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  • Dirk Campbells Origins EXS24 KONTAKT WAV-DYNAMiCS
    28 June 2020

    Dirk Campbells Origins EXS24 KONTAKT WAV-DYNAMiCS

    Dirk Campbell Origins

    DYNAMiCS/P2P | 04.06.2006/2012 | EXS24: 1.85 GB | KONTAKT: 3.42 GB

    The creator of the popular World Winds sample library, Dirk Campbell, brings us a new production that journeys to a place where no one has yet traveled. Deep into the sonic terrain of worlds past, Origins is an exhaustive collection of authentic, atmospheric historical sounds that will add color to any composer’s palette. Along with a huge collection of multisamples presented in a variety of different dynamics and articulations, the library features a large number of expressive phrases and performances. Origins’ vivid, dramatic samples promise to add sonic and musical interest to historical and archaeological productions, film scores (especially Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Horror), World Music soundtracks, Left-Field rock and pop, creative remixes and any recordings that require imaginative sound design and innovative textures. Many of the sounds in this collection are available for the first time in any sample library.

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    • Ilio World Winds AKAi KONTAKT-CHiC
      15 July 2018


      Ilio World Winds AKAi KONTAKT

      Team CHiC | 2003/07/18 | AKAi: 447 MB | KONTAKT: 356 MB

      Ilio World Winds AKAi is a must-have for film, TV and media composers, World Music, Rock, Pop and contemporary Classical composers and performers, creative keyboardists and programmers, and anyone with an ear for great instrumental sounds! An amazingly extensive and high-quality collection of wind instruments from magesy download all over the world! In world winds you get the evocative sounds of many rarities like… The flutes range from magesy download sweet and delicate to eerie, breathy and complex. In contrast, there are the wild, strange and stirring timbres of ethnic reed instruments, bagpipes and African horns. Psart of the World Winds library’s strength lies in its articulations as well as straight notes. There are up and down bends, various types of grace notes, and authentic phrases and performances. These can be combined easily to provide a very realistic delivery, sounding just like a real player. To avoid tuning clashes, all samples are presented at concert pitch; alternatively, if you prefer to hear the instruments in their purest form, ‘raw’ programs have been supplied which demonstrate the native tuning, scales and ranges. There are also atmospheric programs which work well for pads and textures.

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      • Vintage Time Traveler KONTAKT
        21 September 2015
        Categories: Audio Samples, Ilio, KONTAKT


        Vintage Time Traveler KONTAKT

        P2P | Sep 4, 2013 | KONTAKT | 231.86 MB

        It seems that every time you turn on the radio, you hear a hit song with classic synth, organ and electric piano sounds. Maybe it’s because nothing else sounds as rich and musical as these timeless keyboards! This supersonic collection is packed with the coolest vintage keyboard sounds from magesy download the 60s, 70s and 80s. It features B3 Organs, Distorted Leslie Organs, Vox Continental, Farfisa, Optigan, Orchestron, Mellotron, Novatron, Chamberlins, Wurlitzers®, Rhodes®, RMI, Pianet, Clavinet, Arps, Moogs, Prophets, Jupiters, PPG, OSCar, Gleeman, Modular Synths. Plus, you get tons of far-out extras like Vibrato Fuzz Guitar Stack, Talk Box Guitar, Various Guitar FX, Ricky 4001 Bass, Fender 62 P-Bass, Hofner “Beatle” Bass, and to polish it off, Vintage Acoustic Drum Kits, Classic Drum Machines, and much more.

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        • Ilio The Memphis Horns AKAi
          27 June 2015
          Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples, Ilio


          Ilio The Memphis Horns AKAi

          P2P | Jan 12, 2011 | AKAi | 728.63 MB

          The Barons of Brass Deliver the Real Deal

          The Memphis Horns may well be the most recorded brass section of all time. Wayne Jackson and Andrew Love have dominated the Rock, Soul and Funk scene since the 60’s and to this day are offering up their distinctive multi-tracked sound on tons of Billboard™ hits. Their list of Gold and Platinum records is impressive: Respect by Aretha Franklin, Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, Angel of Harlem by U2, and hundreds more. Fortunately for us, these hugely successful artists have seen fit to lend their rare talents to create a phrase-based brass collection of mythic proportions. If you want their amazing Trumpet, Trombone, Bari and Tenor sound in your tracks, you’ve got to get the Memphis Horns CD-ROM.

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          • Ilio Phat Fingers AKAi KONTAKT 2CD Set
            27 June 2015
            Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples, Ilio


            Ilio Phat Fingers AKAi KONTAKT 2CD Set

            P2P |  Apr 12, 2011 | 471.40 MB

            Lay Down the Hottest Licks!
            Fast on the heels of Hot Steel Blues and Fingerstyles, Phat Fingers is the latest guitar tour de force produced by Dan Portis-Cathers. This collection delivers hundreds of funkified guitar and bass patterns, slides, and fills arranged into 30 song construction kits. The grooves are incredibly tight, some five or six parts deep, all tempo locked and tuned to the key of the song. Most songs consist of bass patterns, slides, fills, and some endings, guitar patterns, and occasional lead solos. Laying your hands on these awesome riffs and licks, and relishing in how well they combine, is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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            • Ilio Double Platinum Drums AKAi 2CD Set
              27 June 2015
              Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples, Ilio


              Ilio Double Platinum Drums AKAi 2CD Set

              P2P | Apr 3, 2011 | AKAi | 2CD Set | 844.80 MB

              It takes raw talent and experience to make drum samples this good.
              Enter producer John Boylan – Boston, Charlie Daniels Band, Johnny Lee . . . , drummer Michael Botts – Linda Ronstadt, Dan Fogelberg, Bread . . . , and engineer Paul Grupp – REO Speedwagon, Sammy Hagar, Little River Band . . . , all multi-platinum record winners brought together by exec producer, Anthony Harris. Recorded in one of LA’s premier studios, Double Platinum Drums delivers with over 500 loops and phrases and 400 individual hits on multiple discs, with Dry or Room ambience, for a total of nearly 2000 samples! Groove styles include Rock, Pop Rock, R&B, Rock Ballad, Country, New Orleans, Funk, Hard Rock, 50’s Rock, Metal, Shuffle, Latin and more. Well organized by tempos ranging from magesy download 66 BPM to 203 BPM. Every tempo and style have corresponding Intros, Fills and Endings allowing you to create complete songs.

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              • Ilio Hot Steel Blues AKAi COMPLETE RELEASE 3 CDs REAL RARITY
                27 June 2015
                Categories: AKAi, Audio Samples, Ilio


                Ilio Hot Steel Blues AKAi COMPLETE RELEASE

                (3 CDs) REAL RARITY!

                Team: DELiRiUM | Date: 09-13-2001 | Size: 930,88 MB

                Blues Guitar, Served Hot and Cool

                Following in the footsteps of our legendary Fingerstyles guitar library, Hot Steel Blues reveals a soulful Blues attitude with low-down and greasy riffs played by legendary guitarist Terry Robb (Steve Miller, Buddy Guy, John Fahey) and produced by Dan Portis-Cathers (Fingerstyles, Heart of Africa).

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