• Forgotten Voices Terrie KONTAKT DVDR SCD-SPiRiT
    May 23rd, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®

    Forgotten Voices Terrie KONTAKT DVDR SCD-SPiRiT

    Forgotten Voices Terrie KONTAKT

    TEAM SPiRiT | 17.12.2009 | 1.20 GB

    Internationally renowned, Terrie Odabi, is a classically trained singer who studied under Gwen Brown, Bill Bell and the late John Patton. While traveling she started gaining interest in other cultures and languages from Latin to Spanish, from a variety of African to Middle Eastern dialects. Her incredible depth and understanding of music cultures were the premise of the library,which covers several African dialects to Gospel, Soul, RnB and more experimental types of singing.

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    • Soundiron Clack KONTAKT
      November 25th, 2017 ⚡MaGeSY®


      Soundiron Clack KONTAKT

      Team VON.G | 2013-01-16 | 366 MB

      Think wood and then more wood and then some more wood on top of that. The theme and purpose of this library is pretty simple. We wanted to capture as much sharp, bright, tonal wooden impact percussion as our hearts could desire. We captured several bamboo poles, bamboo logs (literally), a whole pile of claves, woodblocks, clappers, box drum, and other assorted wooden implements that epitomize the word “thwack.” These elements are ideal auxiliary percussion for orchestral composition and epic film/tv/game soundtrack scoring. They also are vital elements in Latin music and hip hop, as well as very useful percussion building-blocks and raw source material for experimental music and IDM.

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      • Sick Vol.1 KONTAKT-VONG
        June 15th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®


        Sick Vol.1 KONTAKT

        Team VONG | 2012-11-10 | 83.31 MB

        Trick or Treat! It is Halloween! The wonderful time when zombies, monsters, ghosts, goths and ghouls haunt our lands. Sick is Soundiron’s way of celebrating the dark night. We wanted to embrace the concept of Halloween and created a bunch of monsters, zombies, human guinea pigs, gore and intestines, tortured pumpkins and so forth. Sick is our sound disease to you.

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        • Tonehammer Emotional Piano KONTAKT-DVDriSO
          April 10th, 2016 ⚡MaGeSY®


          Emotional Piano KONTAKT

          DVDriSO | Feb 2, 2012 | 4.8 GB

          A deep-sampled library dedicated to soundtrack piano and focused on capturing the warmth, the wideness, the deep resonance and softness of a world class grand. We’ve spent years searching for just the right one to capture. With ears pressed to wood and eyes hovering scant inches above strings, we tested literally hundreds of them before finding this one special piano. The sound of a piano is defined by a thousand things, from the lacquer on the wood to the hardness of the felt in the hammers. Our goal was purely sound: a soft, deeply resonant, rich, warm and soulful sound. We had no concern for brand, model, design or pedigree. We’re not even going to mention the model and brand of the piano we chose for this library.

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          • Epic Dhol Vol.1 KONTAKT DVDR-SUNiSO
            November 25th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


            Epic Dhol Vol.1 KONTAKT

            Team: SUNiSO | Date: 18 July 2009 | Size: 1,2 GB

            Welcome to the Tonehammer Epic Dhol Ensemble. We bought three high-end Punjab Dhol drums and recorded them in the same orchestral hall as our Epic Toms. It is by far the most massive sounding epic percussion ensemble library available anywhere. We designed it specifically for epic and aggressive percussive scoring. The Punjab Dhol is a double-sided barrel drum large and bulky to produce the preferred loud bass. The drum consists of a wooden barrel with animal hide or synthetic skin stretched over its open ends, covering them completely. These skins can be stretched or loosened with a tightening mechanism made up of either interwoven ropes, or nuts and bolts. Tightening or loosening the skins subtly alters the pitch of the drum sound. The stretched skin on one of the ends is thicker and produces a deep, low frequency (higher bass) sound and the other thinner one produces a higher frequency sound. In contemporary Punjabi music, dhols with synthetic, or plastic, treble skins are very common.

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            • Bongajon KONTAKT-AudioP2P
              October 25th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


              Bongajon KONTAKT

              AudioP2P | 10-08-2009 | 667MB

              The history behind the upcoming Tonehammer Bongajon (combination of Cajon and Bongo) is actually one of darkness and despair. Tonehammer decided to explore both instruments extensively by sampling two sets of professional Cajons (snare and non-snare) and three sets of professional Bongos (small, medium and large). We recorded them as ensemble groups, divisi groups and individual solo sets. The end result includes nearly 8000 samples and 34 instrument patches. We sampled both types of instruments close and dry, using hands, fingers, mallets, sticks and brushes. We made sure to cover a huge range of different playing surfaces on all instruments. Both of the Cajons were also recorded with two different microphone positions (internal and external), so users can truly get the sound they wish. Then, we also captured the 2 cajons and the large primary bongo pair a second time, in a warm, slightly wet wooden percussion studio, just to allow that much more user flexibility. And as a bonus, we’ve included a special section of ensemble hand claps, finger snaps and hotrod stick clacks. All instruments and articulations in the library have a full 10 round robins per velocity layer, and up to 10 velocity layers each. The end-result is the most detailed ensemble and solo Cajon and Bongo library in the history of sampling.

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              • Little Pump Reeds MULTiFORMAT-AudioP2P
                October 25th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


                Little Pump Reeds KONTAKT WAV

                AudioP2P | 01-09-2010 | 1.0 GB

                This collection explores the smaller side of hand-held reed-based instruments. It includes fine quality hand-crafted traditional Indian Shruti Boxes, a mini accordion and something we like to refer to as The Plastisax. We even found a 2-note paper and cardboard concertina. As always, we’ve sampled each instrument lovingly and thoroughly. We took them much farther than they were ever designed to go and found sounds surprisingly rich, full and playable. In the end, we just decided it was high time somebody give these little misfit toys the respect and attention to detail that they truly deserve.

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                • Circle Bells KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
                  July 17th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


                  Circle Bells KONTAKT DVDR

                  TEAM DYNAMiCS | v.1.0 | May 17, 2011 | 4.2 GB

                  We spend a great deal of our time finding and/or creating new instruments that are not commonly known and the Circle Bells are no exception. We managed to get our hands on a very unique tuned percussion instrument, which is made by an artisan in the San Francisco Bay Area and can only be found in a handful of local music shops. The maker makes only one at the time, so there are very few of them available in the world. The instrument sounds somewhere between a Gamelan, Glass Waterbowl, Prayer Bowl and something extraterrestrial. It is made of an array of 6 steel cone-shaped bells, ranging from 2″ to 3 1/2″ in diameter and each about 10″ long.

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                  • Frendo KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
                    July 17th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


                    Frendo KONTAKT DVDR

                    TEAM DYNAMiCS | Dic 15, 2012 | 1.2 GB

                    Frendo is a custom-built Tonehammer instrument. We created this monster by stringing bailing wire around and through through steel plates and bolts, over galvanize steel piping and across wood planks. It was meant to suffer. You can help it by mistreating it in horrible ways with screwdrivers, bows, drum sticks, mallets and fingers. The instrument holds a vast amount of otherworldly sounds, which is ideal for composers looking for new disturbing, horror-like textures for their scores. Frendo is partially a mallet instrument, recorded with wooden and rubber mallets, but is also a more traditional string instrument, since we recorded finger plucks and bows. It’s the sound of Satan’s cello, weeping softly for your burning soul.

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                    • Propanium KONTAKT DVDR-DYNAMiCS
                      May 11th, 2015 ⚡MaGeSY®


                      Propanium KONTAKT DVDR

                      Team DYNAMiCS | Apr 2009 | Size: 357.65 MB

                      Propanium (aka MILLTONE) is a highly emotive, metal based, tongue drum. The drum has certain similarities to the Hang Drum, but is more clean, less “steel-drummy”, has more harmonics and overtones. We recorded Propanium in a variety of ways including finger, brushes, mallet articulations and tons of effects. The drum follows our “deep-sampling” methodology and the larger patches generally have approx. 10 velocity layers and 6-8 round robin (repetition) pr. layer, however certain patches (ex. overtone patches) have over 35 velocity layers for maximum playability.

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