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  • ModernBeats Guitar Elementz Bundle MULTiFORMAT
    22 July 2016


    Guitar Elementz Bundle MULTiFORMAT

    P2P | Dec 9, 2012 | 37.3 MB + 19.2 MB + 311.13 MB


    Be it spanish, wah-wah, acoustic, vintage, distorted, or simply wicked guitar noisez, the Guitar Elementz Collection will grace your beatz with that current HipHop guitar sound! Havin’ a Dupri, Neptunes, and 50 Cent type appeal, each Guitar Elementz set contains over 190 guitar samples with different 24 presets each! Guitar Elementz 1 contains mostly wah-wah, electric, & distorted guitar bites while Guitar Elementz 2 & 3 feature more of the acoustic, spanish, and flamenco style guitar bites. Each preset contains 8 different sampled guitar bites that flow together allowing you to create hundreds of different melodies and rhythms in minutes! All guitar bite samples are split and laid out across the keyboard into 8 zones giving the producer a unique edge for creating new hiphop guitar riffs. Add today’s HipHop guitar sound to your beatz now with Guitar Elementz!

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  • Brass Elementz Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT SCD-SPiRiT
    28 February 2016


    Brass Elementz Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

    TEAM SPiRiT | 06.02.2010 | 202.55 MB

    Refills, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Halion, NN-XT, WAV, Acid, Fruity, Soundfonts

    Propelling hip hop production into the future, ModernBeats delivers its groundbreaking sound collection – Brass Elementz! This pioneering library of Brass bites comes packed with over 800 total crunk brass sounds across 53 multi-format presets making the latest trends in hip hop easier to master than ever before! No matter which style of hip hop you’re aiming for, ModernBeats’ Brass Elementz Collection will take your productions to the next level! The “Brass Elementz” library consists of 2 separate soundsets, Brass Elementz 1 and 2. Both soundsets are organized into 2 main major categories – Brass Chordz-n-Riffz and Brass Instruments.

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  • Club HipHop Drumz Collection MULTiFORMAT-AudioP2P
    28 February 2016


    Club Hip Hop Drumz Collection MULTi

    AudioP2P | 11-13-2009 | 57.66 MB

    Club Hip-Hop Drumz Collection: You’re not seriously gonna tell us your hit song doesn’t deserve a Club/Dance remix or you? Get prepared! Take care of your beatz and create an extended remix on all your soon-to-be hits! Each Club Hip Hop Drumz soundset contains a total of 72 thumpin’ dance kicks, 60 pumpin’ club snares, and 60 killa percussion one-shotz. Each of the 6 multi-format presets included in the set contains 12 kick drums, 10 snare drums, and 10 percussion sounds resulting in over 190 thumpin’ club drumz samples! Purchase tha whole Club HipHop collection (1 & 2) for all 144 club-bangin’ kicks, 120 pulsating snares, and 120 electrifying percussion soundz to get your beatz bangin’ in tha clubs!

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  • Intergalactic Drumz Collection MULTiFORMAT-AudioP2P
    28 February 2016


    Intergalactic Drumz Collection MULTi

    AudioP2P | 11-13-2009 | 25.07 MB



    Get 72 intergalactic dubstep kicks, 60 space-age dance snares, and 60 lunar club percussion sounds, and send your tracks into another dimension! If your searchin’ for hot futuristic drums to make club hits, Intergalactic Drumz won’t disappoint!

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  • Da Vinyl Factory Drumz Collection MULTiFORMAT-AudioP2P
    27 February 2016


    Da Vinyl Factory Drumz Collection MULTi

    AudioP2P | 11-13-2009 | 41.9 MB

    Want that GRITTY, DIRTY, SEXY VINYL SOUND? Download all the snap, crackle, pop, & hiss you can handle. Modeled after Just Blaze, DJ Toomp, & Jermaine Dupri, this kit includes 72 kicks, 60 snares, & 60 percussion one-shots to dirty yo’ tracks up quick! Vinyl Factory Drumz 1 contains 6 drum kit presets that each load 12 kick samples, 10 snare samples, and 10 percussion shots for a total of 192 samples! the whole “Vinyl Factory Drumz” Collection (Volumes 1, 2 & 3) and load all 216 kicks, 180 snares, and 180 percussion sounds – and be on your way up the Stairway to Vinyl! Vinyl Factory Drumz Formats – The Vinyl Factory Drumz soundsets each feature 7 formats total for auto-loading into your software sampler of choice: Reason NN-XT (.SXT), EXS24 (.EXS), Kontakt (.NKI), Battery (.KIT), Halion (.FXP), Soundfont (.SF2), and WAV (.WAV). Compatible with FL Studio, Fruity Loops, Acid Pro, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, & Pro Tools.

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