• Masterbits Hot Keys ENSONiQ-DELiRiUM
    February 18th, 2021

    Masterbits Hot Keys ENSONiQ-DELiRiUM

    Masterbits Hot Keys ENSONiQ

    DELiRiUM | 04-13-2002 | 267 MB

    HOT KEYS is an extended version of “MUSIC INSTICT” (see above) for the Ensoniq ASR10 and features even more synth sounds. “Hot Keys qualifies as an all-round library because of the variety and the quality of the sounds”- Keys exdented version…

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    • MasterBits Soniq Elements ENSONiQ-BSOUNDZ
      February 11th, 2021

      MasterBits Soniq Elements ENSONiQ-BSOUNDZ

      MasterBits Soniq Elements ENSONiQ

      Team BSOUNDZ | 10/06/2004 | 122.32 MB

      By side hundrets of the above mentioned TRminator TR 808/909 Samples & Effects this CD-ROM includes in addition a complete TB 303-Construction-Kit. But that┤s not all! – The so called “ELEMENTS” (= raw waveforms from JD-800, Microwave, VFX, D50) includes 100 additional new Sounds & Variations, which needs “almost no” memory space! Also, these raw waveform are a great source for creating your own exiting sounds – without the need of a memory expansion.

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      • Masterbits Virtual Zone CDDA-EtHnO
        February 11th, 2021

        Masterbits Virtual Zone CDDA-EtHnO

        Masterbits Virtual Zone

        Team EtHnO | 01.26.2004 | 314.74 MB

        It’s time to get physical with fresh sounds from the Yamaha VL1, twisted drums from the Korg Wavedrum, virtual guitar sounds from Rolands VG8 and a large collection of mind boggling synth sounds from the Clavia Nordlead. Over 1000 fresh samples!

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        • Masterbits Inspiration Zone CDDA-EtHnO
          February 11th, 2021

          Masterbits Inspiration Zone CDDA-EtHnO

          Masterbits Inspiration Zone

          Team EtHnO | 01.27.2004 | 310.63 MB

          For those of you who don`t have a Wavestation or a JD we have released the top 100 sounds from all the cards of our famous INSPIRATION SERIES on one exciting CD. Super Dance and Rave sounds, impressive pads and sound collages and a whole array of special FX and wave sequences.

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          • Masterbeat PRO Library 3900 WAV-EtHnO
            July 26th, 2019


            Masterbeat PRO Library 3900 WAV

            Team EtHnO | 11.22.2003 | 425.60 MB

            …: FiXED LiNKS :…

            The CD Rom “PRO Library 3900” consists of 3.900 Drum-, Percussion and Bass-Sounds. this CD is also a great deal for those, who are not interested in the PC software, because these Soundfiles in WAV format can be used with almost every Sampler or Sequenzer-Software. This great collection saves you the purchase of some other Sampling-CDs and offers you an extensive basis for a creative Groove-Design of diverse styles – from HARDCORE to WORLD-PERCUSSION.

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            • MasterBits Monster Pack 2 WAV-peace-out
              August 1st, 2016


              MasterBits Monster Pack 2 WAV

              Team: HiNAMATSURi-peace-out | 03.03.2009 | 4.87 GB

              This is the monstrous sampling package, Masterbits MONSTER PACK 2. 12,000 WAV files are included in 10 CDs.

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              • Masterbits Klaus Schulze Sampling Collection Vol.1 CDDA WAV-KRock
                July 29th, 2016


                Klaus Schulze Sampling Collection Vol.1

                Team KRock | November 12 2010 | 499.52 MB

                This one is quite a rarity, classic Klaus Schulze (Synthesizer pioneer; Tangerine Dream) sounds from a Sampling CD sold in 1991, limited to 999 units.Advanced sound sampling library. Featuring sounds from Fairlight II, Moog-C-III-Modular-System, EMS Synth A, Crumar GDS, Mellotron, CS-80 PPG 2.2, ARP-Odyssey, ARP-2600, Korg DVP-1 Vocoder, Korg PS-3300, MKS-70, K-1000, Microwave, JD-800 and SY-99.

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                • Masterbits World Zone Series Vol.1 The Far East CDDA-BSOUNDZ
                  April 20th, 2016


                  World Zone Series Vol.1 The Far East CDDA

                  Team BSOUNDZ | 06.28.05 | 391.85 MB

                  Travel to new tonal terretories and collect sound souvenirs from around this planet with our New World Zone series. Volume one takes you to the Far East and is your ticket into the fascinating world of Asian music and athmospheres. More than 70 minutes of multisampled instruments and authentic loops and licks in top studio quality and real life atmos recorded on location in the streets and temples of Bali, Tibet and India, give your music the exotic charm of that particular cultural region. Sitars, Santoors, Ghatam and Ghungur, Swamandel and Shrutibox, Bhanshi and Bamboophone, Vocalphrases and exotic sounds of nature make this collection an essential tool for the ambitious world musician.

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                  • Masterbits Vinyl Attack WAV-CoBaLT
                    April 20th, 2016


                    Masterbits Vinyl Attack WAV

                    TEAM CoBaLT | 06.20.04 | 348.62 MB

                    Vinyl Attack from Masterbits offers you over 300 Scratches, Scratch Loops & Effects, arranged into 32 themed categories. The length of the samples ranges from short FXs to complete Solo Tracks up to 30 seconds in length. Additionally you will find a fantastic selection of Turntable Crackles, Vinyl Noises & Pops included. This is the most complete Scratch Collection ever! The BIG BONUS is you also get over 500 selected Drum Loops for all modern Hip Hop and Trip Hop styles. All loops are cut perfectly to paste into your sequencer and they are sorted by BPM!

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                    • Masterbits Switch FX Sound FX Samples WAV-MASsiVE
                      April 20th, 2016


                      Masterbits Switch FX Sound FX Samples

                      TEAM MASsiVE | 12.14.2003 | 383.71 MB

                      Sound Solutions Volume 17
                      SWITCH FX
                      Wav format Sample CD-ROM
                      Product OverviewMasterbits Switch FX contains 1,800 Professional Switch & ButtonSounds, Beeper, Drones, Zap-Effects & Click-Noises arranged into 19 Sound categories (see below). Perfect for use in multimedia, movie soundtracks, sci-fi or electronic dance music. This product includes a licence to use these sounds for your own personal use, but if you want to use them in film, multimedia or music releases then you have to purchase a licence upgrade which is £25. This can be obtained at any stage. Please contact us for more details.

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