone is held for about 5 seconds, and that’s how long a musician normally can hold a note without breathing.

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  • Black Grand Steinway MULTiFORMAT GiGA DVDR-BSOUNDZ
    18 November 2015


    Black Grand Steinway MULTiFORMAT GiGA

    Team BSOUNDZ | 6DVD / MULTi: 10.8 GB  | 3DVD / GiGA: 3.62 GB

    The magnificent Steinway D, recorded in a concerthall for the true concert grand experience. Three different perspectives, Close, Ambient and Medium Ambiance gives you tree different instruments to choose from. Incredible 48 samples/note cut’s this sampled instrument in a class of it’s own.  The “Close” perspective was recorded with the microphones placed very close to the strings. Normally, this isn’t the way you would record a classical piece, but you will find that this perspective gives you a great presence and brilliance. Try this version for an in-your-face pop or jazz sound, or for bold and aggressive features. Definitely reach for this version first on a live performance. It has the raw edge needed to cut through a pounding rhythm section, or to back up a powerful vocalist. The more live your playing space, the more likely that the Close Perspective instrument will work for you.

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  • White Sister 24BiT MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS
    18 November 2015


    White Sister 24BiT MULTiFORMAT

    TEAM DYNAMiCS | 2006 | 2DVD | 3.19 GB


    White Sister – 36 velocity layer design piano!. The White Grand is by many musicians and composers believed to be the finest contemporary studio rock/pop/jazz Grand Piano. The White Grand is heard on numerous recordings and are used on soundtracks from magesy download many movies and other media. When designing the White Grand we went for a very special sound. A sound that would make the White Grand special and stick out. This called for close miking with microphones placed close to the hammers/strings. We also recorded a second stereo pair using two microphones in a position that’s more normal for piano recordings and mixed that with the original microphones; this gave a bit more ambience and a slightly rounder tone but with all the characteristics that makes the White Grand so Grand.

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  • Black KONTAKT Player Edition DVDR-KRock
    10 October 2015
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    Black KONTAKT Player Edition DVDR

    Team KRock | October 30 2012 | 1.25 GB

    Based on the famous Black Grand, but with refined samples, and the use of True Resonance Samples in combination with Native Instruments Kontakt Engine, we built a Grand Piano that we feel is our best piano yet! This instrument shines! With up to 14 velocity layers, Sympathetic Resonance, built in reverb with custom impulses from magesy download famous gold plates, digital units, rooms and large springs, it gives you the range that you would expect from magesy download a Steinway D Hamburg. From soft spoken pianissimo, to roaring, blistering fortes, the BLACK delivers.

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  • 7CG Seven Seas Grand 24BiT MULTiFORMAT DVDR D1,D2,D3-DYNAMiCS
    30 September 2015


    7CG Seven Seas Grand 24BiT MULTiFORMAT

    Team DYNAMiCS | 02/12/2007 | D1 – 2.30 GB/D2 – 2.22 GB/D3 – 1.51 GB


    Super detailed multisampled Grand Piano. No less then 93 unique samples per recorded note. Over 4400 samples! Incredible sound and response Super realistic playing behaviour Probably the most refined sampled piano on the market today. The most dynamic sampled piano – period.

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    16 July 2015
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    White Grand 24BiT MULTiFORMAT

    TEAM DYNAMiCS | 02.11.06 | 2 DVD | D1: 2.5 GB | D2: 378 MB

    “The White Grand is the best piano sample I have heard. It sits beautifully in a mix, as well as alone. It actually sounds alive!” – Paul Linford; film composer, mixer, programmer for Trevor Rabin. “I had no idea a sampled piano could be this good. It was as if someone told me they had a guitar, and what they showed me was a ’54 Strat.” – Trevor Rabin; Film Composer, Guitarist. “In the professional world we don’t have time to waste in the studio, so when I need an acoustic piano, I always start with White Grand – it just works. It’s presence and brightness is hard to achieve with other piano samples” – Jermey Whaley; producer, composer, musician.

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