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    The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle TUTORiAL

    P2P | 07 February 2018 | 38.3 GB

    Here’s What’s Inside:

    • Full How to Mix Beats Easily Course
    • Full Mixing Academy 1.0 Course
    • Full 808 Science Platinum Course
    • 2 Quick Mastering Techniques
    • 2 Quick Tips on Making Your Drums Stick Out
    • 3 Quick Tips on How to Mangle Your 808
    • Drake Vocal Sample FX
    • How to Make 808s Punchier
    • How to Make Drums Sounds More Powerful
    • How to Mix RnB Tracks
    • How to Mix Using Native Plugins in FL Studio 12
    • How to Mix a 4 Track Hip Hop Song
    • How to Tune Your Instruments
    • Kanye West Vocal FX
    • Kanye West Vocal Harmony
    • Mastering with Maximus
    • Mixing 808s
    • Mixing Igg Knight
    • Mixing Pop
    • Mixing Pop2 Pt 1
    • Mixing RnB Full
    • Mixing RnB Track 1
    • Mixing Vocal Chains
    • Mixing Vocals 3 Mixing Academy
    • Mixing Vocals Pitch Correction
    • Mixing Vocals Using Melodyne
    • Mixing Vocals-Pitch Correction
    • Mixing and Mastering
    • Mixing and Sound Design
    • Multiband Compression Mixing Academy
    • Plugin Exploration-Izotope 7 Mixing
    • Talk About It
    • Tape Stop Effects

    808 Science Platinum Edition
    – Emailed Instantly

    808 Science Platinum Edition Features

    • Over 25 easy to understand demonstration videos showing you how to mix your 808s like the pros
    • Bonus Workbook to help you understand every aspect of 808s
    • Unique Discount Code
    • Saved Session and Every preset from the course saved for your quick access
    • Bonus 808 Learning tools
    • Bonus 808 Science Drum Kit with over 40 808 samples
    • Bonus Music Production videos showing you how to produce tracks for Dr. Dre, Drake, Eminem, and Wiz Khalifa

    How to Mix Beats Easily
    – Emailed Instantly

    Easy Tutorials

    • Easy to understand videos on mixing
    • Mixing Elements Explained and Demonstrated in Real World Scenarios
    • Learn Mixing in Under 30 Days
    • Organized Videos ensure You Won’t Lose Your Place
    • Explanatory and Methodical Videos
    • Gain Essential Mixing Experience
    • Learn How to Make Mix Your Songs for the Radio

    Mixing Explained

    • Skip the boring University lectures and Learn Music Theory Fast
    • Mix Full Songs
    • Learn Mixing on the Plugins YOU Have
    • Learn the Top Plugins for Mixing in the Industry
    • No Specific DAW required (FL Studio Recommended)
    • Mix like a Master

    Everything You Need to Know

    • Learn to Equalize Better
    • Learn to Compress Tracks to squeeze Dynamics
    • Learn the “Rules” of Mixing to Break them Later
    • Learn How to Add Effective Reverb
    • Learn How to Make Your Tracks Louder
    • Learn How to Use the Stereo Field
    • Learn How to Mix Vocals (Requires Advanced Mixing Course Acess-You Get in FREE!)
    • No Confusing Vocabulary, everything is defined
    • No Degree Needed: Easy to Understand Videos a Five Year Old Could Understand

    How to Mix Vocals Easily
    What’s Inside?
    Learn How to Engineer Vocals like a Mixing Engineer Faster
    In the first section of this course, we cover the fundamentals of mixing vocals. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT section of the course.

    We explain the fundamentals and basics with much more depth than the average vocal mixing course in University.

    We’ll explain Compression on Vocals, EQ hot spots, Vocal timing tricks, How to clean your vocal, How to use Autotune, How to get your vocal to stand out in a song.

    These sound basic, but we add an in-depth perspective of each so you can take your mixing philosophy to a new level.

    Achieve the Pro Level Vocal Effects and Mixing Techniques Easily
    In the second portion of this course, we cover Pro vocal mixing techniques. From artists like Kanye West and Travis Scott all the way to Future and Drake.

    You will learn how to create the unique sounds from albums like: 808s and Heartbreak, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Graduation, (56 nights, Monster, Beast Mode), Birds In The Trap Sing Mcknight, Views, and more.

    Use ANY DAW
    Yes-you don’t need tons of hard to get plugins to mix like the pros. We show you how to handle your vocals using both native plugins and third party plugin options. You can choose your own path.

    Once you learn mixing through this course, you will know how to mix vocals for good. Because we show you the fundamentals in a much simpler form than many universities and also give you in-depth explanations so you can build a solid model for mixing.

    INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/F65J
    The Mixing Academy Complete Bundle TUTORiAL


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