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  • Bolder Sounds Harmonica KONTAKT EXS24
    4 April 2020


    Harmonica KONTAKT EXS24

    Free for registered users | Sep 17, 2013 | 30.8 MB

    This is a Marine Band harmonica made by the Hohner Company in the key of A. It is a 10 hole harmonica which gives you a different pitch on each hole depending on whether you are blowing in or out (drawing or blowing). The samples are 24 bit mono with NO LOOPS for a natural sound and totals 31 megabytes. I originally recorded these samples in stereo but have decided to sum them to mono for the final version. Perhaps in a future Bolder FREE sound set I will sample bends and other gestures which give this instrument it’s signature sound.

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  • Electric Sitar KONTAKT
    17 February 2017
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    Electric Sitar KONTAKT

    0TH3Rside | Feb 17 2017 | 1.41 GB

    This is a sample library project we’ve been wanting to complete for some time and I believe we have something really special here for you! This instrument has a distinct and unique voice. Now that it is available as a virtual instrument I have no doubt that it’s musical effectiveness can be greatly expanded beyond of solely creating a groovy 60s vibe. 3 independent sample sources were recorded – neck and bridge pickup samples as well as microphone samples. I had this guitar rewired so I could use a stereo jack and record the neck and bridge pickups simultaneously. The mic samples really make this sample library unique. They give this instrument a very animated top end with the result being a bit of a acoustic-electric hybrid, giving us a closer emulation of a real sitar. This sampling process coupled with creative and flexible KSP scripting by Bo Clausen will give you many creative opportunities.

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  • Bluegrass Banjo v3 KONTAKT-0TH3Rside
    2 September 2016
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    Bluegrass Banjo v3 KONTAKT

    TEAM 0TH3Rside | September 02 2016 | 1.5 GB

    In this library you will find a 5 string banjo which has the classic warm tone associated with pre-war banjos as well as an instrument with plenty of punch to cut through a mix. Even though this library is called a Bluegrass sample library, you will find it to be quite flexible across many different musical genres. This library is extremely popular among Bolder Sounds users. We felt by adding new sampled articulations we could make it an even more effective library. The new samples include 4 new pluck positions along the string length of the banjo as well as Scruggs-Keith tuner mechanism samples. A complete list of new features in version 3 is outlined below in this manual. If you already own the Bluegrass Banjo library maybe you are wondering -“did I ever get version 2 of the Bluegrass Banjo?” Yes- you did. It was updated to version 2 very shortly after its initial release.

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  • Bolder Sounds Bob Suspended Slate Rocks KONTAKT-AudioP2P
    2 June 2016
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    Bob Suspended Slate Rocks KONTAKT

    Team AudioP2P | 08-10-2009 | KONTAKT | 3.6 MB

    A most unusual sample set to say the least… Who else has sampled slate rocks? Use this bank to add a unique sound to your percussion tracks. Or if you are working on a sound track with a “Flintstones” type quality these will do nicely! Full version of Kontakt SAMPLER required.

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  • Bolder Sounds BOB American Folk KONTAKT-AudioP2P
    27 March 2016
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    BOB American Folk KONTAKT

    Team AudioP2P | 08-10-2009 | 41.90 MB

    The Best Of Bolder double CD ROM was released for Gigastudio in April of 2002. It consisted of choice Material from magesy download previous Bolder libraries. This volume is a continuation of converting that library into natively programmed instruments for NI Kontakt and the Apple EXS 24. Other volumes that have already been converted

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  • Bolder Sounds Bob Early Music KONTAKT-AudioP2P
    23 March 2016
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    Bob Early Music KONTAKT

    Team AudioP2P | 08-10-2009 | 58.19 MB

    A collection of instruments spanning from magesy download the hurdy gurdy of the medieval period to fortepiano of the early classical period. See the below specifications for the full list.

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  • Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy Complete KONTAKT-AudioP2P
    23 September 2015
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    Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy Complete KONTAKT

    Team AudioP2P | 09-13-2009 | 575.55 MB

    The idea was to sample 3 different members of the hammered dulcimer family which gave me a wide pallette of tonal colors to work with. From Volumes 1 to 3 we move from magesy download dark to light and big to small.

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  • Christmas Bells V2 NI KONTAKT Apple EXS24
    11 April 2014
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    Christmas Bells V2 NI KONTAKT Apple EXS24

    TEAM AKADEMiC | 09 April 2014 | 59 MB

    This Bolder sample set consists of 12 charming Christmas Bells which are attached to a mechanical sequencer of sorts. The bells are tuned to C5, D5, E5, F5, F#5, G5, A5, Bb5, C6, D6, and E6. I extended the mapping of the lowest sample to A4 and the highest sample to G6 for more flexibility. When put in play mode the sequencer sends a signal to the bell’s ‘clapper’ to play the corresponding bell for the correct note. The play list includes all your typical Holiday favorites like Joy To The World, I Saw Three Ships etc …

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