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  • New Trap Vol.1 WAV MiDi
    30 October 2020

    New Trap Vol.1 WAV MiDi

    New Trap Vol.1

    P2P | 30 April 2020 | 41 MB

    New trap Vol 1 Contains some of the sounds you hear in my updated beats along with extras

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    • Berlin Takeover WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
      29 October 2020

      Berlin Takeover WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

      Berlin Takeover

      DiSCOVER | April/30Th/2020 | 448 MB

      Berlin Takeover is a Trap construction kit influenced by the heavy sound of European Trap with German flavor inspired by artists like Fler, Bonez MC, and Kollegah. This pack is based on five Construction Kits loaded with melodies and drums. Inside you’ll find individual stems of each track for you to construct your beats just the way you want. MIDI files are included to give you the freedom to apply melodies to any instrument you choose.

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      • Imperial Sample Pack WAV MiDi
        29 October 2020

        Imperial Sample Pack WAV MiDi

        Imperial Sample Pack

        FANTASTiC | 30 April 2020 | 375 MB

        (Platinum Edition)

        As you may know, top producers such as Metro Boomin, Southside, Murda Beatz and many more have made Billboard hits without even having to make melodies. They use samples from magesy download composers such as Cubeatz, Frank Dukes, Pvlace and many more. This lethal combination has created many of your favourite rap songs. However, getting your hands on high quality samples made by these famous composers isn’t a walk in the park. That’s where this pack comes in play!

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        • Trance & Progressive For SPiRE FL Studio MiDi
          29 October 2020

          Trance & Progressive For SPiRE FL Studio MiDi

          Trance & Progressive

          TALULA | 30.04.2020 | 4 MB

          SBF | FL Studio Template | MiDi

          Hey! This is my new Soundset for Spire I’m working on last time. You will find high-quality basses, leads, plucks, keys and sequences for your tracks Each preset has been worked out and tested in practice. I also added midi from magesy download preview and FL Studio Project to the package.

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          • Deep Progressive House WAV MiDi
            28 October 2020

            Deep Progressive House WAV MiDi

            Deep Progressive House

            Team FLARE | 28 October 2020 | 399 MB

            Inspired by laid-back melodic progressive, this pack features analog rhythms, piano motifs, melodic techno-esque basslines, and atmospheric pads. Ideal for producers seeking to expand their melodic house and techno arsenals.

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            • Seventies Pop EZbass MiDi
              28 October 2020
              Categories: Patterns MIDI

              Seventies Pop EZbass MiDi

              Seventies Pop EZbass MiDi

              P2P | 28 October 2020 | 2.3 MB

              THE SEVENTIES POPS IN.

              EZbass MIDI inspired by the seventies pop scene. Even though disco may have been the prevalent genre on the airwaves and in the clubs of the ’70s, artists like Elton John, the Eagles, ABBA, John Lennon, the Bee Gees and countless others started a pop revolution that has yet to go away. This is where this MIDI pack for EZbass takes off. The Seventies Pop EZbass MIDI pack was recorded alongside the EZkeys MIDI pack with the same name. It was designed to follow the piano but at the same time offer basslines that perfectly stand on their own, regardless of whether you own the EZkeys MIDI or not. Expect some dramatic ABBA-esque chord sequences, lots of rhythmic strumming à la Elton John, some Bowie-clever melodic twists and turns as well as all the rhythmic variations you need to get started writing your next slew of ’70s-inspired pop tracks.

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              • Detroit Soul Grooves Drum MiDi
                28 October 2020
                Categories: Patterns MIDI

                Detroit Soul Grooves Drum MiDi

                Detroit Soul Grooves Drum MiDi

                P2P | 28 October 2020 | 2.8 MB

                WELCOME TO SOUL TOWN.

                Drum grooves and fills inspired by the iconic ‘Motown’ era. Even though the classic ‘Motown Sound’ had luscious horn and string arrangements or call-and-response vocals as some of its most identifying traits, make no mistake – the power of the steady backbeats that the likes of William “Benny” Benjamin, Richard “Pistol” Allen and Uriel Jones laid down are forever etched in history. “I have always felt that there is something profoundly magical about the early days of this era. It’s almost as if the drummers seamlessly moved between straight and swung notes like it was the most natural thing in the world. Their grooves were playful, light, fun and uplifting at the same time as they had an undeniable musical depth. When it comes to groove and what rhythm truly adds to a song, this is a pivotal chapter in music history,” says drummer Norman Garschke. This is what this collection of drum MIDI seeks to capture – the magic, feel and very heartbeat of the early ‘Motown Sound’ – but at the same time offer a sixty-years-later spin on it. “The ‘Motown’ philosophy was never abut showing off – it was about playing just the right thing at the right time. That’s what I’ve been focusing on: a broad array of basic grooves that you can use as foundations for your songs but then embellish and accentuate using the vast array of fills to create your own twists with,” says Norman.

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