• Beginners Guide to Beats Production
    November 20th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Beginners Guide to Beats Production

    Beginners Guide:  Beats Production

    FANTASTiC | 20 November 2021 | 1.43 GB

    If you’re wanting to produce beats but clueless about where to start, this course is for you! In a little over 90 minutes, you’ll be taught all the basics of beats production and acquire a bonus pack of drum samples to kick off your collection. The course starts with lessons on the kinds of sounds or individual instruments that make up a beat, and some of the fundamentals when it comes to the theory side, covering all things tempo and timing. After the main principles of rhythm have been outlined, the subsequent modules go through each of the most popular methods for producing beats, from working with samples to playing various instruments. The first process shows how beats can be made with simple placement of oneshots along the arrangement timeline, whatever music software you use, following basic guidelines of alternating kicks and snares. Loopcloud is then demonstrated as a way of simplifying the process further, with its built-in pattern presets for creating instant loops for you.

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    • Tech Tips Vol.65 TUTORiAL
      November 20th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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      Tech Tips Vol.65 TUTORiAL

      Tech Tips Vol.65 TUTORiAL

      HiDERA | 20 November 2021 | 1.47 GB


      Over these 10 videos, we’re diving headfirst into the growls, wubs, and grit of Bass Music. From the underground origins in the early Noughties when UK Garage and Dub Reggae merged to form Dubstep to the ton of subgenres we have today, Haterade looks at some awesome techniques and sound-design tips and tricks that’ll give you the basics of getting your tracks to sound sick as! Check it.

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      • RX 9 Video Manual TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC
        November 19th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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        RX 9 Video Manual TUTORiAL-FANTASTiC

        .:RX 9 Video Manual:.

        FANTASTiC | 28 October 2021 | 1.26 GB

        .:Audio Restoration With RX 9!:.

        RX 9 is here and so is audio expert with this Video Manual! Learn to repair, enhance, and restore damaged audio with this in-depth course. RX is the industry standard for audio repair. This cutting-edge spectral processing suite is by far the best solution for fixing frequent audio issues such as low-end rumble, intermittent background noises, sibilance, mouth clicks, and more… In this Video Manual, Joe Albano, leads the way by explaining what each module does best, how they operate, and most importantly how you can get the most out of RX 9! Joe starts the course with an in-depth look at the standalone RX 9 application where you learn to navigate and customize its unique spectrogram view and user interface. He explains how to load the RX modules right within your DAW, and how to transfer audio back and forth between your DAW and RX via the convenient RX Connect plugin. Joe then dives into the heart of RX with a thorough description and practical demonstration of every module and the new features in RX9.

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        • Mat Zo Start To Finish Course TUTORiAL-DECiBEL
          November 17th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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          Mat Zo Start To Finish Course TUTORiAL-DECiBEL

          Mat Zo Start To Finish Course

          Team DECiBEL | 17 November 2021 | 2.65GB

          In this Start-To-Finish Course you will have the experience of sitting in the studio with Mat Zo through 9+ Hours of HD Video as he walks you through the creation process of a fully fledged professional Drum & Bass track with the genre-bending DNA. All the way from the idea generation to the mixing, mastering and the last details.

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          • Beat Specials: Trap And Hip-Hop
            November 14th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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            Beat Specials: Trap And Hip-Hop

            Beat Specials: Trap & Hip-Hop

            English | 16 pages | PDF | 11 MB

            .:Hit receipes for your tracks:.

            While Hip-Hop and Electro were initially two parallel universes, they have long been inseparable and Trap is just one of many symbiotic relationships of the two. Stars like Sido, Drake, Deichkind or Alison Wonderland show more than clearly how well the fusion of both worlds works. In our eBook, we not only have hip acts in an interview, but also look over their shoulders as they produce and give you all the tools and tricks you need for contemporary Trap as well as classic sampling & turntablism Hip-Hop with 12-bit aesthetics.

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            • Audition 2021 Projects TUTORiAL
              November 13th, 2021 ⚡MaGeSY®
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              Audition 2021 Projects TUTORiAL

              Audition 2021 Projects TUTORiAL

              P2P | 22 October 2021 | 294 MB

              Have you always wanted to learn how to Edit Audio but don’t know where to start? Would you like to make amazing Videos and bring your ideas to life? Then Audition 2021 Projects is for you! Hi, I’m your instructor and I’ll be leading you through this course. Audio Editing is an in-demand skill in 2021. The course begins with the basics. I’ll take you through everything you need to know to start Editing Audio like an expert. You’ll learn all the fundamentals of Audition 2021. This is great for students starting or for Audio Editors that need a refresher course on Audition 2021. There are no requirements necessary to enroll I only ask that you come open minded and ready to learn Feel Free to look through the course description and checkout some of my preview videos

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