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Magesy® R-Evolution™

  • Raw Trap WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Raw Trap WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Raw Trap WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 350 MB

    Baton down the hatches and prepare your ear drums for something loud – blow the pressure gauge straight off your next Trap machination with our latest royalty-free loop, sample and MIDI monster, Raw Trap – Loops & Samples! Splitting at the seams with a monumental 386 audio files, 150 devastating music loops are at the heart of this library of production inspiration. Taking in crushing Trap drum rhythms featuring those classic rattling hi hats, crisp 808 snares and thumping, analog-saturated kicks, taught percussion and swirling noise loops, it’s the 22 gargantuan basses that are the fuel that gets the whole machine flying well ahead of the competition. From bellowing sub bass synth patterns to all-out distortion-heavy onslaughts, these earth-shaking basslines will form a musical foundation strong enough to support any accompaniment you choose to build on top. The other jewel in the rugged crown of this devious sample library is the folder of 68 snarling synth loops, spanning woozy pads, frenzied analog synth leads, explosive plucks and shuddering synth riffs.

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  • Relic WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Relic WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Relic WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 585 MB

    (Ambient Loops)

    Step inside an ancient ruin where strange symbols are scattered across every surface, obscure icons that can grant access to other dimensions if only they can be translated – let Relic – Ambient Loops be your guide, taking you across the threshold into a boundless dreamworld of sonic potency and potential! This 591MB collection of otherworldly, royalty-free music loops, drum samples and MIDI is steeped in warmth and mystery, delivering thick clouds of tone, texture and rhythm for you to work into your next Ambient or Downtempo jewel. Taking layers of lush, analog synths, meticulous, granular drones, fragmented field recordings and deep, bellowing bass, and marrying them with oceanic drum rhythms, this expansive library of 360 audio files conjures rich, cinematic scenes splashed with touches of drama and intensity.

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  • Puzzle WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Puzzle WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Puzzle WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 462 MB

    (Electronic Loops And Samples)

    Fusing smooth, soulful R&B with atmospheric electronics and driving House beats, our latest sound pack delivers 476MB of ultra-modern Pop and Electronica loops and MIDI for your next track – step inside the shimmering, jigsaw world of Puzzle – Electronic Loops & Samples! Put all 310 of the included audio pieces together and you’ll find a wealth of 159 stunning synth chords, lush keys, deep pads and punchy drum and percussion loops awaiting your next command.  From delicate electric piano riffs to slamming Disco-style breaks, this royalty-free library is a Swiss Army knife of cutting-edge musical inspiration. Colourful, detailed and dexterous, this expansive palette of tempo-synched music loops joins the dots between a host of contemporary genres, bringing your music an analog-rich sound that combines the artistry of live performance with the precision of modern programming. Also included are 37 synth tail files, each named after a corresponding loop they are designed to be paired with, bringing these long-decay sounds to a smooth, natural finish inside your DAW.

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  • Plume WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Plume WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Plume WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 630 MB

    (Downtempo Loops)

    Perched atop a high peak, a translucent fog forms around you – you embrace the haze, its warmth and soft, pillowy texture turning your bird’s eye view into something faded, nostalgic and hypnotic – this is the serene scene rendered in sound by our latest release, Plume – Downtempo Loops! Delivering 638MB of velvet-clad and royalty-free loops, samples and MIDI for your next music production, this carefully crafted collection of deeply textural sound blends the gently propulsive rhythms of Downtempo with the shimmering synth work of Ambient music. From icy, inter-planetary atmospheres to the enveloping warmth of orchestral tones, accentuated by scatterings of percussion and ocean-sized kicks, these 392 sound files will transport your next DAW session to the far corners of the Earth and beyond!

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  • Particulate WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Particulate WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Particulate WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 998 MB

    (Ambient Loops And SFX)

    Peer into a spinning, chaotic vortex of sonic sparks and shrapnel as electric pulses arc overhead, lighting up a pitch black sky. Welcome to the shimmeringly Cinematic sound of our latest release, Particulate – Ambient Loops & SFX! Comprising a whopping 1.2GB of royalty-free sound design, this majestic collection of potent music loops and MIDI brings together scattering glitches, bellowing subs, clipped percussive rhythms and deep, reverberant drones for your production pleasure. At the epicentre of this selection of richly atmospheric ambience lies 154 tempo-synced and key-labelled music loops, encompassing a diverse panoply of sweeping synth chords, frayed drones, scintillating noise glitches and kinetic waves of granular sound. Bursting with movement and sonic dexterity, this gargantuan pack of Ambient sound will allow you to throw your music into a sharp relief of light, dark and many shades in between.

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  • Urban Trap WAV
    1 June 2020
    Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

    Urban Trap WAV

    Urban Trap WAV

    FANTASTiC | 31 May 2020 | 130 MB

    New sample pack get browsing this amazing collection of samples below and find your favourites.

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  • Outrun WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Outrun WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Outrun WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 559 MB

    (Synthwave Loops)

    The engine purrs into life as you watch steam rise up from magesy download your supercar’s hood, the burning red eyes of twin headlights flooding the dark air with light and expectation – join us on the musical joyride of your life through neon-lit streets and smouldering cityscapes with our latest release, Outrun – Synthwave Loops! Our latest retro synth explosion clocks in at a blistering 528MB of royalty-free synth, bass and drum ecstasy, blasting 199 music loops, 86 drum samples and 123 MIDI files straight into your private sample stash. Unleashing our vault of vintage analog synths, drum machines and other instrumental delights upon proceedings, this hyperdriven sonic selection packs all the punch, power and irresistible character of your favourite retro gear. Pair that up with our deep love for all things Retrowave and you’ve got the recipe for one electrifying, nostalgia-swamped sample pack smash!

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  • Omega Station WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER
    1 June 2020

    Omega Station WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

    Omega Station WAV MiDi

    DiSCOVER | May/31Th/2020 | 573 MB

    (Trip Hop Loops)

    Lost in thick forest, you don’t know which way to turn through the hot, dense mist…suddenly the haze clears and you notice a towering wall, crumbling and worn, with a huge symbol sprayed across it in faded black paint – welcome to the strange world of Omega Station – Trip Hop Loops, where nothing is quite as it seems! Our latest royalty-free sound pack is bursting at the seams with 573MB of conspiratorial synths, bass and drum loops, combining the dark atmosphere and monumental beats of Trip Hop with the lilting electronics of analog synths and hardware. Fight your way inside this crumbling relic to mysterious experiments from magesy download a forgotten era and you’ll discover warm synth melodics laced with deep pads echoing all around you, as menacing basslines and saturated drum rhythms spiral beneath!

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