• Rock Solid EZX EXPANSiON-AudioP2P
    March 23rd, 2021
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    Rock Solid EZX EXPANSiON-AudioP2P

    Rock Solid EZX EXPANSiON

    TEAM AudioP2P | 12-19-2012 | 531 MB

    The Rock Solid EZX features a collection of modern drums perfectly suited for anything from classic rock to modern metal. It was recorded at the renowned Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, Canada by one of the most prolific engineers of the last two decades, Randy Staub. Randy has worked with A-list clients back to back for the past plus 20 years, mixed groundbreaking works like Metallica’s “Black Album”, Mötley Crüe’s “Dr Feelgood” and honed the sound for artists like Nickelback, Bon Jovi and Alice in Chains. Randy is beyond just an award-winning mix engineer, he’s helped define the sound of a generation.

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    • EZdrummer EZX The Blues DVDR-AiRiSO
      March 21st, 2021
      Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets

      EZdrummer EZX The Blues

      EZdrummer EZX The Blues

      AiRiSO | June 2013 | 456 MB

      TYPE……: EZdrummer/Superior Addon

      The Blues EZX comes with two complete kits; a 1970s Gretsch and a calfskinned Swedish Levin set from the 1940s. On top of that, it features contemporary Paiste and Sabian crashes, vintage Zildjan A and K series cymbals as well as extras such as a suitcase and a set of calfskinned tambourines. All instruments were handpicked and in many cases road-worn by the sampling drummer himself, a blues musician with decades worth of experience behind the kit playing the blues. It was recorded in an empty Swedish theater and later mixed in a high-end studio through vintage and modern outboard gear. The end result is a cross-pollination between new and old; warm and characteristic sounds that cover the whole range, from old school to modern, from dry to ambient. This is the sound of then, now and time to come.

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      • Mick Guzauski v1.0.0 EZmix Pack
        February 20th, 2021
        Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets

        Mick Guzauski v1.0.0 EZmix Pack

        P2P | 13.02.2020 | 16.5 MB


        Mix settings by 11-time Grammy Award-winning engineer Mick Guzauski. Back in high school in the ’70s, Mick’s fascination for sound and audio engineering lead him to build, borrow and beg to gather enough equipment to build his own studio in his parents’ basement in upstate New York. From there, Mick’s remarkable musical journey has garnered eleven Grammy Awards, more than 27 number-one hits and work on countless gold and platinum records spanning the entire gamut of genres – from jazz, Latin, rock and pop to funk and hip-hop. Today, Mick works out of his own mix room in Los Angeles and continues to mix for the world’s absolute top tier of artists. One of many standout moments in his discography of late is his work on Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories.”

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        • Kicks and Snares v1.0.0 EZX
          February 15th, 2021
          Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets

          Kicks & Snares v1.0.0 EZX

          P2P | 29.01.2020 | 3.01 GB

          Regardless of genre or style, arguably any engineer would agree: the kick and the snare are irrevocably the two biggest focal points of not only the rhythm section but also the entire mix. The Kicks & Snares EZX zooms in on delivering exactly that: kicks and snares. An overwhelming amount of them, we might add – in total 74 multi-sampled and never-before-released instruments recorded in eight different top studios in Australia and the UK. Factoring in the wide range of alternative tunings and recorded configurations, you’ll have around 130 unique kick and snare voices at your disposal. What differentiates this EZX even more from earlier ones is that each kick and snare position has four extra channels featuring individually processed versions: ‘Sub,’ ‘Skin Lo,’ ‘Skin Hi’ and ‘Club/Stick.’ This will enable you to infinitely tweak and find your personal blends for each instrument.

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          • Latin Cuban Drums v1.0.1 EZX
            February 10th, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, EZX, EZX2, Presets

            Latin Cuban Drums v1.0.1 EZX

            Latin Cuban Drums v1.0.1 EZX

            P2P | 17 September 2020 | FULL: 2.81 GB | UPDATE: 46 MB

            While rhythm may be the heartbeat of most genres, in Latin music the pulse and the beat is the very lifeblood. In fact, in many ways the groove is the song. Welcome to the Latin Cuban EZX, a mix-ready battery of kits tailored for just that – infectious latin-flavored rhythms for anything from traditional to modern. The Latin Cuban Drums EZX features a handpicked collection of drums and a selection of mounted percussion pieces such as bells, woodblocks and a timbale. It was all captured at the famed Sear Sound Studios in New York by a team with a much-prominent status in the broad field of Latin music: Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated engineer Dave Kowalski and drummer Robby Ameen. Between them, their work spans from the early ’80s through to today and includes collaborations with numerous top artists, awards and accolades. In fact, Robby is arguably one of the most influential Latin-oriented drummers of the past few decades with books, instructional videos and much more on his CV – all on the subject of drums in Latin music. Welcome to two custom kits tailored for Latin and Cuban music, recorded in the aura of a classic New York room by one of the most well-versed drummers in the field – all at your fingertips.

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            • Latin Cuban Percussion v1.0.1 EZX
              February 10th, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, EZX, EZX2, Presets

              Latin Cuban Percussion v1.0.1 EZX

              Latin Cuban Percussion v1.0.1 EZX

              P2P | 10 February 2020 | FULL: 2.83 GB | UPDATE: 46 MB

              Expansion for EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 3, recorded by acclaimed percussionist Richie Flores and Grammy Award-winning engineer Dave Kowalski at Sear Sound Studios in New York. The Latin Cuban Percussion EZX was envisioned as a percussive complement to the Latin Cuban Drums EZX and features a collection of the most common percussion instruments used in the wealth of music sorted under ‘Latin’: congas, timbales, bongos, guiros, shakers, woodblocks, cowbells and more. It was recorded alongside its EZX counterpart at New York’s renowned Sear Sound Studios by Grammy Award-winning and Emmy-nominated engineer Dave Kowalski and sampled by undoubtedly one of the world’s most in-demand percussionists, Richie Flores.

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              • Progressive EZX EXPANSiON WiN-P2P
                February 9th, 2021
                Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets, WiNDOWS

                Progressive EZX EXPANSiON WiN

                P2P | 30.05.2016 | 2.03 GB


                The Progressive EZX features a custom selection of content from The Progressive Foundry SDX for Superior Drummer 2. It comes with three complete kits recorded by engineer/producer Forrester Savell. With credits on defining albums by bands like Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus and I Am Giant, Savell has shaped a few of the most sonically progressive productions in the modern Australian metal and heavy rock scene. The drums were captured at the Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne, Australia. During its more than 35 years in business, the studio has collected a vast selection of top tier microphones and rare outboard gear. Combined with the dense wood-lined walls in its perfectly balanced A-room, Sing Sing has proven time and time again to be the perfect environment for broad, transparent drum recording. The drums, which were sampled by Karnivool’s own Steve Judd, include carefully selected kits from DW, Ludwig and Pearl.

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                • The Progressive Foundry MiDi WiN MAC
                  February 2nd, 2021

                  The Progressive Foundry MiDi WiN MAC

                  The Progressive Foundry MiDi

                  P2P | 10.03.2018 | 9.03 MB

                  BACK TO THE FOUNDRY.

                  A versatile collection of grooves and fills for progressive metal and heavy rock. This collection of drum MIDI comes from The Progressive Foundry SDX and presents a comprehensive collection of grooves and fills specifically intended for use in progressive metal and heavy rock songwriting. It was performed by Australian drummer Brody Simpson who delivers an extremely well-played set of inspiring and inventive beats in a variety of time signatures. Get anything from straight on pummeling 4/4 grooves for your traditional heavy rock songs to intricate, polyrhythmic patterns in 5/4, 6/4 and 7/8. This is the perfect tool and foundation for your next riff or song. Start writing!

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                  • Big Band EZX v1.0.0 WiN
                    January 17th, 2021
                    Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets


                    Big Band EZX v1.0.0 WiN

                    P2P | 22.11.2019 | 2.09 GB

                    …::: EZX Sound Expansion :::…

                    Although the origin of the term “jazz” is still up for debate, the leading candidate for its source is “jasm,” a word dating back to 1860 that relates to spirit, energy and vigor. Whether this is the true origin or not, those descriptive words are hallmarks that go together with jazz just as much today as they have through its entire history. The heritage of jazz and its impact on music as we know it is monumental. Arguably, no style of music has managed to seep through cultural tiers, outlive fads and trends or historically been more seminal in spawning great instrumentalists such as jazz has. Quite simply, it’s in our DNA and is the common thread in the fabric of our musical history.

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                    • Action! EZX v1.0.1 WiN MAC
                      December 27th, 2020
                      Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets


                      Action! EZX v1.0.1 WiN MAC

                      P2P | 25.11.2019 | 499.55 MB

                      …::: EZX Sound Expansion :::…

                      The Action EZX presents a fusion of orchestral percussion, sound effects, custom foley and classic drum machine sounds, designed for use in any creative context where beat, groove and tone are allowed to transcend the traditional confines. In addition to classic orchestral instruments like timpani, tamtam and timbale, it also captures one-of-a-kind foley, risers, claps, snaps, drops and layered textures of sound never before heard – all intuitively blended, mixed, matched and saturated with various effects in creative hybrid kits. All in all, in excess of 450 individual percussive sounds are presented and used in the more than 21 mix-ready kit configurations included. This is the perfect percussive montage for ambient soundscapes, creative sound design and any cutting-edge music production – an open landscape of sound, putting you in the director’s chair with a seemingly endless sonic depth of field, enabling you to create literally any percussive motif you can imagine. Welcome to let loose your creative self in a seamless dissolve between fiction and reality, classic and modern, organic and electronic.

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