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  • Vital Vocals LiVE LOGiC MASCHiNE 2
    17 October 2020

    Vital Vocals LiVE LOGiC MASCHiNE 2

    Vital Vocals LiVE LOGiC MASCHiNE 2

    P2P | 02.12.2016 | 64.39 MB

    Vital Vocals contains 256 one shot vocals compiled from magesy download almost every pack released to date. Whilst the pack isn’t genre specific like most of our packs, we are confident that regardless of your style you will always be able to find a vocal in this pack to fit your songs. The range, sound, and style of vocal hits in the pack is wide coming from magesy download many sources and producers so unlike a full acappella pack with the same vocalist you don’t get that often frustrating experience where the style doesn’t fit the vibe of your track. Regardless if you produce Reggae, Deep House, Techno, DNB, Dubstep or straight up House you will always find something you can use.

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    • 100 Guitar Riffs AiFF WAV MiDi CST
      12 October 2020

      100 Guitar Riffs AiFF WAV MiDi CST MAGESY

      100 Guitar Riffs AiFF WAV MiDi CST

      P2P | 22.11.2016 | 309.47 MB

      ‘100 Guitar Riffs Apple Loops Sample Pack’ for Garageband and Logic 9 -10/X music production software. This all new collection of 100 Midi guitar loops,100 Apple Loops and 18 Guitar Channel Strips. Music Loops are included in this collection and formatted to change key and BPM. All loops will be visible in the Garageband or Logic 9/X loop browser. These 100 Guitar Riffs will inspire you to create some totally unique and interesting songs.

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      • Synth700 KONTAKT LOGiC LiVE 9-DECiBEL
        29 September 2020

        Synth700 KONTAKT LOGiC LiVE 9

        Team DECiBEL | 15 Feb 2016 | 897.20 MB

        ..:: The Analog Magic of a MiniKorg700 ::..

        Synth700 is a complete Korg 700 multisampled instrument for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic. It has been expertly sampled and programmed with all of the details and nuances of the original. Synth700 is constructed with over 1200 individual samples from magesy download an original MiniKorg 700. The filters, waveforms, chorusing, brightness and more have all been captured using permutative technique, allowing the user to focus the sound directly on individual parameter settings – much like one would do with the original analog model. Don?t let the single instrument or 8 Macros fool you. Synth700 is actually quite complex. There are over 256 individual parameter configurations based on what you dial in on the Macro controls. You just have to start fiddling around to get some great pads, synth strings/brass, basses and more!

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        • UAD Master Sauce CHAiN PRESETS-DECiBEL
          29 August 2020

          UAD Master Sauce CHAiN PRESETS-DECiBEL

          UAD Master Sauce CHAiN PRESETS

          Team DECiBEL | 29 Aug 2020 | 0.6 MB

          Master your tracks to perfection in an instant with UAD Master Sauce. This powerful chain is compatible with every DAW and offers simplified control over the best Mix Bus plugins from magesy download UAD. Whether you’re applying the finishing touches to a mix or producing your song through a master chain, UAD Master Sauce will deliver smooth, warm, and powerful results every time!

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          • Logic Pro X Mixer Preset Pack
            17 May 2020
            Categories: CST, LOGiC, Presets

            Logic Pro X Mixer Preset Pack

            Logic Pro X Mixer Preset Pack

            FANTASTiC | 16 May 2020 | 77 KB

            Our first mixer preset pack for Logic Pro X. This pack comes with 27 mixer channel presets that can quickly be added to your drum & instrument tracks to give your beats a clean & LOUD mix. Every preset utilizes stock Logic Pro plugins and requires NO additional VST’s!

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            • K-Station Atmospheres LiVE LOGiC-DECiBEL
              2 May 2020

              K-Station Atmospheres LiVE LOGiC-DECiBEL

              K-Station Atmospheres

              Team DECiBEL | 02 May 2020 | Live: 870.1 MB | Logic: 810.3 MB

              K-Station Atmospheres | The King of Additive Synthesis

              The Kawai K5000S was a revolutionary sound design workstation when it was released in 1996 and remains one of the most sophisticated additive synthesizers ever created. Now you can have a piece of the K5000S as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt or Logic Instrument. K-Station Atmospheres was constructed by employing the K5000S’ performance, formant filter and additive capabilities. The included instruments have been designed as a collection of modular, complex textures that can be layered, mixed and matched in your sound production environment. Whether you work as a film composer, game sound designer or ambient producer, you will find a huge toolkit of inspiration in K-Station Atmospheres. K-Station Atmospheres Ableton Live Pack includes over 30 individual patches. Just like the original, you can layer these individual patches into a Multi for huge sweeping, textures and customized atmosphere creation. It comes packed with a library of Multis to get started with.

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