• E-Lab XTc Files of House WAV
    April 13th, 2021
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    E-Lab XTc Files of House WAV

    E-Lab XTc Files of House

    P2P | 13 May 2011 | 51.84 MB

    The Deep House revolution has begun. Now you can inject your mix with the true sound and energy of the underground House movement! XTcFiles of House has the deepest Tribal, House loops and sounds from the progressive Chicago, New York, Miami and Washington scenes. Contractually unable to use their names on this disc, all four remix producers are signed artists on the Warner label whose mixes are constantly at the top of the dance charts. Their loops will make your hair stand straight up and your feet groove! Construction kits, drumloops, FX, vocals, bass, hits and so much more to drop you right in the middle of it!

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    • Strictly 12 Inch WAV
      April 11th, 2021
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      Strictly 12 Inch WAV

      Strictly 12 Inch WAV

      P2P | 19.11.2018 | 248.19 MB

      Discover the striking part of house · breakbeat! Total 800 sound!

      Swedish e-LAB releasing the X-Static series and receiving overwhelming support from dance creators all over the world is a decision board of House & Garage · Breakbeats · Source. In the first half of the CD, 69 kits (120 to 133 BPM) of “Construction Kit” set with a single drum such as kick / snare / hat which makes up the basic loop of 2 to 5 variations + loops and a loop are included. In the second half of the CD, 168 kinds of original mix · breakbeats were recorded in 172 patterns (120 ~ 130 BPM) & single drum (kick / snare / crap / hat / percussion etc.). It is characterized by the sound color of the analog feel of the 12 inch LP board. BPM is specified in each loop.

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      • E-Lab Strictly House AiFF
        April 11th, 2021
        Categories: AiFF, Audio Samples, E-Lab

        E-Lab Strictly House AiFF

        E-Lab Strictly House AiFF

        P2P |  Apr 2, 2011 | 243 MB

        Are you still looking for the Perfect Beat? STOP SEARCHING! This disc is a massive Garage bumper loaded with phat pumpin’ House and Garage beats. All loops are extended and come with a multitude of variations. Plus you get the beats divided into separate drum hits and constituent loops so you can personalize your own beats. Perfect tools for a House & Groove merchant.

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        • E-Lab Strictly Hip Hop WAV-P2P
          April 11th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

          E-Lab Strictly Hip Hop WAV-P2P

          E-Lab Strictly Hip Hop WAV

          P2P | Old Release | 243 MB

          59-112 BPM / Loops with variations / 1444 WAV files

          Strictly Hip Hop from E-Lab is the an unparalleled collection of Samples that feature the grit and attitude that represents the street.

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          • e-Lab Vinylistics 1,2,3 CDDA WAV
            February 23rd, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, CDDA, E-Lab, WAV

            e-Lab Vinylistics 1,2,3 CDDA WAV

            e-Lab Vinylistics

            e-Lab | xx.xx.2003 | 900 MB

            The Vinylistics series is one of the original (and still the best) collections of drum samples available on CD-ROM. Volume Two features a balanced mix of both well known and obscure break beats. As always the strength of the Vinylistics series is that all the beats come in both the original loop form and as pre-chopped drum hits (kick, snare, hi-hat, etc.) for faster use. All 99 break beats were sampled off vinyl into the SP-1200 and MPC for a raw, gritty sound that can only come from digging for beats.

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            • E-Lab Smokers Delight ACiD WAV REX-CoBaLT
              February 21st, 2021
              Categories: ACiD, Audio Samples, CDDA, E-Lab, REX2, WAV

              E-Lab Smokers Delight ACiD WAV REX-CoBaLT

              Smokers Delight ACiD WAV REX

              CoBaLT | 08-04-2003 | 1.85 GB

              Smokers Delight – sample library in the style of the era Funk 70s from the E-Lab. Ingredients: Dubby basses, jazzy horns & flutes, mellow guitars, vintage wurlitzers & rhodes, hip hop beats & cracklin ‘breaks, Bass Drums, Bass Samples, Bass Tones, Bassloops, Beats Breaks, Chords Claps, Congas, Flute, Riffs, Flutes FX, FX-Vox, Loops FX-Vox, Samples, Guitar Chords, Guitars, HiHat, Loops HiHats, Horns Jazz, Guitar Loops & Chords, Keys, Kick, Loops Kicks, Loops MPC, Loops, Musicloops, Phrases, Rhodes, Rides, Rims , Scratches, Shakers, Snare, Loops Snares, Toms, Trumpet Riffs, Vocals, Wurlitzer, Chords, Wurlyloops, X-Mix Loop.

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              • E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AKAi KONTAKT WAV
                December 18th, 2020

                E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 AKAi WAV-P2P

                E-LAB X-static Goldmine Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

                MERRY XMAS MaGeSY® | KONTAKT, WAV, AKAi | 4.79 GB

                E-Lab X-Static Goldmine 1 The world famous X-Static Goldmine 1. The largest sample CD ever! 4000 loops and samples in Akai format. All sounds from the two classics – XL1 and X-Static Goldmine. Hip Hop breaks, electronic beats, House grooves, vocoder loops, Tekno loops, Acid 303 loops, synth zaps, warped noises, vector pads, ambient drones, atmospheric swirls, moog bass, chords, acid bleeps, 303 tones, didgeridoos, ethnic flutes, horn stabs, flute riffs, string runs, sax tones, organ tones, guitar tschaks, multi-sampled 808 & 909 drums, vinyl style, Kraftwerk percussion, CR78 drums, tape FX, chants, rolls, robot speech, moans, crowd noises and much much more!

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                • E-Lab XTc Files of Jungle WAV
                  October 17th, 2020
                  Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV

                  E-Lab XTc Files of Jungle WAV

                  XTc Files of Jungle WAV

                  P2P | Feb 10, 2011 | 424.06 MB

                  As if from some lost alien city on the far side of the moon, Alien Artifakts evokes the ghostly echoes of a long-dead interstellar civilization. Mind-numbing sounds only a superior intelligence could have created: some incomprehensible and profound, others disturbingly human. “Spooky, electronic sound effects are the name of the game in Alien Artifakts. You get shimmering timbres layered on top of dark sustained tones with pulsating components that come and go, metallic crashes followed by weird throbs and noises that percolate from opposite sides of the stereo field, slowly evolving synthetic soundscapes, staccato arpeggiated patterns, and insanely processed voices…

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                  • E-LAB X-Static Goldmine Vol.5 WAV
                    December 1st, 2018
                    Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV


                    X-Static Goldmine Vol.5 WAV

                    P2P | 01.12.2018 | 263.38 MB

                    1500 + Electronic Loops & Analog Synth Sounds

                    X-Static Goldmine 5 is the last CD in the X-Static series. With X-Static 5 we wanted to go “PURE ELECTRIC.” This CD is therefore jampacked with synthetic loops, FX & drum samples. Not a single “real” world sound exists on this CD, meaning all have been artificially produced with analog synths & computer technology. We think this angle of dance music, that was started by pioneers like Kraftwerk, is still very active & growing all the time.

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                    • XTc Files of Hip Hop WAV
                      March 18th, 2018
                      Categories: Audio Samples, E-Lab, WAV


                      XTc Files of Hip Hop

                      P2P | Nov 23, 2012 | 309 MB

                      Hip Hop construction kits, loops, sounds, FX, pads, keys, vinyl and more.

                      From the producers of Vinylistics and Strictly Hip Hop comes some nasty Hip Hop! XTcFiles of Hip Hop delivers the deepest route into the underground sound, and is so jam-packed with phat breaks, sloppy fills, ghetto bass, funky licks, crackling Rhodes and wildstyle FX that your music won’t even recognize you! Plenty of loops and samples from the masters of ol’ dirty Wu Boy beats?

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