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  • Spectralis Sample Library Vol.1-2 SSB SLC SLI
    6 December 2016
    Categories: Presets, Spectralis


    Spectralis Sample Library Vol.1-2

    P2P | 05.12.2016 | 646.40 MB


    Sample Library v1 – High quality multisamples for Spectralis! The first volume of the Spectralis sample library adds a bunch of new multisamples to your music production machine. Note: This library is included in the Spectralis 2! By sampling complete sweeps of oscillator detune beatings, TLM movements and waveform wavetable scannings, we realized sounds full of animation and liveness. Beside that we created new drumsamples with the hybrid synth engine and the fixed filterbank. By adding some more or less standard sounds like a DX-7 e-piano among others,we opened the doors for a much wider range of applicationfor the spectralis.

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